Back in April (I think) I watched the first season of Banshee as Sky Atlantic's constant trailers caught my eye and I had noticed the flamboyant guy who had just blown up a building. After much researching I realised 1) Alan Ball is part of the team so this meant that bald guy was of the LGBT kind 2) it would mean lots of sex and swearing. 3) This bald guy was named Hoon Lee and happened to be Asian American/Korean American. Thus my mind went OMG maybe I should just sit down and watch this.

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Aug. 2nd, 2012 08:19 pm
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I need to stop dreaming about ghosts. It kind of made me panic last night. I was with a group of people, including Lafayette from True Blood (guess the Trubie in me is catching up) and he was asking if I was ok because he could see I was quite scared :/

First my missing cat showed up again a few days ago in my dream and then I get to ghosts. Weird. Sadly I've not had a dream about Loki or Tom Hiddleston yet no matter how much my inner fangirl would like it. I did see the Thor film photo book in Forbidden Planet and I wanted it so badly. The photos and concept pictures are great but it's so heavy and nearly £30. No way can I buy it with my situation. Although Lee Chong Wei's autobiography I might consider. It's a little cheaper.

After all these years I still miss my cat. Absolutely no way I could commit to getting another one. It's like trying to get pregnant and start a family. If I did want cats in my so-called new home I'm calling one of them Sebastian...just because of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji :P The other cat could be Ciel or Heechul LOL
I noticed Yahoo UK were trending True Blood on their website, assuming this was in light of its return to the FX channel. Season 4 just started here in the UK but I've already watched it xD.

This then lead me to this crazy article from the notorious Guardian website ~

Fooking 'ell

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I managed to find this response though --> Win
Some reference to this and my post on season 3 finale

