When your fandom peeves sort of come true a bit and other things...

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I have a headache again...

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Yo I can't react properly but yes there are spoilers

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Reaction. Spoilers alert.

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Kept hearing Tom Felton tweet about this documentary on BBC3 and I have to say I was surprised by it.
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Dear god that was mind-blowing. Please excuse the profanity in random places. Sunday 12th January was a night of fangirl feels.

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An excuse to use my icon again ahahaha
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which won't be much...sorry XD

Well not that it give me a lot of help or reassurance but here's to a promising 2014.

Now Sherlock let's get this show on the road on New Year's Day ok? That mini episode has certainly prepared me for 85 mins of classic mind-boggling again.

Don't let me down.
Was looking at the ONTD posts on Star Trek Into Darkness and Benedict Cumberbatch himself after his appearance with Chris Pine on The Graham Norton Show. Comments were tl;dr though the general gist is that they think Benedict is fugly and it is like backlash against the rabid fanbase of Cumberbitches. TBH that particular style of slicked hair on the red carpet didn't do him much justice (I know he doesn't want to look like Sherlock but the wavy hair is nice, as are his natural "ginger" locks) . That goofy animated gif from the Leicester Square red carpet only frightened readers D: I personally cracked up a little because it's a side of Benedict you don't always see. When I saw him at the Anna Karenina UK Premiere he looked good and he wasn't as buffed up at that time from filming Star Trek.

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This metal cover of Sherlock BBC music reminded me of how much I want series 3 to show up on TV as soon as possible but it won't happen until maybe next year if they're starting filming soon. Imagine walking on the set by accident while walking around London.

TBH the wait is too much and not even Elementary could fill in that gap. I stopped watching after 9-10 episodes, prior to the first mid-season break. I am curious if they'll get Moriarty to appear. That would be interesting. Unless Moriarty suddenly becomes a woman o_O


EMS 2012

Oct. 28th, 2012 04:57 pm
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6th - 7th October 2012

Had booked a weekend pass to Entertainment Media Show, originally with the intention to get photos and autos from Jaimie Alexander, Aidan Turner and Louise Brealey. Sadly Aidan's filming for the Hobbit clashed with his would-be attendence at EMS so he had to pull out. Jaimie had to pull out because she hurt herself from filming Thor 2. In fact lots of guests had to cancel because of schedule clashes and I think this made quite an impact on the attendance by geeks for this weekend. It was so quiet, even when I arrived at around 10:30 in the morning on both days.

EMS was held in Kensington Olympia's Grand Hall. I've been to Olympia many times for job exhibitions and Japanese conventions i.e. Hyper Japan but I had never been to this specific hall and this event. Usually I go to London Film Comic Con/LFCC as that tends to be more exciting.

Saturday would've been eventful but since the guests I wanted to see had cancelled I took my time walking around the stalls and went to the Red Dwarf Q + A Session which turned out to be great entertainment. Sadly Danny John Jules wasn't able to attend because of his flight delay in another country. He was filming overseas. So it was just Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn and Craig Charles present. Some of my pics can be seen here. I'm slowly catching up with Red Dwarf series 10. I forget how funny it could be which is rare for me because I'm not the comedic type. It takes some skill to make me genuinely laugh.

After the Q + A session I left to go to Tottenham Court Road to eat lunch at one of my fav Korean restaurants. I missed eating Bibimbab so much so I had to order it as I was in London.

Now with Sunday I managed to meet Louise Brealey aka Molly Hooper from Sherlock. She wasn't busy so I could walk straight to her desk, say hi and shake her hand. We had quite a weird yet casual conversation about languages and my ethnicity which was difficult to explain. Somehow she seemed interested while signing my photo and my Sherlock BBC box set. Met her again for the photoshoot after lunch and she remembered me which was nice. In fact Louise Brealey was down to earth. I'm sure it'll be awkward when I meet Benedict Cumberbatch one day. But I could be wrong. For all I know he might be a cool guy. Who knows? Sometimes you'll hear other people have a good experience with your favourite actor but when you yourself meet him it doesn't always work out. You can't expect too much.

As far as merchandise goes, I bought a panda ear hat for £15 and got a free pack of Yan Yan for free. Saturday purchase consisted of 4 Loki/Tom Hiddleston photos XD I decided to use some photos as fan mail. Hopefully Tom will see my letter and sign the photos I enclosed in my fan mail envelope haha.
First week back at work and it went by so fast. I'm working at the previous company as before. Just doing another project. I've done this project though it's undergone a few changes so it's all a clean slate to be quite honest. I have to say getting a call from one of my colleagues in that department was a definite life-saver because I was worried I'd be enduring more lectures from my Job Advisor at the Job Centre for an entire year or something. The job is temporary but at least I'll get income and not keep relying on JSA which didn't help me much.

