Still have a small torch for Tom Hiddleston lurking amidst my K and J-music fangirling. I tried so hard to get a good view of him IRL at the Apple Regent Street Store event where he was doing a talk on Thor The Dark World because I couldn't reserve a ticket on the Apple site. SMH. The demand was so high even Apple site died when I tried to book.

I also had terrible luck with the red carpet event for Thor The Dark World on 22nd October. I had an appointment with the Job Centre in the afternoon and once that was done I headed straight to Leicester Square. I arrived at around 3pm and sadly couldn't get a queuing number written on my hand to secure a space near the front barriers which provided top viewing of the red carpet. I was at the back of the queue and had a shit view of the Odeon Leicester Square entrance.

People had managed to get numbers written on their hands because they had arrived so much earlier than me, maybe as far as camping in the early morning. The red carpet spread itself outside Burger King, Pizza Hut, the Empire cinema and Empire Casino. I could barely get any real life view of the cast and had to rely on the huge screen set up. Thor The Dark World is the third red carpet event I've attended. The first two were Anna Karenina and Iron Man 3 but Anna Karenina was nowhere near as popular as Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 so getting pictures of the cast themselves was easier because there weren't as many people at the the red carpet. Sure you had big name stars but it wasn't on the same level of crazy demand as The Avengers.

some hiddles photos and much more )
K-Con is a rather new American Hallyu convention that started last year and it'll take place in Los Angeles near the end of August. NGL but I was tempted to buy a plane ticket and book accommodation for this. I don't know half the lineup except for...EXO and...G-Dragon TT Now I realise the tickets have completely sold out which sucks. Doubt I could even get a press pass at all anyway. My money is non-existent right now. I don't think a week in LA will be affordable since I want to go to Asia for a gig...which will never happen in a hurry.

To make my fangirl heart even more painful, Yoshiki will be doing a small Q+A at The Grammy Museum on Bank Holiday Monday and perform a few songs. He's promoting his upcoming classical album which is generally a compilation of Eternal Melody 1 and 2 with a few extra new tracks like the Golden Globes Theme.

I've had to miss out on so many potentially good concerts overseas. It pisses me off. I wanted to go see G-Dragon in either Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong but I had to save up for other things. I wanted to see B.A.P too but I can't because I'm working. Their rescheduled Live on Earth in Singapore gig is happening next Thursday. I'm going to cry right now. Missing out on GD's World Tour, B.A.P's tour and most likely Bigbang's Singapore Grand Prix concert...I have the worst luck in fangirling.
Referring to EXO's comeback show on 30th May and lots of fans were turned away. Omona reported it. Original source is from a Onehallyu forum. Link to the specific thread is at the end of that post. It's incredibly long. Turns out it wasn't just non-Korean fans that got the boot (non-Korean meaning other Asians and Westerners), even a few Koreans were told to go.

Excited but rowdy fans and crappy organisation seem to be the blame here. Plus one member of staff saying something about international fans that got the fandom mad. Although it seemed he was mad because of previous fan behaviour from previous shows which included ignoring certain rules of recording footage. So it must've clung into his head that a large number of international fans are like that.

it reminded me of something )

Boo boo

May. 25th, 2013 12:04 am
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I spotted this competition on MTV Asia where VIPs could win tickets to GD's gigs in KL and Singapore. Wow imagine that. Obviously they only restricted it to local residents so that definitely bars me out. But if I was living in those countries then I'd jump at the chance to enter. I barely win these big prizes and the last time I won gig tickets I had to bail in the last minute which sucked.

Now I'm going to stare at YG and other Hallyu ebay stores...and weep over the pretty merchandise for many bands I like. Masochistic behaviour in play here.
Tried to reply to's blog post on the top 10 recommended Korean restaurants in London but the authorisation for some of the open ID sites wouldn't let me sign in properly. So I thought I'd do a quickie post here instead.

Korean restaurants I have been to in London that were mentioned in that chart

food talk yay )
Still unemployed since getting the boot seven weeks ago. I'm waiting for feedback on internships and job applications. They have late deadlines which might be good if you want to take your time writing good answers but it's painful to wait when you want to do something ASAP and get out of Job Seekers Allowance. Honestly, does the government think reducing the benefits or cutting the amount for lazy Brits and migrants is going to be any help for those who are genuinely looking for work and not family folk? My country is poor and it shows but I hate the snotty rich people who come here from overseas like they own everyone.

Well my job advisor can see what I'm doing since I've registered on Universal Jobmatch. I'm not lying on the job hunting but it is utterly depressing. I have to do approximately 12 applications in a week. WTFH? I really don't want to fly away since I can't fend for myself whatsoever. Though it might be the last option. Or go for another course to build up my skills - a subject I dislike in particular.

