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I'm ashamed to say this but probably my mobile phone. I remember saying I refused to get one because I didn't want to be sucked in by the ridiculous addiction to it. Now I'm using one for the sake of internet and getting in touch with family to let them know where I am.

Another important item I need is lip balm or vaseline.
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Makoto or Mako-chan. But I'm Chinese rather than Japanese so this doesn't help much... then again Chinese people really do enjoy using the most random or weirdest nicknames out there.
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Warm and sunny with a light breeze. Not bad for a Saturday spent at a Japanese culture event
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Biting my fingernails non-stop.
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Go back definitely. I realise it would be a risk to change things of the past but I don't have much to lose anyway so may as well take a gamble.
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Biscuits or crisps
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It changes from:

Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
Mr Simple - Super Junior
Trip The Darkness - Lacuna Coil
Storytime - Nightwish
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Hayashi Yoshiki, Tuomas Holopainen, Josh Groban and Adam Lambert.
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I'd probably say love. I have enough predicaments with friendship and family right now o_O
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Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7
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Oh man, way too much much time. Definitely more than an hour o_O
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I'm Year Of The Pig unfortunately this causes a lot of piss-taking from many people. SMH but as we're on the subject of Chinese New Year...

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Nothing which involves a cheesy wedding with lots of flowers and confetti followed by a cute family. I mean it's okay to settle and start a family but you can omit the very over the top fluff right?

I'd say closure to the point of where the characters manage to accomplish their goals, whether or not it was through sweat and tears.
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How can you "just be yourself" when you don't know who you are? Stop saying "I know how you feel." How could anyone know how another feels?

~ Song Of Myself [Nightwish]
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I always have regrets. It seems if I do something like it backfires in effect. But 2011 has had some events which I regret.

Example, entering a competition to win Dir en grey tickets to see them in London. I regret even entering in the first place, not expecting to win and then suddenly I did... sadly it was the week of the riots. Those bastards ruined my opportunity to see Diru for free and everyone was scared to go out in London.
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Pessimist definitely. Last time I was overly optimistic and something went wrong after that my happy bubble burst and I got emo in a huge way. Not pleasant.

I've learnt to be more cautious over everything after that experience.
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Usually it's 2
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Only if my state was really bad and life threatening. Plus it would help if I could afford it too.
I never really believed in him in the first place, even from a young age :/[Error: unknown template qotd]


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