**I was able to catch this when it was shown at this year's London Film Festival**

We Are X is a documentary that narrates the story of veteran Japanese rock band X Japan along with other footage leading up to the Madison Square Garden concert in 2014.

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Fansite orders wow I've been a busy bee...hopefully my income will cover everything. I've donated, sent messages of support, sent videos etc...too bad my own project didn't go anywhere. FML.

And now I have to count potential concert tickets which sucks.

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Forgot to post about this back in November...

I heard about Yoshiki flying over to London a week before the Classic Rock Roll Of Honours was due to take place at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm. He was invited as a guest and to perform in front of the audience. The event was pretty much VIP so nobody could buy tickets unless you got an invite.

Was a little irked by some Westerners's attitudes towards something being so "Japanese-y" or the fans being apparently crazy or weird because they like a Japanese musician. Classic 'ugh something Asian is weird, how dare you like it' mindset. Begone you privileged Ang Mo bitch.

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I wasn't going to go this year...but I gave in when VANIRU & X JAPAN's Toshi and Yoshiki were announced as guests. Having missed out on the special pre-sale discount offer for tickets in April, I still went ahead and bought tickets for Saturday and Sunday. I was going to go with just Saturday though feared I might not be able to do what I needed to do. There was a ton of Jrock, Jpop and traditional performances to occupy the visitors but these two groups cemented my reason to go this summer.

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We weren't allowed to take photos during the concert (although of course some fans were sneaky bastards and bitches, thus snuck some pics and videos in) and I didn't want to risk it since I was close to the front. This is what I did manage to get before and after the concert itself.
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Ugh why fandom why? The idea of 'we are one' is just not happening. I rambled about the Wu Yifan nullification case here but naturally so much more is happening on Chinese and Korean sites.
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Hi TS Entertainment, just want to say eff you like whoa for picking that venue for B.A.P and damn all you music labels for your last minute announcements with forthcoming K-music gigs overall. I have already spent a lot on JJ Lin and Yoshiki's forthcoming classical gig in May OTL Read more... )

Tempted to console myself with more merchandise shopping.
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Took me a while to find the name of these covers but here they are. HK superstar Aaron Kwok Fu Sing did a cover of X Japan's Endless Rain in Cantonese and Yoshiki's Ima Wo Dakishimete in Mandarin. I think the comments towards the Endless Rain cover were a bit unnecessary and didn't need to be purist. He's not a rocker and always goes down the ballad or dance route. Of course you can't beat the original Japanese version and Toshi's range is so different to Aaron's.

唱下去 by 郭富城 [Endless Rain]

Mandarin version of Ima Wo Dakishimete - 我的開始在這裡 {Wo Di Kai Shi Zai Zhe Li}

Actually this is making me miss old school Canto and Mando pop. Maybe I should go back to it one day...
K-Con is a rather new American Hallyu convention that started last year and it'll take place in Los Angeles near the end of August. NGL but I was tempted to buy a plane ticket and book accommodation for this. I don't know half the lineup except for...EXO and...G-Dragon TT Now I realise the tickets have completely sold out which sucks. Doubt I could even get a press pass at all anyway. My money is non-existent right now. I don't think a week in LA will be affordable since I want to go to Asia for a gig...which will never happen in a hurry.

To make my fangirl heart even more painful, Yoshiki will be doing a small Q+A at The Grammy Museum on Bank Holiday Monday and perform a few songs. He's promoting his upcoming classical album which is generally a compilation of Eternal Melody 1 and 2 with a few extra new tracks like the Golden Globes Theme.

I've had to miss out on so many potentially good concerts overseas. It pisses me off. I wanted to go see G-Dragon in either Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong but I had to save up for other things. I wanted to see B.A.P too but I can't because I'm working. Their rescheduled Live on Earth in Singapore gig is happening next Thursday. I'm going to cry right now. Missing out on GD's World Tour, B.A.P's tour and most likely Bigbang's Singapore Grand Prix concert...I have the worst luck in fangirling.
This is Adele's Golden Globe speech which I ripped while I was trying to screencap Yoshiki's very brief appearance on stage. I honestly thought Yoshiki should've been given the chance to give the Golden Globe to the winner in person rather than let J-Lo or Jason Statham do it since he was the one who composed the awards' theme tune. Oh well... he got a quick moment on stage didn't he?