Anyway I was tempted to apply as a volunteer at Hyper Japan 2013 in July but then it might affect my so-called schedule to meet any famous people who have been invited as guests. You never know if it is someone you like. I went crazy with the 3 day pass last November. I did a lot of geeky stuff and met a Jrock band I had never heard of and became a fan after seeing them perform live. Conventions hadn't been on my mind since I crash landed into the arms world of Big Bang and so far LFCC hasn't gotten any guests I actually know very well aside from Sarah Wayne Callies who I remember best in Prison Break.

Been catching up on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji season 1 and nearly done with that finally before moving onto season 2 which I hear is not very good though I'll persevere in order to see who the new characters are. Still fuming over how I didn't buy a Ciel plushie at Hyper Japan or Collectormania London last year. My Sebastian plushie needs a Ciel...or a Grell haha.

If Showmasters got a Vampire Diaries guest at their forthcoming conventions and I happen to know him/her it'll be a risk to meet that person because I'm behind on TVD in general. I stopped watching hte series after the mid-season break finished but that might've been a mistake since I apparently missed out on a lot of stuff and with the arrival of the Originals spin off I have a lot to catch up on.
I got inspired by this fandom post on Asian Junkie and another post discussing International and Korean fans in Kpop fandom. Even the UnitedKpop post on race got my brain buzzing.

As someone who used to be a regular contributor in many kinds of fandoms ranging from Rurouni Kenshin, Heroes to Jrock music fangirling and a lot more in the days (yes I used to be a rabid fangirl who did those bad things like bashing characters and regretted it), I have recently developed an understanding as to why a large number of native Asians tend to be...selfish and not always wanting to share their fandom culture. Mainly because it's started to happen to me as I get older. I think this is a bad sign.

Read more... )
Two things which I did on Friday:

* Woke up early to get a Josh Groban ticket before 9am sale. He's coming to the O2 Arena London in June. Can't believe I splashed some cash on gigs again. I've seen him live before but not with the full orchestra. Just acoustically.

* Went to St Pancras International to catch Kerry Ellis and Brian May opening the special charity event for Tiger Tracks. Said organisation want to raise awareness of tigers who are in danger of extinction for various reasons. I haven't been tracking Kerry's concerts lately because I've been a bit down and last time I was meant to go see her I had to sell my ticket due to my Malaysia holiday back in 2011. This acoustic set in St Pancras was better than nothing. I've never been upstairs at the Grand Terrace as much so it was interesting to see how the stage would be set up. It's where the London Midland train platforms are but also where you can see some posh bars.

I started standing around the Grand Terrace at 5:30pm after a lot of hanging around the shops and having a cup of tea in a cafe. I had arrived too early as I went to Ealing to pick up a library book and have a quick lunch before going to Kings Cross.
some pics )
Ever since GD came back to London to do a little shopping and then headed to Paris for fashion shows it made me curious to see which shops he went to. I probably wouldn't be as welcome with my average appearance and don't flash the likes of Chanel or LV on my bag and clothes. Maybe it might be like in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts is in her normal outfit and she walks into a clothes shop with the staff all looking at her weirdly.

Anyway I've been to Year Zero London and my visit lasted 15 mins approximately. It's a small shop and the French employee explained everything was on sale. It was quite cheapish overall that day but I think in general the items you see in there are very expensive. None of the stuff suits me. I think my parents would be mightily pissed off if I splashed some cash on the weird, alternative clothing or anything Gothic. Some of the accessories in Year Zero are very G-Dragon which makes me laugh. I could see him wear the obscure bling.

I haven't been to Dover Street Market yet but maybe when I'm free during the weekend I will go take a peek. I managed to find Boy London clothes in Selfridges, mainly in the mens' streetwear section (Selfridges' Boy London ladies clothing is only available online). They had the caps, beanie hats, t-shirts and jumpers. I was just admiring how simple the t-shirts looked but still rather annoyed with how they're worth £50+. Will probably check out Sick Store as well since that's the main Boy London store but the prices are the same. I also browsed the Givenchy rack on the same floor. The blazers and coats were funky. I just pictured G-Dragon standing in front of me wearing one of the jackets and looking incredibly fuckable so cool.

A VIP managed to get her Givenchy bag signed by GD when she saw him at Dover Street. The only Givenchy item I have is a very simple cosmetics case from Singapore Airlines. I didn't even know it was Givenchy until I looked at it more carefully. Even if I did have it on me I doubt GD would sign it because it looks so cheap ^_^;;

Well there's a DIY post on how to get the Kpop military style through UK stores. Why do the rare kinds of clothing have to be pricey? It sucks.
I remembered there were cardboard cutouts of various Kpop bands at this event in 2011. Including...



