Gotham S03E20

Jun. 4th, 2017 08:14 pm
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Oh Gotham was a whole other universe
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From Iron Fist, aside from Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple and Carrie Ann Moss as Jeri Hogarth...

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Prison Break

Apr. 15th, 2017 09:11 pm
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I forgot so much since PB finished a long time ago. Not even my random fangirl notes I wrote on my blog can help out. I do remember however how epic s1 was. That's a no brainer. I used to be serious trash for the series...

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When your fandom peeves sort of come true a bit and other things...

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Kept hearing Tom Felton tweet about this documentary on BBC3 and I have to say I was surprised by it.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Cartoons were my saviour during childhood, my biggest escapism from long school days. I then drifted to Anime as I got older and still watch some series now and then. Same applies to cartoons from the West e.g. Ultimate Spiderman or Avengers Assemble.

My heroine was She-Ra and I was drawn to a lot of villains in many series who were weird and creepy. As long as anything was cool and took me away from the harsh reality that was fine by me.
Awkward moment in episode 1 of Problematic Men. I don't intend to watch this series but somehow this little shady moment got a mention on the Twitter feeds and it took me a few attempts to actually get what was going on.

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photo credit goes to this site

Also known as The Legendary Police Woman, Damo is a police action drama set in the Joseon Dynasty with Ha Ji Won as the female protagonist.
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Back in April (I think) I watched the first season of Banshee as Sky Atlantic's constant trailers caught my eye and I had noticed the flamboyant guy who had just blown up a building. After much researching I realised 1) Alan Ball is part of the team so this meant that bald guy was of the LGBT kind 2) it would mean lots of sex and swearing. 3) This bald guy was named Hoon Lee and happened to be Asian American/Korean American. Thus my mind went OMG maybe I should just sit down and watch this.

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Athena is a spin-off from the popular drama Iris, starring Jung Woo Sung as the leading protagonist Lee Jung Woo.

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Zhang Wei is one lucky guy to be dueting with Adam Lambert. You can tell he's such a fanboy, incredibly nervous which is very understandable but damn he can sing. I've been waiting for Adam to sing Whataya Want From Me with a contestant from the singing reality tv franchise. If I could sing that song with him and wasn't such a wreck I'd go for it.

I think Asian Glamberts were incredibly lucky to see him on the We Are Glamily tour this year. Would love to have heard Underneath or Trespassing live.

Underneath is gorgeous when Adam sings it live. OMG chills :O

I might put this in my memories or just put it in the links section of my LJ. Here is an ongoing list of 'famous' British Born Chinese who I respect. It'll probably be a result of me surfing Youtube or other social networking sites. Overseas Chinese from American, Canada or other Western countries will be added too.

* Jensen Chung Vlogger. I really like his light-hearted videos which tackle the British Born Chinese identity. Also a very good artist. This is his Youtube channel.

* Matthew Koon Hong Kong BBC from Manchester. Finalist in first Got To Dance series. Did not win. However he lured me into the show after I spotted a link to his audition video on the British Born Chinese message boards. He's the reason I wanted to create this list because he refreshing and inspiring to me. He is doing what a lot of Asian guys shy away from and that is dance contemporary style and Asian guys get a lot of homophobic remarks their way since they're not as typically butch as white and black guys. Unless a man is not into ballet or was not forced into doing Chinese opera from a young age the chances are he'd rather be doing hip-hop. So Matthew thank you for being you and keep on dancing gracefully.

Twitter , Facebook fanpage

* Xiaorishu Vietnamese BBC. My favourite Vlogger perhaps...?! :) Xiaorishu brings humour and intelligent discussion in her videos. The first time I came across her videos was when she sang the Three Bears nursery rhyme. The Korean song you hear in Full House, that is. Admiring her cute demeanour I had no idea she was a BBC until I looked at the rest of her videos and recognised London locations and heard her speak English ^^;; Don't be put off by her voice. It's natural and hardly fake, which a lot of people keep accusing her of doing.

Main Youtube channel , Facebook fanpage , Blog

>> As for other overseas Chinese i.e. ABCs, Aussies, Canadian Chinese etc...also ongoing list

* Alex Wong Canadian Born Chinese. Do you see a trend here? I'm a sucker for Asian ballet boys. Not only can Alex dance amazingly he can sing too. He recently finished performing on the broadway stage of Newsies. He introduced me to So You Think You Can Dance. I think it was Malese Jow who was raving about him on her Twitter after his incredible hip-hop routine with season 4 alumni Twitch.