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  • 08:35 @gogomomokoko I hate it when men do that and when they slouch in their seat it takes up more room >:( #
  • 08:37 @Kiz_zle :( hopefully the bug will disappear permanently by the time you reach NY. Have fun over there though!! #
  • 09:00 @DiabloSwing awesome :D #
  • 09:26 Bet they'll get a mgr replacement who isn't even british. But so long as it isn't some self-righteous, moronic dick #
  • 09:30 @hmvtweets dir en grey, versailles philharmonc quartet, miyavi (solo artist) and l'arc-en-ciel to name a few #
  • 09:33 Free pizza today but I won't spend my lunch break chitchatting because I have more important things to do #
  • 10:07 @hmvtweets depends what metal sub-genre you're after :) My fav band is x japan but they're not on the site yet. They mix classical + metal #
  • 10:48 @the_overtones cheer up lachie *pats head* #
  • 11:33 Dying for that pizza :/ it'll probably taste crap anyway but it is free food #
  • 11:51 Getting nauseous from the heater close by. Supervisor, turn the damn thing off it's hot outside today )': #
  • 11:57 @the_overtones envious you're in a nice place. Enjoy your stay there :) #
  • 12:12 @29rain looking good, oppa ;) #
  • 13:06 The pizza was unsurprisingly cold but it went very quickly #
  • 13:12 Coming out as Goth #
  • 13:13 Coming out of Goth wardrobe #
  • 14:24 Still haven't bought tix for Rock Of Ages. Hayaku, Vash-chan #
  • 14:26 Absolutely full up from the pizza. Pepperoni feast and Hawaiian were the most popular #
  • 14:28 Perm staff aren't sure what to get supervisor as a goodbye present. I honestly 'dgaf' #
  • 15:07 Photo: #
  • 15:39 @therealgokwan what do you mean? 'Auntie' goldie cheung right? She made us chinese look stupid. I'd be more embarrassed if she was malaysian #
  • 19:10 @iansomerhalder omg you should work on the wildlife channel :D <3 this vid so much. #
  • 19:11 I liked a @YouTube video Leatherback baby cruising to #
  • 19:21 @JP_underground guess I'm the odd one out against these protesters since I have no major prob with Jdramas and genuinely like Kdramas -_- #
  • 19:27 JFC, guess I'm the odd one out against these protesters since I have no major prob with Jdramas and genuinely like Kdramas -_- #
  • 19:32 I don't hate Jdramas because I've never sat down to watch any from start to finish. What little I have see… (cont) #
  • 19:37 RT @concertweirdos: Screaming at your screen when you finally see tour dates listed. #concertweirdos #
  • 21:08 @iansomerhalder hello Ian :D #
  • 21:28 #trueblood Sookie's dream conveniently consists of those two vamps in her love life #
  • 22:02 #trueblood Jesus you're my hero xD How awesome was he by helping Mavis? #
  • 22:03 #trueblood Tommy trying to make amends for his mistakes he made to Sam :/ he got whooped by the wolves though #
  • 22:09 #trueblood Kapow!! Take that haters. Sookie made a very valid point about the double standard between triangl… (cont) #
  • 22:11 Writer's Block: Scary movie #
  • 22:11 Writer's Block: Scary movie #
  • 22:39 Happy birthday Richard Armitage :) #
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  • 09:01 @YoshikiOfficial man I'd love to be Xed again \m/ #wearex #
  • 09:10 Tragically unfunny how a Chinese person will claim they are only joking to you when they sounded like they were putting you down so harshly #
  • 09:16 @vash_chan ... well it might be said for any Asian I guess. Fab to more cultural clashing )': #
  • 09:17 @29rain - Oppa this is just so wrong but so funny hahahahaha. Sailor Bi will punish you in the name of the moon #
  • 11:06 Nong Shim Onion Rings nom nom #
  • 11:12 @RJRoldan I've done that before too D: So not cool but like you say you still manage to clean yourself hehe #
  • 12:42 Wow so the original damage from last Mon evening in work area was worse than I thought #
  • 14:16 I was going to buy a cd from Oxfam but that specifc shop had been completely destroyed by those filthy SOBs #
  • 14:26 @therealgokwan interested to see how your costume looked Gok ;D #
  • 14:44 Tou-san said he thinks the China mens doubles team are quite good looking. They're tall and slim, not too buff. Yes I kind of agree too #
  • 14:45 Even the Korean badminton players... those guys aren't too shabby either. I do watch players for their skills of course - duh #
  • 14:47 @o2sbe omg Rock Of Ages, count me in :) I was just thinking of buying tickets to see that musical #
  • 15:09 dyedgreyillusion: This was how I felt after watching the BWF World Championship men’s singles finals... #
  • 15:50 @AmberrMerry done!! #
  • 15:54 Signed supervisor's bye bye card today. Wonder what her mgr will buy her. Maybe nice, cheap jewellery from primark #
  • 15:55 @the_overtones haven't seen it yet. Heard tom felton is in it so that might tempt me even more. #
  • 20:17 @the_overtones no fair *pouts* if it was on a music channel I probably missed it. I can wait though. It's okay xD #
  • 21:05 Halfway through latest ep of #trueblood I was hoping they'd include the E/S shower scene from Dead To The World but instead there's snow!? #
  • 21:40 #trueblood oh dear methinks Debbie will really die. But will it be by Eric like in the books? #
  • 21:41 #trueblood Eric is spellbound oh noes. #
  • 21:41 #trueblood oh fack so the father of Luna's daughter is Marcus?! #
  • 21:42 @the_overtones just watched latest episode of True Blood but the new series hasn't started in the UK yet #
  • 21:49 #trueblood Eric - My Liege. Sookie - My... Bill. Eric's face says it all ^_^;; #
  • 21:51 omg @gackt 's 'villain' look in The Tempest has me in lolz and curiosity. Why did it have to be a Chinese looking character though? Hmm... #
  • 21:55 @gogomomokoko I've heard Gackt's voice acting for games and Anime. Hehehe he's not too bad. #
  • 21:57 RT @concertweirdos: RT this if you ever been to a sold out show. #concertweirdos #
  • 21:58 RT @concertweirdos: Wanting to do the night all over again even though you feel like you're about to collapse. #concertweirdos #
  • 23:00 @ConcertWeirdos i only got hugged once so far but it was really nice haha :) #
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Probably Coffee Prince. I'd like to be a friend of the main Coffee Prince gang who goes to the cafe regularly to self-reflect.