I wasn't a fan at the time but I was tempted to get a photo with this because it looked so nice. They also had SNSD, 2NE1 and I think SHINee so if you're a fan of those bands you're in heaven. Should've just asked someone else to take the BB photo for me since the people attending this event with me weren't good with cameras. I hope the cardboard cutouts make a comeback this year. Not sure if they were there last year though but this time...I need to get a picture with the BB ones!!!!

Other photos:-


Clip of hip hop dancer


Videos of traditional Korean song and music 1 + 2

OMG I just realised this photo was of GD&TOP. Oh why do I torture myself?! They were showing Kpop videos on the big screen and so many fans were screaming which people didn't get whatsoever shuffle along plz. But looking back at that pic I think it was High High from the BB big live 2011 show.


I didn't watch the live stream since my connection wasn't working properly...and I was having a crap day so that didn't make the situation any better. Thankfully fans managed to upload the performances I wanted to catch so yay Big Bang. I'll try to find the Super Junior one later on.

Glee, if you ever want to do an epic mashup please learn from Big Bang :P I liked the Gangnam and Fantastic Baby mashup quite a lot. I mean, ehhhhhh sexay lady followed by boom shakalaka is hilarious. BB are getting their Gangnam on hoho. I think it would've been cooler if Psy did show up.

Why has GD got so many tattoos suddenly? o_O But I liked his new hair colour of the week *strokes his hair* and his Yves Saint Laurent suit that he showed on his Instagram was nom. I tweeted to him saying his hair colour reminded me of hide from X Japan hehe. OMG imagine if he did dye his top hair pink then left the rest black in the same way hide did.

Liked the little One Of A Kind and Crayon performance which then lead into Fantastic Baby. Boom first thing is getting hit by Seungri's hotness. Roar. Daesung's light green hair shocked me to begin with but then it warmed up to me. He reminds me of a character from a game or an Anime. I can't pinpoint who though which is going to bug me for the rest of the week. TOP was fooking hot in black from top to bottom. Why?!?!?!?!? GD, Daesung and Taeyang went on bling overload too. I couldn't bear so much sparkling ^_^;;

I watched an episode of Catherine where BB were the guests (Ari-chan's board game was clever, it shows you their personalities :D) and they went on a scary Japanese rollercoaster ride and visited a haunted house. I've never been to a haunted house however I've been to London Dungeon and The London Bridge Experience. If Daesung gave me those faces at the London Bridge Experience it wouldn't surprise me. I imagine he'd grip onto someone like he did at this haunted house. Maybe that could be another challenge for Big Bang. Next time they visit London, go to London Dungeon or The London Bridge Experience. I found the latter far scarier. I really did come close to having a heart attack and I screamed far too much for my liking.

I was a complete idiot and had to hold onto my cousin at the beginning because I was terrified. Near the end of the 'journey' you have to hold onto the person in front's shoulder and not let go. Sadly my trousers got stuck so our line got split. That day was raining and it made me klutzy, even inside the building. Come to think of it, The London Bridge Experience might be tame for Big Bang's liking. Although wouldn't it be nice to go there with the guys? ^_^;; I might build an immune system up since my visit there and have a rough idea on when the monsters come out though the staff could change things around which would make it worse. I'm a bit like Daesung and GD, I don't like rollercoasters and haunted houses.

Moar BB

Dec. 26th, 2012 03:38 pm
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When Hwangssabu, the dancers and the band came out of the arrivals lounge. This was the view I got when I was at terminal 1.

Soundcheck from Friday 14th December. Damn I really wanted to go to this (curse the fact those passes were free on the day D:). I could've snapped some photos or recorded a few videos T^T Haha Panda got the birthday song though.

I did the stupid thing on 13th December 2012 and went to Heathrow Terminal 1 to try to catch Big Bang at the arrivals lounge - a day before their first ever London gig. It was a last minute thought and thankfully not many people were working in the office so I managed to sneak in a quick lunch break and left work to go on a Heathrow Connect train (sadly I had to pay extra as my travelcard didn't cover this zone. Poo). Throughout the day at work I was tracking BB's flight for fun to see whereabouts they were in the world hehe.

yeah the whole thing did not go well )

Aside from that would-be opportunity for a crazy fangirl experience, their London gigs made up for it so all is good.
I realise I should go out more...if not travel overseas (blame my miserable youth for making me a total pussy :/). I can't remember all the places in London as I don't go out to the main city as much. Except when I'm heading to gigs or musicals or doing shopping in the department stores.

When my Biu Mui came over to visit for a month we went to so many museums, churches and towers around London and some of them I've never been to before because I just didn't think about them (and the fact nobody in my family is remotely interested in travelling around in London with me. We argue too much). She knew more than I did. What does that tell you about my own mentality?

