Still unemployed since getting the boot seven weeks ago. I'm waiting for feedback on internships and job applications. They have late deadlines which might be good if you want to take your time writing good answers but it's painful to wait when you want to do something ASAP and get out of Job Seekers Allowance. Honestly, does the government think reducing the benefits or cutting the amount for lazy Brits and migrants is going to be any help for those who are genuinely looking for work and not family folk? My country is poor and it shows but I hate the snotty rich people who come here from overseas like they own everyone.

Well my job advisor can see what I'm doing since I've registered on Universal Jobmatch. I'm not lying on the job hunting but it is utterly depressing. I have to do approximately 12 applications in a week. WTFH? I really don't want to fly away since I can't fend for myself whatsoever. Though it might be the last option. Or go for another course to build up my skills - a subject I dislike in particular.

Anyway I was tempted to apply as a volunteer at Hyper Japan 2013 in July but then it might affect my so-called schedule to meet any famous people who have been invited as guests. You never know if it is someone you like. I went crazy with the 3 day pass last November. I did a lot of geeky stuff and met a Jrock band I had never heard of and became a fan after seeing them perform live. Conventions hadn't been on my mind since I crash landed into the arms world of Big Bang and so far LFCC hasn't gotten any guests I actually know very well aside from Sarah Wayne Callies who I remember best in Prison Break.

Been catching up on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji season 1 and nearly done with that finally before moving onto season 2 which I hear is not very good though I'll persevere in order to see who the new characters are. Still fuming over how I didn't buy a Ciel plushie at Hyper Japan or Collectormania London last year. My Sebastian plushie needs a Ciel...or a Grell haha.

If Showmasters got a Vampire Diaries guest at their forthcoming conventions and I happen to know him/her it'll be a risk to meet that person because I'm behind on TVD in general. I stopped watching hte series after the mid-season break finished but that might've been a mistake since I apparently missed out on a lot of stuff and with the arrival of the Originals spin off I have a lot to catch up on.
The rare kind... i.e. most likely to be non-slash, even though Sherlock/John is kind of evident. The Vampire Diaries might be a variety of rare goodies too.

Almost Anyone Jim/Molly drabble

Home Is Where Jim knocks on Molly's door, injured. Drabble.

A Very Palpable Hit by [ profile] irony_rocks LJ link Irene/Sherlock smut. Post Scandal in Belgravia. What happened in Iran after Sherlock rescued Irene.

A Cherry On Top by [ profile] sciosophia Sherlock/Molly subtle p0rn if you read carefully

'Nocturne' + 'Ghost Of A Broken Heart' by [ profile] skysamuelle Two Stefan/Elena drabbles post season 3. I think Elena's character was justified here. So glad I came across these little fics.

Love Is Like A Sin, My Love by [ profile] jeremy_finch Klaroline smut. So, so good.

Without by [ profile] inmh Finn/Sage one shot. This is what the writers should've put in the series

The Sound Of Silence WIP by [ profile] rebeldesigns Bonnie-centric with various pairings (Damon/Bonnie, Klaus/Bonnie/Stefan, Delena, Stelena, Matt/Caroline/Tyler and much more). Bonnie gets to shine in this dark story. Can't wait for more chapters. This is how she should've been treated in the series
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My wallpaper changes every hour but it ranges from Klaus/Joseph Morgan, Jersey Boys London cast, Dir en grey, Mark Kanemura, various Korean dramas and X Japan :D
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I've seen this question pop up before but it's always interesting to revisit and see if your answers have changed over time.

