Front Cover is a LGBT-themed feature film by Hong Kong director Ray Yeung, starring Jake Choi and James Chen.

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When your fandom peeves sort of come true a bit and other things...

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Reaction. Spoilers alert.

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An excuse to use my icon again ahahaha
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I need to watch the entire China Love Concert to see what went on. But oh wow I actually watched the EXO Pepero game. I underestimated Chinese progs sometimes. I still have some "issues" with the country on certain things but this little game made me less wary for a bit.

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I'm really sorry this LJ is dead. No doubt we can blame Twitter and Tumblr because of their convenience and boom in popularity. Plus...I have other blogs I write on - one of them happens to be a blog for someone else and I have to keep updated on certain news for that site. I will keep this LJ open because I like to fangirl here.
Back in April (I think) I watched the first season of Banshee as Sky Atlantic's constant trailers caught my eye and I had noticed the flamboyant guy who had just blown up a building. After much researching I realised 1) Alan Ball is part of the team so this meant that bald guy was of the LGBT kind 2) it would mean lots of sex and swearing. 3) This bald guy was named Hoon Lee and happened to be Asian American/Korean American. Thus my mind went OMG maybe I should just sit down and watch this.

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Hopefully this will be a non-spoiler review...

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My first time viewing a Big Bang concert in full and my first Big Bang DVD purchase :)

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Some of you may know that Big Bang won Best Worldwide Act last year at the EMAs. I voted for them and this year I voted for Han Geng who surprisingly beat Super Junior to be in the nominees. I didn't expect anything. I thought ah Rihanna will probably get it, well done to Han Geng for even being nominated.

But no... Han Geng won!!!! Holy crap. That took me by surprise when I first found out. I was sort of spoiled on Twitter because I was watching the awards on the MTV channel and it ended up being shown an hour later which annoyed me. Normally it's actually live, despite an hour difference in the time zones. Seemed people were watching the live stream instead. So the Twitter accounts I was following spoiled me but it made me relax and I didn't have to watch the entire footage to get to the main categories I was most interested in.

I have a lot of respect for Han Geng because he worked hard, got on well with Super Junior (especially Heechul and Siwon) and could speak Korean well. I didn't even know he was Chinese until I did my research. I think he's a great dancer too. Comparing him to the other SuJu guys...maybe he has more swag than some of them.

The Jonas Brothers presented the award to Han Geng. Wow they've changed a lot. Not the Bishounen they used to be. They've grown up. Just ignore the mispronunciation of Han Geng's name o_O. I was kind of hoping he'd speak a bit of Korean too and make some reference to his SuJu buddies ;D

Psy was epic at the EMAs as well. Not only did he perform live, and freaked The Hoff out while the latter was in the public toilet cubicle XD, he won Best Video for Gangnam Style. Having just done a speech at Oxford and filmed a slot on the Jonathan Ross show he's finally getting some ground in the European soil, especially the UK where some odd things aren't as readily accepted. woe Jrock

Oh and I came across this clip of Tabi and SE7EN being bromance-like ;D TOP saying he's anxious... dude if I sat on your lap I'd be anxious and excited too!!!!

I recently finished watching 15: the movie which is Singaporean and talks about the gangsters/Ah Bengs. I wish I could do a funky, lengthy review that I used to pull off with ease in the past but for some reason I find it difficult to do so with 15. I found the direction of the film was all over the place. I wouldn't say I disliked it or even enjoyed it. Perhaps it was so raw and gory I wasn't sure how to react.

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I noticed Yahoo UK were trending True Blood on their website, assuming this was in light of its return to the FX channel. Season 4 just started here in the UK but I've already watched it xD.

This then lead me to this crazy article from the notorious Guardian website ~

Fooking 'ell

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I managed to find this response though --> Win
YouTube browsing can be rather funny at times. I just did a random search on Seishirou/Subaru then stumbled across a convention clip based on cosplay. I personally haven't read the X/1999 Manga other than vol 1 but I've seen the Anime series and repeatedly watched episode 16 for the huge amount of Seishirou/Subaru footage. The angst, the tragedy... it's a messed up relationship.

So this clip I found... what can I say? These cosplayers who are male didn't hold back on their acting. If you do watch it, turn the volume down because the fangirls get so excited ^_^;;;; I do think they were IC.

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