**I was able to catch this when it was shown at this year's London Film Festival**

We Are X is a documentary that narrates the story of veteran Japanese rock band X Japan along with other footage leading up to the Madison Square Garden concert in 2014.

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Fansite orders wow I've been a busy bee...hopefully my income will cover everything. I've donated, sent messages of support, sent videos etc...too bad my own project didn't go anywhere. FML.

And now I have to count potential concert tickets which sucks.

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Forgot to post about this back in November...

I heard about Yoshiki flying over to London a week before the Classic Rock Roll Of Honours was due to take place at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm. He was invited as a guest and to perform in front of the audience. The event was pretty much VIP so nobody could buy tickets unless you got an invite.

Was a little irked by some Westerners's attitudes towards something being so "Japanese-y" or the fans being apparently crazy or weird because they like a Japanese musician. Classic 'ugh something Asian is weird, how dare you like it' mindset. Begone you privileged Ang Mo bitch.

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I wasn't going to go this year...but I gave in when VANIRU & X JAPAN's Toshi and Yoshiki were announced as guests. Having missed out on the special pre-sale discount offer for tickets in April, I still went ahead and bought tickets for Saturday and Sunday. I was going to go with just Saturday though feared I might not be able to do what I needed to do. There was a ton of Jrock, Jpop and traditional performances to occupy the visitors but these two groups cemented my reason to go this summer.

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I generally like both.

don't read the elitism from both sides and don't read the h8ers who are against the genres

I started with oldies Jpop then gradually moved to Jrock and Kpop along with inklings of Korean rock. It depends by the level of infectiousness you are aiming for. But lately the K has been calling out to me. I think it partly knows how to target an international audience (mostly on this side). But both J and K have their way of easing their way to music listeners. I think K is easier to reach out to the urban music fans whereas like with Jrock and Jpop the indie is slightly underground but has its own popularity scale and is probably too 'out there' for an average person...otoh Kpop is the same.

You just have to know what your chill is and respect what others listen to. None of this elitist bullshit on who cannot sing/compose/dance/play instruments etc etc. What you may hate i.e anything popular may somehow have helped somebody. You get help from the weirdest places (I know I did).

If I didn't go back to the K side after numerous divorces with the Hallyu, I wouldn't have gotten into the EXO!OT12 family and I wouldn't have gotten that epiphany China Line triggered two years ago. While treading on Korean music lightly after leaving Jrock fandom I went through a few artists but wasn't massively hardcore to the point of splashing my cash on them. X Japan made me do that back in the day and while they've gone through ups and downs their music still speaks to me. The current K music on my music collection is Bangtan Sonyeondan and EXO (yes they've been through shit and back and still getting shit on but I do keep my ears and eyes on them - or try to). I also miss B.A.P. BIGBANG we had a thing, Super Junior we had a little thing but I'm leaving them for various reasons. Thanks for the music from a few months although we're done.
[Error: unknown template qotd]"Yume no Chikara" ...because yeah the power of dreams is insanely strong isn't it?

A lot of my favourite songs have strong lyrics I relate to that it hits the soul so hard. The list of songs that resonate with me is endless.
We weren't allowed to take photos during the concert (although of course some fans were sneaky bastards and bitches, thus snuck some pics and videos in) and I didn't want to risk it since I was close to the front. This is what I did manage to get before and after the concert itself.
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Ugh why fandom why? The idea of 'we are one' is just not happening. I rambled about the Wu Yifan nullification case here but naturally so much more is happening on Chinese and Korean sites.
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Took me a while to find the name of these covers but here they are. HK superstar Aaron Kwok Fu Sing did a cover of X Japan's Endless Rain in Cantonese and Yoshiki's Ima Wo Dakishimete in Mandarin. I think the comments towards the Endless Rain cover were a bit unnecessary and didn't need to be purist. He's not a rocker and always goes down the ballad or dance route. Of course you can't beat the original Japanese version and Toshi's range is so different to Aaron's.

唱下去 by 郭富城 [Endless Rain]

Mandarin version of Ima Wo Dakishimete - 我的開始在這裡 {Wo Di Kai Shi Zai Zhe Li}

Actually this is making me miss old school Canto and Mando pop. Maybe I should go back to it one day...
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Apr. 8th, 2013 10:37 pm
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Seeing as they're in Japan and Richard Fortus helped out on X Japan's tour, it was rather fitting to do a cover of a classic X track :D

As much as I like live music, I seem to be a serious masochistic and tolerate the pain of being in the pit. Oh joy. But comparing my experiences between the Jrock and British/Scandinavian gigs I've been to in the past...I picked up some small things.

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I was browsing Tumblr for more Silver Ash things to reblog and a fan had linked to Ling's blog post which is on Silver Ash's official website.  The entire entry is quite honestly brilliant and I could fangirl for hours but I'll just explain in a nutshell.  Ling generally discusses the ups and downs Silver Ash had as a band and also explains a problem China has when it comes to Visual Kei, which confirms my theory as to why a lot of native Chinese and a few BBCs from my last Chinese class were all WTF you listen to Jrock? to me when I told them my cracky but diverse music tastes.  I sensed they also were hinting it's not possible for Chinese people to like Japanese music because of...grudges.  It could be one reason but not the biggest one.