I would like to spend a day with Klaus from the Vampire Diaries TV series. I'd be interested to hear more of his family angst. Hopefully we can exchange stories.
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  • 08:35 @gogomomokoko I hate it when men do that and when they slouch in their seat it takes up more room >:( #
  • 08:37 @Kiz_zle :( hopefully the bug will disappear permanently by the time you reach NY. Have fun over there though!! #
  • 09:00 @DiabloSwing awesome :D #
  • 09:26 Bet they'll get a mgr replacement who isn't even british. But so long as it isn't some self-righteous, moronic dick #
  • 09:30 @hmvtweets dir en grey, versailles philharmonc quartet, miyavi (solo artist) and l'arc-en-ciel to name a few #
  • 09:33 Free pizza today but I won't spend my lunch break chitchatting because I have more important things to do #
  • 10:07 @hmvtweets depends what metal sub-genre you're after :) My fav band is x japan but they're not on the site yet. They mix classical + metal #
  • 10:48 @the_overtones cheer up lachie *pats head* #
  • 11:33 Dying for that pizza :/ it'll probably taste crap anyway but it is free food #
  • 11:51 Getting nauseous from the heater close by. Supervisor, turn the damn thing off it's hot outside today )': #
  • 11:57 @the_overtones envious you're in a nice place. Enjoy your stay there :) #
  • 12:12 @29rain looking good, oppa ;) #
  • 13:06 The pizza was unsurprisingly cold but it went very quickly #
  • 13:12 Coming out as Goth #
  • 13:13 Coming out of Goth wardrobe #
  • 14:24 Still haven't bought tix for Rock Of Ages. Hayaku, Vash-chan #
  • 14:26 Absolutely full up from the pizza. Pepperoni feast and Hawaiian were the most popular #
  • 14:28 Perm staff aren't sure what to get supervisor as a goodbye present. I honestly 'dgaf' #
  • 15:07 Photo: #
  • 15:39 @therealgokwan what do you mean? 'Auntie' goldie cheung right? She made us chinese look stupid. I'd be more embarrassed if she was malaysian #
  • 19:10 @iansomerhalder omg you should work on the wildlife channel :D <3 this vid so much. #
  • 19:11 I liked a @YouTube video Leatherback baby cruising to #
  • 19:21 @JP_underground guess I'm the odd one out against these protesters since I have no major prob with Jdramas and genuinely like Kdramas -_- #
  • 19:27 JFC, guess I'm the odd one out against these protesters since I have no major prob with Jdramas and genuinely like Kdramas -_- #
  • 19:32 I don't hate Jdramas because I've never sat down to watch any from start to finish. What little I have see… (cont) #
  • 19:37 RT @concertweirdos: Screaming at your screen when you finally see tour dates listed. #concertweirdos #
  • 21:08 @iansomerhalder hello Ian :D #
  • 21:28 #trueblood Sookie's dream conveniently consists of those two vamps in her love life #
  • 22:02 #trueblood Jesus you're my hero xD How awesome was he by helping Mavis? #
  • 22:03 #trueblood Tommy trying to make amends for his mistakes he made to Sam :/ he got whooped by the wolves though #
  • 22:09 #trueblood Kapow!! Take that haters. Sookie made a very valid point about the double standard between triangl… (cont) #
  • 22:11 Writer's Block: Scary movie #
  • 22:11 Writer's Block: Scary movie #
  • 22:39 Happy birthday Richard Armitage :) #
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  • 08:20 Pasha of #sytycd s3 will be in #bbcstrictly ?! Just when I was going to give series 9 a miss. Man Artem and Pasha... mmmmmmm #
  • 08:24 my vid wasn't perfect but damn I can't stop crying over this when I rewatch it a few times. #xjapan @yoshikiofficial #
  • 08:35 @mattwycliffe well I had medicine which knocked me out as soon as I hit my bed but I do agree it was bloody hot last night D: #
  • 08:41 if you think a woman must obey your every command like a good wife you are #undateable #
  • 08:44 You hate queer men or despise gothic individuals and beat them up #undateable #
  • 08:45 Relatives or family who think they're trying to help you but only end up offending you with their 'kind words' #getsonmynerves #
  • 08:47 Asian FOBs might be seen as #undateable but they have to learn things about the West before pissing their potential partners off #
  • 08:48 Relatives who talk in their native language and think you don't understand their every word when they're bitching about you #getsonmynerves #
  • 08:49 Abusing the word 'gay' to describe something stupid #getsonmynerves all the time. As is awful grammar and spelling #
  • 09:03 A foreigner who sets foot in your country and bullshit on how better they are compared to everyone else #getsonmynerves #
  • 09:06 @the_overtones guys I gotta ask, who do you think tweets the most out of you five? #
  • 09:17 I swore not to buy any more books but I've already preordered Blood Red Dragon and now I'm tempted to get the 1st VA graphic novel. Ah damn #
  • 09:27 Had drunk students singing and screaming last night. They were drunk. Not sure if it was the flat full of chav residents but if it was... #
  • 10:36 Writer's Block: Life in the boob tube #
  • 10:36 Writer's Block: Life in the boob tube #
  • 11:45 @bbcstrictly just found out pasha kovalev will be a new pro dancer. How did bbc manage to find him? He's a great dancer, loved him on sytycd #
  • 12:05 @hmvtweets i used to have a robson and jerome single haha #
  • 12:06 @hmvtweets i was all for steps on those days #mostembarrassingcd #
  • 14:20 @yoshikiofficial X everybody at Summer Sonic :D #wearex #
  • 14:20 @the_overtones yay another ustream. Will try to remember to tune in. I've put Tonight's The Night on reminder for this Sat #
  • 14:33 @the_overtones OMG that's such a cool find. You've inspired me to check my Kiwi fruit now hohoho #
  • 14:35 So my runny nose is fading but now my throat seems to be taking effect. Ah the joy of colds #
  • 14:38 OK Communist Chinese hair needs to make a comeback for Vash-chan. Right now the hair looks like it's suffered electrocution #
  • 14:40 @gogomomokoko u know the more I look at her, the more I suspect she could be expecting. I wonder if she's migrating to have a baby overseas #
  • 14:47 omg I had no idea @MDQLondon were performing in Canary Wharf and Brent Cross recently T______________T would've bunked off work for this #
  • 15:08 theconductorisbeckoning: #
  • 15:09 #NowPlaying Shitataru Mourou - @DIRENGREY_web #
  • 15:26 @the_overtones what time is the ustream tomorrow? Will it be around 7:30pm like the previous one? #
  • 16:34 @_josephmorgan you just had to pick a wolf-related song didn't you? Hehe #
  • 17:48 Saw my WK dvds in charity shop. I only donated last week ^_^;; Doubt they'll sell immediately though #
  • 19:45 @RichelleMead hehe spellcheck can be so silly. Thanks for the clarification and the Adrian chapter. It was brilliant :) #
  • 21:21 @gogomomokoko it's either that or it's her time of the month xD #
  • 22:17 #NowPlaying Samhain - @wearethefallen #
  • 22:54 @ConcertWeirdos i had that happen to me twice. Omg xD #
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  • 05:29 @robert_knepper stage talk at @showmasters ' London Film Comic Con [9th July 2011] #
  • 05:30 2nd pic of Robert Knepper - #
  • 05:31 @adamlambert I haven't seen the latest ep yet. If you used the hashtag, it must've been good ^_^;; #
  • 08:52 RT @concertweirdos: Going to concerts and thinking "If only I was a tall mofo." #concertweirdos #
  • 08:57 RT @concertweirdos: Screaming so loud, you feel like you've ripped something in your throat. #concertweirdos #sugg #
  • 09:01 RT @concertweirdos: When concerts totally screw up your eating habits and sleeping cycles... #concertweirdos #
  • 10:13 @hmvtweets ah okay thank you. I suspect it will be busy so i don't mind just a signed cd but i'll bring a glossy photo if there's time #
  • 10:16 @gigsandtours the edge of seventeen - stevie nicks #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk on Sunday 10th July #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters stage talk on Sunday at #lfcc 2011 #
  • 15:00 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk #
  • 16:49 There isn't much of a queue for @the_overtones right now. Ooookay #
  • 16:58 Holy eff i just saw a leading jersey boy in hmv selfridges with his girlfriend. I am sure of it O_O omg this only happens to me in central #
  • 17:02 @_josephmorgan was that pun intentional? ~_^ #
  • 17:16 Queue is forming. There are meant to be wristbands for the @the_overtones signing if u bought the album from selfridges wth?! Hope it's okay #
  • 17:22 Toners are doo_wopping to @the_overtones in selfridges. Can't join in since i haven't learnt the lyrics properly for most of the songs hehe #
  • 17:25 Been drifting to sleep on the way to bond street. Not cool. Gotta wake up :/ #
  • 18:29 Zomg i gave most of @the_overtones a happy kiss on the cheek #
  • 18:34 Got so excited i nearly toppled down the stairs lol #
  • 18:35 This signing makes up for my uh lfcc blunder for sure #
  • 18:39 Okay excuse the fangirl moment but @the_overtones are really handsome gents and so polite. I wanted to cry but was too tired #
  • 18:42 @alkapranos dude what made you think that? #
  • 18:42 Lachie was funny lol!!!! #
  • 18:43 Timmy was so cute and mark was sweet. Darren was polite and mike was chatty :) #
  • 19:44 Well with that signing done gotta go back to work as normal. Boooooooo #
  • 19:49 @the_overtones thanks for the signing at selfridges. Pleasure meeting you guys for the first time. I was the chinese girl near the front #
  • 21:08 @the_overtones thanks for stopping by at @selfridges Hope to see you again soon for another signing or a concert :) #
  • 21:48 @the_overtones yeah same to you guys. Safe journey home :) #
  • 22:08 Photo: anightingaleinberkeley: A lovely photo for sure :) #
  • 22:54 @_josephmorgan sweet. Thanks for the link :) #
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Apr. 18th, 2011 12:26 pm
vash_chan: (Lady Gaga #bornthisway)
Just checking in quickly f-list. Haven't got much time on this computer as it's a relative's. In Perak right now, dealing with the heat and irritating itchiness on my skin because of bites D:

