I really did picture the Supernatural cast being goofy to the Harlem Shake craze and then Jared Padalecki links to the video on his Twitter xD

And here is a very drunk TOP. This drunk TOP trying to sing is hilarious. Honestly I'm not sure if I want to get him drunk if I ever met him for real. As long as I don't get drunk in the process too I guess. Oh and here is Choom TOP on UFO show. OMG.


Apr. 18th, 2011 12:26 pm
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Just checking in quickly f-list. Haven't got much time on this computer as it's a relative's. In Perak right now, dealing with the heat and irritating itchiness on my skin because of bites D:

I'm honestly missing my fav series right now. Will have to catch up on my dose of TVD, SPN and Breakout Kings when I am back in London. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not spending too much time on sites like Twitter or LJ because there would be very spoilery posts for sure.

Also, I'm hopefully going to see X Japan in LONDON in June omfg. I don't know if it had to do with the petition I made and linked to Yoshiki a few times or if X Japan's management thought to include my city as part of the European tour. Either way, it's step one to a big dream for me. The second step is meeting the band or Yoshiki himself. I find that very unlikely but I can only wish like crazy for that to happen.

D and Dir en grey are in London too but will be giving those a miss since my wallet is kinda dead *sad* and I did see Diru last year in the same venue they will be playing this August. Though I am still considering London Film Comic Con. Would just have to be careful with how I spend the money on autographs and photo sessions. Honestly there are only two guests I'd meet from the top of my head.
Apart from catch up on TVD, SPN and Glee, I'm trying to recycle a lot of old notebooks and invoices and I found an old writing journal.

Cue utter embarrassment and much oh bloody hell I can't believe I wrote these things moments -_-;; I had 6 writing journals apparently but I must have forgotten I binned the previous volumes many years ago ever since I got an account on LJ and started to rely on blogging more than the traditional writing in paper diaries.

So I thought I'd flick through volume 6 to see what I wrote. Most of it was based on what fanfic I read on the pit and how much I wrote for old fanfics. Those were the days. I once found a huge list of fanfic ideas that never surfaced because I had left fanfiction after 3-4 yrs of dedication to my dear characters. I am definitely cringing over the crack I had in mind for my muses but it wasn't anything near the cliches one fondly remembers hopefully. I did luv me Mako-chan xP

I had the entries clearly dated and my experience of what happened each day. Wow I was organised in the past - seemingly. Now, not as much D: Each day consisted on what books I bought from uni, when I submitted my coursework or needed to see my lecturers, what I ate for lunch, which episode of a tv series I watched (Anime or non-Anime) what jobs I applied for, which agencies rang me up and how long my chapters were.

Does anyone secretly miss those kinds of days where you had so much creativity in fandom in the past and just got up and went after many years of hard work? Oh ze shame ^_^;;