That London Pass was well worth the money though. Saved me money with the weekly travelcard provided. Plus I lost a bit of weight. Though I think I may have gained it all back from starting back at my previous company.

Gdansk photos

Oct. 16th, 2012 04:27 pm
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Some photos from my Gdansk trip back in August.


city at sunset

by the sea

some pretty flowers outside a cafe / zoom up

view of the town through an arch

First Chinese restaurant I saw in Glowny I definitely think the owner is Chinese. It just gives you that feeling when you look at the outside. I saw a BMW and Mercedes parked close by too.

Old town view from the tower

Russian dumplings . They reminded me of Chinese dumplings XD

I didn't have the time to go see the new town part of Gdansk as I only had two days to walk around. I went to someone's wedding and we were just extras, hardly VIPs. It had nothing to do with us but my aunt thought since we're in London we could pop over on a domestic flight to say hello to her. My aunt's friend's daughter was getting married to a Polish guy and he was born in Gdansk and they wanted to hold a ceremony in the main church here.

Embarrassingly enough we were the only Asian tourists in this part of town for the first day and we stuck out so much it wasn't even funny. We got the weirdest looks from the older generation of Polish local people who were confused with the presence of a large number of middle-aged Malaysian Chinese buying lots of Amber jewellery. TBH I could barely walk around happily without getting so much WTF stares. They thought they were being subtle with their staring but I can normally catch glaring people.

Generally, Gdansk locals were polite. Not perfect in English but they could communicate if we spoke slowly. I think they're used to tourists since the recent Euro football tournament had a few matches in Poland so I imagine a lot of British football fans had paid a visit.
My entry for Blog For Japan competition

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I almost got a good view of the Olympic Torch in my area. People of different nationalities who seemed to have resided in this borough for many years came to take a look. I think it must've provided some conflict for the policemen trying to calm everyone down and make them go back to give the road more space. It's like nobody would listen because they were overexcited.

#london2012torchrelay A very quick glimpse of the Olympic Torch on Twitpic

Also found another metal geek genius. A Star Trek rock cover and it's so cool. I like his Avengers cover too :)

A visit to the Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden is really worth the money. I didn't want to leave Hogwarts (what, with the state of the economy and Muggles people who roam the streets to make innocent lives hell wouldn't you like to be in a magical world? ^_^;;). It's definitely for the geeks who know everything about HP or any casual fan like myself. You don't realise how much you appreciate the hard work the crew put in to make these films so magical. Brilliant to see some of the set with your own eyes and how special effects were made for certain scenes or characters.

I was panicking on the day because I took the slow Overground train from Euston to Watford Junction. Should've gotten on the early London Midland train when I had the chance as that's 20 mins to Watford Junction rather than 40 mins like on Overground. Something to remember next time I go back.

As soon as I got to Watford Junction I managed to catch the shuttle bus to the studio and it was a short journey to the main destination. Got to my tour just on time after getting my ticket, digital guide and official guide that came with the package. TBH the digital guide isn't really needed but it does have a few vids that might be of interest and Tom Felton narrates a few of the tour stops.

First room we went into was a 'cinema room'. There were posters of the films showing in a slide show followed by a short clip of how Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone got published and we moved to the main cinema area to watch another documentary which had the main trio explaining how the studio became their home over the 10 years of filming. Screen lifts up and we get a huge set of doors. Another guide comes over and when she opens the door she says Welcome To Hogwarts. Doors open and we get the Great Hall...followed by endless gasps of amazement.

Slytherin uniform and Slytherin table in Great Hall on Twitpic

The guide is only here up to this point. She's asking questions such as what is your favourite scene that took place in the Great Hall and explains about the costumes on display. As soon as you walk into the props area you're on your own for the rest of the tour. Your last stop will lead you into the Gift Shop. Would it surprise you that everything there is expensive? I was tempted to get a Slytherin robe but it cost £74. WTH?

I wanted to get a Quidditch photo but was in a rush to see everything else. It's a long queue and you have to pay for how many photos you want before you queue to get on a broom in front of a green screen. I'll consider this next time I go back.

You can get Butterbeer at a stall when you go outside to see Privet Drive and the Knight Bus. It's really sweet for my liking but do give it a try if you can. I was quite tired after an hour of walking around and taking endless photos so the Butterbeer helped me get my energy back.

Inevitable photo that every visitor to @wb_studiotour will ta... on Twitpic

Knight Bus :D @wb_studiotour  on Twitpic

For any Tom Riddle fans...

Tom Riddle's gravestone .  I never realised how much cro... on Twitpic

My favourite tour stop was Diagon Alley. You see all the shops next to each other. It was difficult to get decent photos because the visitors/tourists was so close together and posing away so I couldn't get clear shots of each detail.

For more of my pics you can see them here


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