I tried to research him on Youtube and the first performance I saw of Alex was his contemporary routine to Jeff Buckley's cover of Hallelujah so I went onto Youtube to check him out and I was so emotional. The hip-hop routine with Twitch sealed the deal with me becoming a fan of Alex Wong. Wongs FTW. It really broke my heart when he had to pull out of season 7 because of his achilles heel injury. He could've won the entire competition. He might've been the first Asian or perhaps overseas Chinese to win SYTYCD.

Twitter , Official website

* Wang Leehom Taiwanese American musician and actor. Bringing Chinked Out music to Cpop land. When I first heard that term I thought WTF and was sure I saw him do a corny hip-hop song at a concert on PCNE but as I got to know Leehom's music and watched his interviews I was impressed with his smart responses to the questions being fired at him and some of his music was brilliant. Leehom is American by birth but he does not abandon his Asian heritage. I should learn from this guy if I want to get my balance in East and West right.

Weibo , Facebook fanpage

* Vanness Wu Taiwanese American actor and songwriter. Like with Leehom, I feel a little inspired by Vanness. I first came across him when I watched a clip of him performing Kim Bum Soo's Bo Go Ship Da. Mesmerized and wanting more, I then heard his duet with Kangta. Ah Scandal, what a hot video that was. I then found out he was in Meteor Garden and downloaded F4's albums plus some of their solo works. I still can't believe this guy was in Run DMC VS Jason Nevin's It's Like That video.

Blog , Twitter , Facebook fanpage , Weibo

* Henry Lau Canadian Born Chinese. Oh Henry I'm so jealous of your musical talent. But the fact you're one of the few overseas Chinese breaking into Kpop amazes me. He inspires me to work hard on anything really. Maybe I'll get my arse into gear and work on my Mandarin. Not only is he super talented musically he has linguistic skills. Fluent in Mandarin and well-versed in Korean. Knows a bit of Japanese and Cantonese too. OMG. I hope ELFs still aren't giving him a hard time and accept him as part of the Super Junior family.

Twitter , Weibo
Was looking at the ONTD posts on Star Trek Into Darkness and Benedict Cumberbatch himself after his appearance with Chris Pine on The Graham Norton Show. Comments were tl;dr though the general gist is that they think Benedict is fugly and it is like backlash against the rabid fanbase of Cumberbitches. TBH that particular style of slicked hair on the red carpet didn't do him much justice (I know he doesn't want to look like Sherlock but the wavy hair is nice, as are his natural "ginger" locks) . That goofy animated gif from the Leicester Square red carpet only frightened readers D: I personally cracked up a little because it's a side of Benedict you don't always see. When I saw him at the Anna Karenina UK Premiere he looked good and he wasn't as buffed up at that time from filming Star Trek.

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Iris is a 20 episode series that shares the record of being one of the most expensive dramas ever produced. But does the budget make this espionage drama worth watching?

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Chuno / Slave Hunter is a 24-episode action, historical drama that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty.

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Wow Incarnation with GD and Daesung was so informative. Pulled me in right away. It's interesting to see how along with the presenters they and Kim Kyung Ho presented their experiences of past and present relationships. I think I need to take notes on what to do when it comes to finding a significant other. Boo to my insecurities. On the other hand, I'm going to check out Kim Kyung Ho's music haha. I first thought he looked way too much like an old female school friend. The face reminded me of her. Anyway she's changed her look now so that's ok.

I thought Kim Hee Sun was a really good presenter and I hadn't been up to date on her activities in so long when I went on a Hallyu hiatus. I've seen some of her dramas, namely Propose, Wedding Dress and Tomato but just a few bits and bobs of various episodes. I have most of the Tomato episodes somewhere in my files so I might start watching that or another DVD boxset. Maybe Cruel/Bad Love.

I know a lot of VIPs will probably be heartbroken or are already heartbroken about the huge possibility GD is attached (I think Daesung is also taken surely). I chuckle over the fans' possibilities of who GD's girl might be. In all honesty as much as I admit to reacting with a "Damn there goes my chance" remark, it would never work between us (I think I just can't expect too much from anything really). I'm way too Peter Pan Complex for him, even if I'm older. Can we put all of BB in the mix here? Yeah...wouldn't work with either of them too D:

One's only enjoyment can be through fangirling these guys at gigs or squeeing even more when in the stalls and they're nearby with their fan-service. It would be an interesting challenge to hold a conversation with BB in either Korean or English. Whether it's at the airport, in a shop or out on the street. Not from stalking them of course. I meant a spontaneous encounter.

We all seem to develop an inevitable one-sided attraction to unattainable people and it's worse when you're dealing with famous people. Whether or not you know they're attached or what their preference is, you still fangirl/fanboy right?


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