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Oct. 25th, 2010 12:03 pm
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Oct. 24th, 2010 12:03 pm
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  • Fri, 19:58: #spn ok seriously - Kristen?! And a bloke who clearly tries to be RPattz... oh dear... well it's only the beginning of the ep o_O
  • Fri, 20:07: #spn oh god his name is Robert and the acting is just so Twilight. I cringed so much. Just looked at the ep name and now it makes sense
  • Fri, 21:00: @ianwaite it was great to see you on the dancefloor again. Your Tangos are always amazing
  • Fri, 21:12: #scd #strictlycomedancing welcome back @tinaob Enjoyed you and @jared_murillo 's Charleston tonight
  • Fri, 21:13: Really enjoyed @ktointon and @artemchigvintse 's Charleston. Is it me or are they the dark horse team? The underdogs perhaps?!
  • Fri, 21:14: Ever since I saw a clip of @adamlambert 's performance on the Ozzie X Factor show it makes me wish he could appear on the UK version too
  • Fri, 22:09: @gogomomokoko whoa what?! Is there a pic anywhere? That's shocking. You can never tell who is natural blonde or brunette these days o_O
  • Fri, 22:10: @tvdfansonline what about book!Damon? xD Could you imagine him wearing that kind of gear? lmao
  • Fri, 23:00: #tvd #vampirediaries Matt noooooooooo. Oh Katherine you crazy, manipulative genius of a bitch. I wanted to hug every one who was suffering
  • Fri, 23:02: #tvd #vampirediaries I think the rifts Caroline had between her Mum and Bonnie were going so well for a while. Poor Caroline
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Oct. 20th, 2010 12:28 pm
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  • Mon, 16:12: Unsurprisingly my visit to the local job centre didn't last long. OMG you are working over 16 hrs you can't claim or register unemployed
  • Mon, 16:13: Clearly I was given the uh... what are you doing here tone. I'm not a banker but I do work... and I'm not an asylum seeker >.>
  • Mon, 16:15: Despite that little wtf visit at least I got my @apocalypticafi ticket. Just waiting for details on the Meet and Greet. I'm very nervous
  • Mon, 16:41: @ladygaga that's a very different take on the song and I'm not used to Semi Precious Weapons slowing it down. Nice job guys :)
  • Mon, 16:41: @ladygaga and thank you for linking the video :)
  • Mon, 16:43: @preciousweapons guys I was very surprised with how you did that cover. Slowing it down and making it acoustic - loved it :D
  • Mon, 16:43: I liked a YouTube video -- Dance In The Dark http://youtu.be/PWkWhpE8PHE?a
  • Mon, 16:54: @jared_murillo wow awesome to hear!!!!
  • Mon, 19:03: @Regaelao that was a fun cover. Thanks for the link
  • Mon, 19:04: New layout pic is done but Mana gets cut off completely on my screen. Might make the banner smaller if I am not lazy
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  • 03:01:19: From Twitter 09-22-2010 http://j.mp/ddg0Mo
  • 12:14:49: #ihatewhenpeople (obese ones I can excuse) take up all the space with their arms while sitting on the train or bus.
  • 12:16:27: #ihatewhenpeople put their feet up on seats in a bus, train or in the cinema <-- esp near your head >_>
  • 12:19:16: @JYEFRASCA are you watching season 2 or season 3?
  • 12:28:38: @JYEFRASCA the season 3 finale was totally nuts. Hope you enjoy(ed?) it =)
  • 13:54:39: I watched first few mins of Nikita... dammit I'm getting interested. This is so wrong. Maybe I might lighten up towards Maggie Q
  • 13:54:53: Kaa-san wants to watch it but she'd prefer to wait till Oct
  • 14:03:59: Current autumn dramas list - SPN, TVD, Glee, Nikita. Others - SCD, DWTS. I haven't even finished ... http://kvs.co/P1T
  • 14:05:30: TVD and SPN are musts for me because it's often left at suspense after 40 mins and I want to keep o... http://kvs.co/P21
  • 18:23:55: @AlexdWong that technique does work sometimes. I tried it myself when my aunt suggested it. Hope you feel better soon
  • 18:29:32: http://twitvid.com/N5SFH - @jared_murillo @artemchigvintse @robinwindsor intros and group dance on SCD s8 launch show
  • 18:36:40: @jared_murillo well if the gash isn't deep then you're fine :) I chipped my two front teeth by my m... http://kvs.co/PlD
  • 18:53:08: I liked a YouTube video -- Dancing by the Pros - DWTS Season 11 Week 1 http://youtu.be/Ov-gQd-Tn_k?a
  • 19:50:57: Dear Eastern European 'neighbours' upstairs, bickering in the middle of the night and having kids run noisily back and forth = no no >.>
  • 21:33:44: I liked a YouTube video -- Adam and Tommy Fever Kisses - The Collector's Edition http://youtu.be/-c444w23-10?a