Adele, a fellow North Londoner winning an award at a rather 'prestigious' ceremony makes me fuzzy inside. I laughed aloud when she said she and her friend (Robbie Wiliams' wife) were pissing themselves laughing XD. Also liked how the camera zoomed in on British film stars like Helen Mirren, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig - fitting how she was sitting at the same table as the current James Bond.

Roll on Dec

Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:55 pm
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Bit late on this blog entry but I've been having weeks of craziness and stress. Not necessarily from work and job hunting but from fandom-related things.

I'm hopefully still going to see Big Bang in December. I bought a late ticket for the second gig that was recently announced after their main date sold out fast. I don't know how bad the seat will be exactly though it'll give me an idea on what to expect in terms of live performances. This will probably be my first ever Korean music gig and is undoubtedly the most expensive thing I've paid money for.

With the main show that is on Saturday 15 Dec I went with the soundcheck and early entry packages. You can imagine the insane credit card bills I'll receive next month. If only X Japan did this kind of thing when it came to touring :/ They deserve Wembley Arena so that Toshi and Yoshiki can run around and splash people with water or Yoshiki can throw roses to the females.

Got The Overtones near the end of this month and I paid for the ticket a long time ago when I was still constantly working last year. Went VIP on that too but it was far cheaper than what I just spent on Big Bang. Hopefully I'll get a good photo with the guys when I do the meet and greet.

Wouldn't it be crazy to be able to get a photo with Big Bang themselves? It'll never happen though. What about a hug? wishful thinking Haha I see all these fancams and photos of the guys meeting their fans at live shows I get inspired with ideas. [livejournal.com profile] missmomoko get your armour ready for the Saturday show when we're amongst the crazier VIPs yes? XD
I'm going with guys now. I have to admit there are two Korean guys who have a cuteness and I often get mixed up with them because they both look alike XD

It's Sungmin and G-Dragon's fault. I don't know why I sometimes get confused with these two. They both tend to have a adorable, effeminate look but in the later years I find they can behave like funky guys. I wouldn't call them super manly like their other band mates though. On the other hand if I had to compare the two, I'd think G-Dragon can pull off cute and hot swagger quite nicely. He shows he can switch. Sungmin can be hot but so can the other SuJu boys. Sexy, Free and Single anyone?!

I know Daesung can be cute. I will have to find time to watch SuJu and Big Bang in various shows. I need some dorky lolz soon but I'm too sidetracked with this psychological book I'm trying to get through.

I know Jrock guys can be kawaii. Ah my Jrockers I miss their adorkable nature but of course when they change their style or mature as musicians and people they cut down on the dorky side. I remember from watching old performances of X Japan Yoshiki was a much softer speaker and often shy to speak in the microphone when Toshi passed it to him. Malice Mizer!Mana when he was dressed like a Lolita he would pull off the cute girly act well.

I get the feeling I'll have to cut my Kpop tag and add seperate ones for Super Junior and Big Bang

Want :')

Aug. 8th, 2012 09:44 pm
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Aside from wanting cute plushies of Yoshiki, Ciel Phantomhive and Kenshin I have to say this pricey Loki figure is tempting. It almost looks like Tom Hiddleston.

I would also definitely buy the Mischief fragrance from here since I'm curious on the smell. The problem is I have a skin allergy when it comes to wearing perfume so I don't want to risk spraying it on myself to get itchy skin and a rash. Maybe the fragrance could pass as an air freshener for my home XD
This post will probably make no sense but there's a certain viewpoint which bugs me in fandoms...

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Hayashi Yoshiki, Tuomas Holopainen, Josh Groban and Adam Lambert.
My brief thoughts on Imaginaerum.  It probably won't be as amazing as the very analytical reviews out there so everything is going to be rather random as I had been delaying this post for a while.

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