I'm honestly missing my fav series right now. Will have to catch up on my dose of TVD, SPN and Breakout Kings when I am back in London. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not spending too much time on sites like Twitter or LJ because there would be very spoilery posts for sure.

Also, I'm hopefully going to see X Japan in LONDON in June omfg. I don't know if it had to do with the petition I made and linked to Yoshiki a few times or if X Japan's management thought to include my city as part of the European tour. Either way, it's step one to a big dream for me. The second step is meeting the band or Yoshiki himself. I find that very unlikely but I can only wish like crazy for that to happen.

D and Dir en grey are in London too but will be giving those a miss since my wallet is kinda dead *sad* and I did see Diru last year in the same venue they will be playing this August. Though I am still considering London Film Comic Con. Would just have to be careful with how I spend the money on autographs and photo sessions. Honestly there are only two guests I'd meet from the top of my head.
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Damon Salvatore because we'd share snarky jokes about miscellaneous topics. Actually tbh I'd be cool if both Salvatore brothers were at the same dinner table with me. I'd be observing the slightly different personalities both Damon and Stefan have when they're next to each other.
It was a verbal strike...


just a little summary )
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I was born in the year of the pig. Some pig characteristics do match my own. I was reading this page for details. I am easily taken advantage of (oh god been there, done that. Not nice) so the chances of compulsion by Damon Salvatore or glamour by True Blood vamps are likely to happen to me XD!!!! As I was born a Water Pig I am trustworthy to a fault. Yeah that's a real flaw for me.


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