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  • 07:51:02: @YoshikiOfficial woohoo finally an official fb pg :) I also 'liked' the official X Japan fan pg on the same website
  • 08:02:21: this ranting at work about workload is often therapeutic
  • 08:16:54: Wow Adam Lambert you surprise me more and more xD lucky girl... http://bit.ly/dCBGXx
  • 08:18:02: I meant lucky girl as in the fan who got one crazy moment with that guy. Sorry my last tweet may have been misintepreted by readers.
  • 09:08:33: #ff @bbcstrictly @maksimc @brianfortuna @paulpottsmusic @ladygaga @ladyantebellum @adamlambert @idinamenzel @hmv_closer
  • 09:10:11: whoops sorry meant #ff @hmv_getcloser
  • 09:14:13: @Robinwindsor you've got a huge choice but the popular blog sites are livejournal, wordpress or blogger. I find livejournal easier to use
  • 09:15:43: @Robinwindsor blogger and wordpress have that 'professional' feel. I use blogger but it's complicated to change the layout D:
  • 09:31:00: RT @EmWatson: Hi all, just wanted to say don't believe everything you read. Not mentioning any names... but why spoil a good story with ...
  • 09:31:33: @EmWatson what happened Emma? Was there a story in the media that was very false? Media tends to do that :/
  • 09:49:46: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Adam Lambert kissing @dancinqueen84 (Erica) From her... http://youtu.be/De6c1ujyzzg?a
  • 12:06:26: @YoshikiOfficial well I'm based in the UK rather than America so not sure if I could respond to this yet - maybe when it's the European tour
  • 12:16:57: I would like to say #sujuisthebest but I've not listened to them properly to form any proper thought...
  • 12:58:26: Nom nom :) Is that a chicken burger I see on the plate? (@jared_murillo)http://yfrog.com/mmm72j
  • 14:07:22: Dear supervisor I don't care if you don't believe my working hrs, I have to send an important email off. Don't approve I say up yours bitch
  • 14:08:02: She never reprimands another colleague when he's often on fb yet since my desk is in front of her she can see my screen and moans at me more
  • 14:08:21: I'm tempted to grass that person - is that the right way of putting it?
  • 18:05:19: I liked a YouTube video -- Josh Groban - "Hidden Away" Performance Clip http://youtu.be/PPKMdAof590?a
  • 18:05:41: Oh Josh how I missed your voice :)(YouTube http://youtu.be/PPKMdAof590?a)
  • 18:11:12: @ninadobrev http://twitpic.com/2pc0v5 - Awwww luv the kitty :D
  • 18:20:21: @gogomomokoko yeah that was probably the main letdown. I would have preferred if she stuck to the ... http://kvs.co/HWS
  • 19:40:51: I liked a YouTube video -- Adam Lambert Fever (missed start).Satanicfloret 4-26-10 UK.MP4 http://youtu.be/_ZPI6VzsPp0?a
  • 19:45:34: I liked a YouTube video -- Lady GaGa Live NYC 2006 - Fever http://youtu.be/VjJsQJu3GwI?a
  • 19:54:34: @jadex89 OMG what?! XD Does this mean he's familiar with Yoshiki's music? If he is then he's the last person I'd expect to know about X
  • 20:31:18: @enrique305 watching it right now <3
  • 20:32:23: thank you @enrique305 for a well thought out view on England's elimination in the WC. That was exactly how I felt but nobody cares here >:(
  • 21:15:19: @jared_murillo about to watch the latest ep. Last week was very good. I want to hug Damon rather badly after watching it
  • 21:17:26: Caught a bit of #supernatural #spn tonight. Oh it's been a while season 2.
  • 21:30:23: I liked a YouTube video -- Adam Lambert - AMA Performance HD http://youtu.be/Ylj0K9E9b-Y?a
  • 21:40:01: My ticket for Adam Lambert arrived today. Awesome. But now that I hear Enrique is touring next yr I wonder if it'll be close to the BZ gig

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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I'm excited for the return of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Both series ended on cliffhangers which made me go WTF though that is more for VD. With the forthcoming arrival of Supernatural season 6 I'm curious to see where the story goes for the Winchester boys.

I don't know whether I'd check out the new Nikita series. I never watched La Femme Nikita from start to finish so I can't compare this (or the original French Nikita film) to the new Nikita series with Maggie Q. I *might* watch the remake as it's apparently based more on the film Nikita. It's got Shane West in it too who I was fond of when he was Ray in ER.

  • 03:01:14: From Twitter 09-04-2010 http://j.mp/d1gHyt
  • 08:23:56: FFS telling me i shake my hand when i use camera or camcorder is not my fault. Idiot u try recording something with pins and needles
  • 08:59:32: #NowPlaying Red Soil - @direngrey
  • 09:45:34: Oh wow you want funeral songs?! I can give you plenty. No excuse with Forever Love by @xjapanofficial
  • 09:49:58: My fav Jrock band are rock yes but there's something called power ballads or rock ballads, cynic *head meets desk*
  • 13:37:17: Confession - Katy Perry's 1st album didn't wow me and I was all -___- while listening. Her 2nd album HOWEVER... it's not too shabby
  • 13:44:17: Is she trying to add more rnb and hip hop in her songs though?
  • 13:59:22: I liked a YouTube video -- Muraki Kazutaka - Lestat's Recitative http://youtu.be/9CtlztMg3iA?a
  • 14:11:45: I liked a YouTube video -- Muraki's Deathly Lullaby http://youtu.be/9OxnDhS1ObE?a
  • 14:54:10: TB 3.11 Fresh Blood http://j.mp/9CRjW1
  • 15:51:15: @ErnestoRiley he could either use a blog or perhaps cash in on a biography...
  • 16:17:54: I'm trying to decide whether to do any OT tomorrow even with the tube strike starting. Or whether to just go early asap to avoid probs
  • 16:40:27: I liked a YouTube video -- Lady Gaga singing Just Dance at Wembley on 4th July 2009 http://youtu.be/bRl5d5nd9rE?a
  • 19:04:20: A time machine would be very useful right about now...
  • 19:06:47: I like this video by @mishacollins http://twitvid.com/HMI12
  • 19:19:38: http://twitvid.com/VOUFM - @mishacollins Hahahaha you had me there xD I thought you meant real fans - as in people lmao
  • 19:29:20: Well I'm inspired to start my own butler cafe after reading this - http://bit.ly/cjh3XG too bad UK lacks appreciation in such art
  • 19:30:08: RT @TrueBloodHBO: "I'm sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, all right? But honestly, who here hasn't?" #truebloodquotes #trueblood
  • 19:32:19: so the person typically didn't want Forever Love as a funeral track (cultural clash) but went with @joshgroban 's YRMU which I like but...
  • 19:32:40: ... it's been used to death in many things. It's been sung to death in many languages. Though Josh's version is my personal favourite
  • 19:44:49: Host Club Hustle - Japan - the world outside / outside the world - WorldNomads Adventures http://t.co/771rSqt via @AddThis
  • 20:10:55: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Host Club, Japan - BBC Documentary English Sub. http://youtu.be/R6H0poyDeoY?a
  • 20:17:45: I liked a YouTube video -- Host Corner #1 - Japanese Host Culture Highlights http://youtu.be/dcd7g5NUXwI?a
  • 21:00:01: I didn't even know a @direngrey FB group existed for fans who saw them in London and noticed the band's van got a parking ticket ^_^;;
  • 21:02:22: ... for they parked on a double yellow line. Oops.
  • 21:04:36: @pineappledance it is a rather good vid :)
  • 21:05:55: Do not want to go to work tomorrow. Not just 'cos of the strike but because I always dread walking into the office.
  • 21:06:47: I was going to apply for jobs in a studio but then I got distracted by the classes offered. Now I'm stupidly tempted to do those instead