Another option would be True Blood, playing a dhampir or some wise woman who doesn't side with anyone and just observes the supernatural world on the sidelines, helping out when there's trouble.
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  • 08:07 Must be embarrassing for those who sleep on the train and don't realise they are snoring very loudly o.o #
  • 08:56 @YoshikiOfficial have fun at #sdcc Yoshiki :) #
  • 09:27 The Secret Circle book suddenly got interesting again. I've still got a long way to read in bk 3 #
  • 10:32 @Mattdavelewis wow is the rain that bad over there? O.o hearing that reassures me british weather isn't all that bad #
  • 10:36 Was just informed about a discount for a ticket to an event. That's nice if the person told me earlier and before i bought the tix myself #
  • 10:38 What's even more irritating is that he can't remember us telling about the event a few wks ago. He didn't care and now suddenly he does. #
  • 10:44 Nii-san got another twitter. He's always been a liar and i bet he was kigurumi'ng while we were away. He even said he had no fb - also a lie #
  • 10:59 @DarrenCriss oh you're such a geek aren't you? ;) #
  • 11:00 Coming out to your friends and family is one thing but why are people so embarrassed to admit they're on social network sites? #dontgetit #
  • 11:05 SOB at work better not work too fast. Starting to hate sharing my work more and more each day. I need to drag it out till tomorrow #
  • 11:11 How can you trust your 'friends' and family when they have been lying to your face all along? #
  • 11:21 @vash_chan actually I kind of understand now. One doesn't want friends and family to know what they're writing (well then lock account) #
  • 12:09 @HYPERJAPANevent okay thanks ^^ #
  • 12:23 @russelltovey having a good shit is therapeutic though ;P #
  • 12:27 @AnimePicks the food and seeing wakeshima kanon perform some songs #
  • 13:06 @kylieminogue My fav album from the #kylieboxset is Aphrodite because it has so many upbeat pop songs that make me happy and carefree #
  • 16:01 Didn't win any tickets on iTunesFestival again this year in the end. Oh well :/ #
  • 16:10 Think my grammar is failing me. But was meant to say didn't win iTunesFestival tix again, just like last year #
  • 19:37 @YoshikiOfficial good luck Yoshiki :D #
  • 19:59 Photo: #
  • 20:05 Video: fuckyeahyoshikihayashi: This was the song that introduced me to The Trax. Both this and the Japanese... #
  • 20:06 Photo: a-pinkspider: I want this plushie so bad. Yoshikitty *_* #
  • 20:32 #trueblood oh wow didn't think they'd add in the Bellefleur and Compton family connection. #
  • 20:32 #trueblood laughed so hard when Marnie told everyone to stop saying fuck because she couldn't concentrate #
  • 20:34 Photoset: Mmmmmmm #
  • 20:46 @officialkeith cars? #
  • 21:22 @the_overtones raining like hell over here this week. Hopefully it'll improve by the weekend or Monday #
  • 21:29 Wow recently noticed a few Gakuto fans are selling their London tickets. Is it the price or simply down to other commitments? Or both? o_O #
  • 21:32 #NowPlaying Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan @nightwishband (live) omg T_T #
  • 21:33 I forget how wonderful @tarjaofficial sounds when she sings Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan . I'm an old *and* new NW fan BTW so #nohating please #
  • 21:57 Dammit if Gackt sings Vanilla in London I'm going to cry. All the seating tix have sold out on HMV. Only standing. Damn #
  • 22:08 @YoshikiOfficial - You're looking great <3 #
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Things I have noticed on season 4 so far and question the writers...
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  • 02:00 Tweets for Today #
  • 10:03 @mcmexpo being human, true blood, the vampire diaries, ashes to ashes, life on mars, prison break, heroes, buffy, angel and supernatural #
  • 10:07 @Selfridges thanks for arranging @the_overtones signing session. Was my first time meeting the guys and have now become a bigger fan of them #
  • 10:09 So far only watched the first 7 mins of new #trueblood ep but lolz at eric calling sookie "snookie" i thought that joke would never be used #
  • 10:18 #trueblood sorry should be *snooki in my last tweet -_- #oops #
  • 11:21 Life could be a dream, life could be a dream. Do, do, do, do, sh-boom #
  • 11:26 wonder when the new computers will arrive at work today. That reminds me I need a new laptop soon :/ #
  • 11:30 Certain individuals really need to stfu about 'fandoms' they barely know about. FYI, family I do NOT go to gigs every day ffs. How rude. #
  • 12:42 @JonBoydon welcome back mr boydon. We've missed you :) #
  • 12:44 @gigsandtours the true blood opening theme :) #
  • 12:46 Pc seems to be close to completion. I am relaxing a little while the tech guys do they need to do. Got a new mouse and keyboard only #
  • 13:39 Taking a breather from my japanese rock/metal binge to feed on my new fondness for @the_overtones. That @selfridges signing was so cool :) #
  • 14:41 OK new keyboard and mouse are good but I have to adjust software I normally use for work. Boo #
  • 15:04 New PC has sound. Yay o/ #
  • 18:20 @iharryshum jealous you're heading down under ;) been meaning to go back myself and explore the country. Have fun #
  • 18:24 Starting to get nauseous on the way home. The hunger near end of the day has given me a side effect. Had a sugary snack to calm my shaking #
  • 18:26 Typically the line i use has been delayed and now i have had to resort to a painful but quicker route home from king's cross again #
  • 19:30 @gogomomokoko awesome :D how many weeks are you going there? #
  • 19:42 @gogomomokoko ah poo that is short. Does that mean you're not going anywhere else then like Singapore? Or elsewhere? #
  • 20:06 I liked a @YouTube video Lady Gaga - Australia - A Current Affair - ACA #
  • 20:13 I liked a @YouTube video ♫♫♫ Lady Gaga ♥ SMAP SPECIAL LIVE ♫♫♫ #
  • 20:18 @mKiK808 you are just stunning when you dance with @ladygaga This performance and the Australia one you linked to were gorgeous. I cried!! #
  • 20:19 #iloveaboy who can dance ballroom style and not hold back on his grace #
  • 20:20 #iloveaboy who can write songs or poetry that means something. Or even compose songs that speak to the heart #
  • 20:22 @mKiK808 Mark, I kinda wish I was in your arms like @ladygaga during Edge Of Glory lol. Sorry for the silly fangirl moment there ;D #
  • 20:37 Got a spam tweet about how to get someone famous to follow me. Well that person already follows me so uh... what's the point? #
  • 21:49 @ladygaga When you sing Edge Of Glory with just the piano, it can make me very tearful. The lyrics reach out to the listener more deeply #
  • 21:53 @the_overtones I like your tweets about food :) #
  • 21:59 @the_overtones lmao ok who thought of that? #
  • 22:07 @the_overtones alors vous parlez français maintenant?! ;) #
  • 22:07 @the_overtones I'd totally buy that perfume hohohoho #
  • 23:43 Eastern european neighbours have once again made a crack in our ceiling. Always happens when they're bathing. #
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  • 05:29 @robert_knepper stage talk at @showmasters ' London Film Comic Con [9th July 2011] #
  • 05:30 2nd pic of Robert Knepper - #
  • 05:31 @adamlambert I haven't seen the latest ep yet. If you used the hashtag, it must've been good ^_^;; #
  • 08:52 RT @concertweirdos: Going to concerts and thinking "If only I was a tall mofo." #concertweirdos #
  • 08:57 RT @concertweirdos: Screaming so loud, you feel like you've ripped something in your throat. #concertweirdos #sugg #
  • 09:01 RT @concertweirdos: When concerts totally screw up your eating habits and sleeping cycles... #concertweirdos #
  • 10:13 @hmvtweets ah okay thank you. I suspect it will be busy so i don't mind just a signed cd but i'll bring a glossy photo if there's time #
  • 10:16 @gigsandtours the edge of seventeen - stevie nicks #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk on Sunday 10th July #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters stage talk on Sunday at #lfcc 2011 #
  • 15:00 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk #
  • 16:49 There isn't much of a queue for @the_overtones right now. Ooookay #
  • 16:58 Holy eff i just saw a leading jersey boy in hmv selfridges with his girlfriend. I am sure of it O_O omg this only happens to me in central #
  • 17:02 @_josephmorgan was that pun intentional? ~_^ #
  • 17:16 Queue is forming. There are meant to be wristbands for the @the_overtones signing if u bought the album from selfridges wth?! Hope it's okay #
  • 17:22 Toners are doo_wopping to @the_overtones in selfridges. Can't join in since i haven't learnt the lyrics properly for most of the songs hehe #
  • 17:25 Been drifting to sleep on the way to bond street. Not cool. Gotta wake up :/ #
  • 18:29 Zomg i gave most of @the_overtones a happy kiss on the cheek #
  • 18:34 Got so excited i nearly toppled down the stairs lol #
  • 18:35 This signing makes up for my uh lfcc blunder for sure #
  • 18:39 Okay excuse the fangirl moment but @the_overtones are really handsome gents and so polite. I wanted to cry but was too tired #
  • 18:42 @alkapranos dude what made you think that? #
  • 18:42 Lachie was funny lol!!!! #
  • 18:43 Timmy was so cute and mark was sweet. Darren was polite and mike was chatty :) #
  • 19:44 Well with that signing done gotta go back to work as normal. Boooooooo #
  • 19:49 @the_overtones thanks for the signing at selfridges. Pleasure meeting you guys for the first time. I was the chinese girl near the front #
  • 21:08 @the_overtones thanks for stopping by at @selfridges Hope to see you again soon for another signing or a concert :) #
  • 21:48 @the_overtones yeah same to you guys. Safe journey home :) #
  • 22:08 Photo: anightingaleinberkeley: A lovely photo for sure :) #
  • 22:54 @_josephmorgan sweet. Thanks for the link :) #
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I was born in the year of the pig. Some pig characteristics do match my own. I was reading this page for details. I am easily taken advantage of (oh god been there, done that. Not nice) so the chances of compulsion by Damon Salvatore or glamour by True Blood vamps are likely to happen to me XD!!!! As I was born a Water Pig I am trustworthy to a fault. Yeah that's a real flaw for me.