I respect Chinese people who maintain their Chinese identity without sounding like an arrogant fool but also show how much they admire Visual Kei or anything Japanese-related (huzzah Chinese Otakus).  This paragraph echoes my thoughts:-

Visual Kei has a big culture and history in Japan. Most importantly, Japan has a strong manga culture. In East Asia, there is a long history of appreciating beautiful men and men’s makeup. Japan remains respectful of those elements of culture, which also influence their manga culture. China, however, no longer respects that kind of culture and in general, Chinese people dislike people who are too unique or “special.” Though Japanese culture emerged from ancient China, they created their own aesthetics. Visual Kei is Japanese style Glam rock. For Chinese musicians, they can dress in a Visual style as well, but they can’t be accepted by society, even by other rockers. Unfortunately, China doesn’t have enough “space” for alternative culture. In many Chinese rock fans’ mind, “Visual kei” bands in China are just some cosplayers joining together to play some stupid cover songs. That might be another reason why Visual Kei is not very popular in China.

The last two sentences sum up my little issue with China and how they treat such an alternative music style.  It briefly reminds me of the time when X Japan were forced to cancel their Beijing gig in 2011 because of technical and production issues which doesn't sound right.  I suspect the government just didn't want a legendary Jrock band to play in Beijing's biggest venue that has been used previously by other megastar musicians.  Yet L'aruku managed to go ahead with their Shanghai gig back in 2005 without much problems.  Come to think of it even Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong can be iffy with some obscure things and might ban them or protest to stop them (I've been to these countries too).  Adam Lambert attracted Muslim protesters prior to his first KL gig during the Glam Nation Tour.

I know it's wrong to judge a country like China before visiting it though I have had personal interactions with native Chinese people when they visit England and occasionally I am reacting with a "head meet table" feeling.  I want to visit China in person one day just because it is supposedly the big Motherland of all Chinese but it will be difficult to tackle my current feelings towards the country.  Boo to stressful events from my past.


Mar. 12th, 2013 07:28 pm
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I never thought I'd find out recent info on Silver Ash. It was just a random, "I wonder what they're doing now" google search because I know the band had had problems with censorship in China (big Motherland we are not going to get along at this rate. You keep banning the stuff I like. How am I supposed to visit you with an open mind?). I'm quite happy they've made a comeback because I honestly liked their music. A Chinese Visual Kei band - I approve. I like the fact some of the previous members shared similar music tastes as me. They're metalheads and even like Jrock bands, including X Japan, which is awesome.

When they had member changes, problems with funds, and having to drop the Visual Kei look along with a change in music style I lost interest and went elsewhere. TBH Chinese metal is really underground. I haven't really ventured into it much but the few bands I did pick up I wasn't wowed by them. I still have to look for promising Korean metal bands too. Dabbled with K-rock slightly and I'll get back to that asap.

Anyway with Silver Ash when I heard they had a new single coming out soon and had released a new song called Pretty But Evil on their official website I was impressed. They even set up their new FB, Tumblr and Twitter pages and even write in English. Plus...they've gone back to looking Gothic. YAY. I guess with China booming in the economy you couldn't really make an excuse on not having enough money for your music right? I still think China has a long way to go with gay rights though.
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2013 gigs I'd like to attend but can't due to budgeting

Depeche Mode @ O2 Arena London ~ Dave Gahan is one of my few FILFs and Depeche Mode are legendary.

The Micro Head 4N's @ The Garage, London ~ just heard they're doing signing sessions after their gigs. I missed out on signing opportunities at Hyper Japan and utterly gutted. So maybe they'll do a short show and have a support act who won't play for too long. edit they cancelled the London gig. I guess the tickets weren't selling well.

Muse @ Emirates Stadium ~ was meant to see them in 2010 at Wembley Stadium but I was not in the best mood so sold my ticket. I know they are theatrical.

Michael Buble @ O2 Arena ~ I've seen him twice but wouldn't mind going to see him again and let my family experience his amazing showmanship.

Wang Leehom @ O2 Arena

Who I wouldn't mind seeing if they came here but probably won't be able afford

CN Blue ~ missed out on them last year because I wasn't working and had my cousin visiting.

Shinhwa ~ they're like the BSB or Take That. A man band that seems to threaten the youth. They're hardly out of date and still show they've got what it takes to perform. I know their comeback wasn't OMG epic like BB or anyone else but they're well respected. OTOH I'd like to see Eric Mun Oppa IRL 8)

Super Junior ~ if Heechul came to London I'd probably die.


Who I want to see again and will probably save up for them

it might be obvious

BIGBANG ~ I'd go VIP on them again. I really would. If I did buy tickets to see them again in London I have to sacrifice a lot of other gigs that are not BB-related in order to save up at least £200+.

G-Dragon ~ he's doing a live tour in Japan in Spring but it's likely he'll hit the rest of Asia. Whether or not he'll do Europe is still a mystery. Considering he just visited London and Paris recently...one can only hope. Methinks he's officially my no 1 now...o_O
I thought this was a joke at first and a VIP had made a cheeky parody but apparently it did happen on the last London gig. How did I not know this?! D: I think I was both completely deaf in the early entry area but also distracted from the noisy crowd and BB themselves. I think the distraction was mostly from TOP and GD since they were more on our side from watching this video.

Seungri suddenly starts singing Linkin Park's In The End before the encore goes into Fantastic Baby.

After hearing this, I do feel inspired to tweet to Seungri on doing some more rock covers. If Heechul did hide's Pink Spider at one of Super Junior's lives then I'd kill to see BB go further in the rock or metal route. That's just wishful thinking on my part. I do like to headbang to Oh My Friend though ^_^;;


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