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  • 03:01:35: From Twitter 09-02-2010 http://j.mp/cEfLRH
  • 07:43:02: @MaksimC that's great to hear Maks and you're doing VM as your first dance?! Lovely :)
  • 07:47:10: Haha I know what you mean Brandy. He's hot indeedy (my fav pro from the show). Good luck!! (@4everBrandy)http://yfrog.com/n6hdhzhj
  • 09:41:09: Close ones often take pride on putting me down when it comes to
    comparing the 'good boy/girl' mannerisms my much younger cousins have.
  • 09:53:39: *Nice
  • 11:39:40: #ff @ladyantebellum @brianfortuna @maksimc @ladygaga @mKiK808 @direngrey @yoshikiofficial @apocalypticafi @jyefrasca @molloyofficial
  • 11:40:26: I'm not just behind in Japanese music, even Korean music too. I didn't even know BoA has a new Korean album. Must find it...
  • 11:57:14: @gogomomokoko does too much Wasabi make you cry or your eyes watery?
  • 13:15:01: Yay for #fangfriday... which reminds me I need to watch the latest #trueblood ep. Penultimate episode too o_O
  • 13:35:38: @ladygaga ‘s live version of Boys Boys Boys does not disappear from the mind easily. Got those hot male dancers to thank for that. *Ahem*
  • 14:28:07: @ChadLindberg w00t ;) Have fun at Roadhouse this weekend. Wish I was there to meet you and the other SPN cast
  • 15:12:12: @SimonAdkins I recommend reading the original books by Charlaine Harris too. I prefer book!Eric but Alexander Skarsgard plays him well :D
  • 15:35:11: @bbcstrictly Kate Winslet, Billie Piper, Eva Green, Linda Evangelista, Nicole Kidman, Christian Coulson, Emma Watson, or Matthew Goode
  • 18:24:05: @BauervanStraten a trending topic on twitter that stands for 'follow friday'. Twitter users recommend people worth following
  • 18:25:39: @BauervanStraten also means it's done on a Friday too usually
  • 18:44:17: A sparkling carriage in Ealing along with 2 horses. I'm guessing there was a wedding taking place this afternoon http://twitpic.com/2kwc7w
  • 18:45:34: @ladygaga http://twitpic.com/2kq73s - Aww poor Tinkerbell ^_^;; But I like your jacket - in particular the AC/DC badge :P
  • 20:07:23: @UnitedKerrydom she sounds great!!
  • 20:26:17: Maggie Q is going to be more famous if Nikita is a hit. If it's got more potential than Naked Weapon (typically for guys. Feh) fine by me
  • 21:26:03: #trueblood drunk Sam not to be messed with. I thought Tara was just as fucked but darker Sam oh boy do not want to be near
  • 21:30:25: #trueblood there is something off about Holly. She's ever so helpful. I know she had her bad issues in the past but she is suspicious
  • 21:31:11: #trueblood Lafayette's hallucinations made me jump too
  • 21:48:24: #trueblood faaaaack. Dammit Eric do not go. Dead To The World ffs. Hello?! But uh apart from that I <3 his bada$$ery in this ep omg!!
  • 22:01:35: My fav Korean actor's new film will be with a lot of Chinese stars. I hope he's not a baddie. Maybe a roguish good guy...