  • 03:01:19: From Twitter 09-22-2010
  • 12:14:49: #ihatewhenpeople (obese ones I can excuse) take up all the space with their arms while sitting on the train or bus.
  • 12:16:27: #ihatewhenpeople put their feet up on seats in a bus, train or in the cinema <-- esp near your head >_>
  • 12:19:16: @JYEFRASCA are you watching season 2 or season 3?
  • 12:28:38: @JYEFRASCA the season 3 finale was totally nuts. Hope you enjoy(ed?) it =)
  • 13:54:39: I watched first few mins of Nikita... dammit I'm getting interested. This is so wrong. Maybe I might lighten up towards Maggie Q
  • 13:54:53: Kaa-san wants to watch it but she'd prefer to wait till Oct
  • 14:03:59: Current autumn dramas list - SPN, TVD, Glee, Nikita. Others - SCD, DWTS. I haven't even finished ...
  • 14:05:30: TVD and SPN are musts for me because it's often left at suspense after 40 mins and I want to keep o...
  • 18:23:55: @AlexdWong that technique does work sometimes. I tried it myself when my aunt suggested it. Hope you feel better soon
  • 18:29:32: - @jared_murillo @artemchigvintse @robinwindsor intros and group dance on SCD s8 launch show
  • 18:36:40: @jared_murillo well if the gash isn't deep then you're fine :) I chipped my two front teeth by my m...
  • 18:53:08: I liked a YouTube video -- Dancing by the Pros - DWTS Season 11 Week 1
  • 19:50:57: Dear Eastern European 'neighbours' upstairs, bickering in the middle of the night and having kids run noisily back and forth = no no >.>
  • 21:33:44: I liked a YouTube video -- Adam and Tommy Fever Kisses - The Collector's Edition