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  • 08:12:51: @YoshikiOfficial oh dear please don't get stressed and overwork yourself. I know you're hardworking but definitely rest when u need to.
  • 08:16:04: @SamTrammell have fun. I would have liked to come (2hr train journey for me from London to Northampton) but I'm on budget - spent too much
  • 08:27:47: @StrictlyPros that's a shame. I was rather looking forward to seeing him on SCD after seeing clips of him on SYTYCD
  • 09:24:14: If my mind was clear I would definitely go to #Bitten but so much has happened I don't have the energy at the moment :'(
  • 09:24:56: Any Trubies going to #Bitten I hope you have fun during the weekend
  • 18:26:23: Back from the @officialbtf matinee in London. It rocked :D @brianfortuna looked so dashing in the flesh and @alibastian was so pretty
  • 18:26:44: I salute you @officialbtf . You guys and girls can dance.
  • 18:27:36: @officialbtf I also thought the singers and band were awesome!!
  • 18:29:59: @Robinwindsor just saw you at BTF at today's matinee and you dance so good. Keep up the great work!!
  • 18:33:28: So after watching @officialbtf today I realise Artem Chigvintsev is pretty hot IRL XD!!
  • 18:42:49: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Dir en Grey - Koko Camden - 03/08/10 - Dozing Green http://youtu.be/Tko9qRmtW-Q?a
  • 18:46:39: I liked a YouTube video -- Dir en Grey - Koko Camden - 03/08/10 - Dozing Green http://youtu.be/Tko9qRmtW-Q?a
  • 20:42:02: @rogueevents wow that's a killer lineup

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

  • 08:05:20: If Gaga tickets weren't that pricey I'd have bought a seated ticket in the lower tier by now or around Wednesday at the earliest
  • 08:06:57: I did see her when she was one of TT support acts after Gary Go and she was good though TT fans booed her for her absences from some gigs
  • 08:49:44: Today is simply borrriiiing. Bleurgh
  • 13:31:18: Uh... my family are from Malaysia NOT Malay. Did you not hear the
    '-sia' ending? I said it like 3 times but you still ignore me. Aiyoh
  • 14:57:09: Typical how it gets a little sunnier near the end of a working day. It was drizzling this morning and very... http://tumblr.com/xlubd5gfy
  • 21:12:34: Anime version of #supernatural - omg bring it on I say. It'll give me a bigger reason to quote Mahoro-san on Dean Winchester!!!!
  • 21:18:11: RT @io9 Supernatural becomes a Japanese anime from the creators of Death Note http://bit.ly/ad1ekZ #spn #supernatural I approve
  • 22:02:16: I liked a YouTube video -- Sabrina and Mark Cha Cha HQ http://youtu.be/0D1R_N0ZunE?a

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

  • 14:01:12: @SimonAdkins the double bill finale is beyond crazy... but it makes you realise you're going to miss a lot of things from the series
  • 14:24:33: @muse http://twitpic.com/1ui16u - Sleeping Dom... aww ;)
  • 14:29:56: goodbye bright blue wallpaper... hello creamy colours
  • 14:49:10: I'm tempted by the Rogue Events con "Insurgence" but I know nothing about Smallville. I met Michael though missed chance for Paul Wesley
  • 14:49:45: I just find the price for the event a little too much for me :/ Kind of hope Paul would make it to a SM event like Collectormania in future
  • 15:12:21: OK no new wallpaper yet. Now everything from my room has to be put back in place. Annoyed as hell.
  • 17:33:52: @StephenGatelyOS Finished #thetreeofseasons after I think 2 1/2 weeks of reading. Been a while since I read children's fiction like that
  • 17:34:38: @stephengatelyOS if Stephen was still with us I would give him a huge hug and tell him how happy I was with his story. It's good.
  • 17:36:20: I really don't remember Bree from Eclipse. This goes to show how much I forgot from that book. Breaking Dawn I remember for wrong reasons
  • 19:02:39: RT @mishacollins: I'm in having a conversation about Twitter & how it serves as a parasocial crutch akin to porn. But I'm arguing porn i ...
  • 20:50:25: @MaksimC I agree with Maks lol. @ErinAndrewsESPN as a girl I envy how you manage to stay trim and look amazing. The gym hates me :(
  • 21:13:49: @TomFelton good luck Tom :)

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