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  • 03:01:16: From Twitter 09-13-2010
  • 07:11:42: RT @brandonrofl: Hating on Taylor Swift is like hating on an apple. There's no point, and it makes you look mentally insane.
  • 07:14:41: @ladygaga UK showed VMAs last night - prob cut a lot out too. I almost wanted to cry like you when you accepted your awards T_T
  • 07:19:02: @ladygaga I'd be starstruck if Cher was willing to hold my purse too while I made a quick speech lol. Congrats for winning so many awards!!
  • 12:30:23: @SimonAdkins plus she really cried too.
  • 12:47:48: @gogomomokoko An hour isn't enough either. Goes too quickly :'(
  • 12:49:06: Wow so @adamlambert is really sold out on his UK shows?! It's going to be a riot each night. I'll try to stay away from the rabid fans
  • 13:13:14: Last Sun when I was in Wing-Yip two girls from a talent agency were trying to get attention of Chinese customers but none were interested...
  • 13:13:54: ... so what does this tell us? Are we Chinese very self-conscious when it comes to acting, esp in 'gwei-lo' series or films?
  • 13:15:21: Trust me I'd apply to the talent agency if I had some talent but as I don't I didn't bother putting my name down. If I was famous enough...
  • 13:15:48: ... I'd go on Strictly or DWTS :P
  • 14:14:14: @itv2 I'd love the coffee mug as I already have the season 1 box set *_*
  • 14:15:17: Shimatta I knew I forgot something while in Central London. Forgot to buy a bottle of the Tru Blood drink -.-
  • 14:30:51: Was this delicious then? ;) (@adamlambert)
  • 14:36:31: RT @bbcnews: What does Gaga's meat dress mean?
  • 14:58:31: A girl asked me how long have I been a Kerry Ellis fan for and I said I was quite new. A face of horror ensued but I had to clarify...
  • 14:59:22: I've never actually seen her in anything - only Chess In Concert show with Adam Pascal, @joshgroban and @idinamenzel but I knew who she was
  • 15:00:16: A voice like that can't be missed. I can see why she was Elphaba. I started with Idina but Kerry was wow when I listened to her singing
  • 15:20:54: uh why was I given a recorded message about @wtofficial 's change of venue so late? I already knew about this many weeks ago
  • 15:21:16: "Unknown" number it said. I thought it might mean job interview or something.
  • 18:16:45: @kylieminogue #kylieathome at home we need new cushions for the living room as the old ones are wearing out very quickly
  • 18:21:16: Imagine seeing @preciousweapons headlining gig before @ladygaga on the follow thurs/fri. Wow you'd be so tired right?
  • 18:33:16: @KerryEllisWeb ah she's such a bubbly woman. Rock on Kerry :)
  • 19:29:29: #NowPlaying Walking With Strangers - @tbmassacre
  • 19:50:03: Kerry Ellis at HMV signing - 13 Sept 2010
  • 20:23:58: I liked a YouTube video -- Muse Bliss live at Wembley Stadium London 11th September 20...
  • 20:24:14: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Muse Bliss live at Wembley Stadium London 11th Sept...
  • 21:34:05: #trueblood truth is out on Bill finally. Ouch Sookie sorry :/ Obviously you can't get rid of Eric that easily. Russell will be back surely
  • 21:34:54: #trueblood laughed when Eric was noticing Alcide and Bill 'eyefucking' xD Eric sir you know your slash when you randomly spot it
  • 21:35:25: #trueblood so the last scene between queen and vampire bill = vampy matrix or what?
  • 21:36:06: #trueblood aww Jason being nice but having to be away from Crystal. She has to come back later on o_O
  • 21:38:04: @MaksimC it's got a funky sound :)

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  • 03:01:14: From Twitter 09-04-2010
  • 08:23:56: FFS telling me i shake my hand when i use camera or camcorder is not my fault. Idiot u try recording something with pins and needles
  • 08:59:32: #NowPlaying Red Soil - @direngrey
  • 09:45:34: Oh wow you want funeral songs?! I can give you plenty. No excuse with Forever Love by @xjapanofficial
  • 09:49:58: My fav Jrock band are rock yes but there's something called power ballads or rock ballads, cynic *head meets desk*
  • 13:37:17: Confession - Katy Perry's 1st album didn't wow me and I was all -___- while listening. Her 2nd album HOWEVER... it's not too shabby
  • 13:44:17: Is she trying to add more rnb and hip hop in her songs though?
  • 13:59:22: I liked a YouTube video -- Muraki Kazutaka - Lestat's Recitative
  • 14:11:45: I liked a YouTube video -- Muraki's Deathly Lullaby
  • 14:54:10: TB 3.11 Fresh Blood
  • 15:51:15: @ErnestoRiley he could either use a blog or perhaps cash in on a biography...
  • 16:17:54: I'm trying to decide whether to do any OT tomorrow even with the tube strike starting. Or whether to just go early asap to avoid probs
  • 16:40:27: I liked a YouTube video -- Lady Gaga singing Just Dance at Wembley on 4th July 2009
  • 19:04:20: A time machine would be very useful right about now...
  • 19:06:47: I like this video by @mishacollins
  • 19:19:38: - @mishacollins Hahahaha you had me there xD I thought you meant real fans - as in people lmao
  • 19:29:20: Well I'm inspired to start my own butler cafe after reading this - too bad UK lacks appreciation in such art
  • 19:30:08: RT @TrueBloodHBO: "I'm sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, all right? But honestly, who here hasn't?" #truebloodquotes #trueblood
  • 19:32:19: so the person typically didn't want Forever Love as a funeral track (cultural clash) but went with @joshgroban 's YRMU which I like but...
  • 19:32:40: ... it's been used to death in many things. It's been sung to death in many languages. Though Josh's version is my personal favourite
  • 19:44:49: Host Club Hustle - Japan - the world outside / outside the world - WorldNomads Adventures via @AddThis
  • 20:10:55: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Host Club, Japan - BBC Documentary English Sub.
  • 20:17:45: I liked a YouTube video -- Host Corner #1 - Japanese Host Culture Highlights
  • 21:00:01: I didn't even know a @direngrey FB group existed for fans who saw them in London and noticed the band's van got a parking ticket ^_^;;
  • 21:02:22: ... for they parked on a double yellow line. Oops.
  • 21:04:36: @pineappledance it is a rather good vid :)
  • 21:05:55: Do not want to go to work tomorrow. Not just 'cos of the strike but because I always dread walking into the office.
  • 21:06:47: I was going to apply for jobs in a studio but then I got distracted by the classes offered. Now I'm stupidly tempted to do those instead

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