I'm mellowing down with catch up of dramas because I've been incredibly busy with my Biu Mui staying in London for nearly a month and it was hectic, combined with drama from my end PMS does not help. Also started watching Parade's End with Benedict Cumberbatch. I've never read the books so I can only go through the perspective of a tv series viewer.

BTW I'm still not sure why hardcore VIPs were complaining about this video. The Dong Saeng look lush and the costumes are funky (TOP's hat and cloak look was hot). Monster might be my fav Big Bang song but I'll have to listen to their discography again because my view might change.
A few weeks ago I went to the red carpet action for the Anna Karenina UK Premiere as my younger cousin wanted to see if she could get a photo of Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley (she's a hardcore Keira fangirl who preferred P & P 2005. This is a different generation we're talking about here). We walked to Leicester Square's Odeon where the premiere was going to take place and it was already starting to get packed.

Given my awful photography skills and height limit I let her take the photos and she wasn't afraid of pushing and shoving other crazy fans to get a good snap. She did most of the work while I tiptoed and tried to get a look at the cast signing people's merchandise.

I've uploaded the nicer photos onto my Tumblr.

Matthew MacFadyen + Keeley Hawes I've met Keeley before, at LFCC 2009. Always looks glamorous and pretty. Matthew was dashing in his suit.

Keira Knightley Main girl herself. She seemed very down to earth with the fangirls and fanboys at the front of the barriers.

Jude Law Jude was taking his time with the fans, very happy to pose for a photo with them. From the brief glimpses I got of him I seemed to had finally gotten an official understanding on his appeal. Very smart in a suit - not bad on the eyes. He cared about his fans.

I have some photos of Aaron Taylor-Johnson but they all turned out to be blurry and unclear. Honestly he was very hard to get a photo of as he just zoomed by on the red carpet then came back to the fans after finishing interviews. Did not recognise him with the longer curls. So different to his Kick-Ass look.

Biggest surprise was seeing Benedict Cumberbatch turn up. OMFG. Maybe it was a good thing we decided to stay for another half an hour after the main cast walked into the cinema. I didn't spot other big names on the red carpet. Then again there were a few faces I recognised but didn't know the name of. Benedict looked great in his smart casual suit.
Here's a clip Heechul dancing to SHINee's Sherlock when he finishes his slot on a radio station. I have to admit SHINee's voices don't really stand out to me and I've listened to all of their discography so far. They do have some catchy songs though like Hello. I originally expected the Sherlock video to have something to do with Benedict Cumberbatch though that might be my inner Cumberbitch wishing for too much xD But Sherlock as a character is well-known for his hat, pipe and magnifying glass.

SHINee's Sherlock MV

Oh Heechul you make me laugh during the most stressful days. I need to dedicate a whole day just watching Super Junior being utterly dorky and nutty. Also need to watch the entire episode of when Han Geng was on Chinese TV and got a surprise visit from Siwon just after he left SuJu. I saw one clip and it made me cry.

You'd think being unemployed would mean more time to catch up on Kdramas or Anime but it's impossible when you're expected from the Job Centre or those close to you to go job hunt effectively.
Congratulations on Tom winning Man Of The Year at the Glamour Awards 2012. He was featured in the July issue of Glamour too. I've scanned the short article :)

Glamour Magazine UK article on Tom Hiddleston on Twitpic

July 2012 issue of @glamourmaguk has a feature on @twhiddleston  on Twitpic

Chuckled when it said in the article that Glamour phoned up to congratulate Tom for his award and he said he had just got of the shower XD It distracted them for a bit haha. Speaking of Tom, I had recently watched The Deep Blue Sea and while I did think some parts of the story was quite choppy (length is 98 mins approximately) I felt his performance alongside Simon Russell Beale and Rachel Weisz was very good. I just expected...more. I originally assumed the film was rated 15 so expected some p0rn XD But you can feel the angst. It's not a happy film.

In-between my endless job applications and job hunting I've been trying to catch up on Kdramas. Currently I'm going through Chuno which is angsty and I'm expecting more tragedy till the finale :/ Getting back on the Anime wagon too. Started watching Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji and so far it's good. I remember some of the scenes from the Manga which I'm still reading through and it's WIP after all. I'm so impressed with Sakamoto Maaya. Down to the bashers who said she's a crap Seiyuu. I think she's gotten better and I had no idea she was voicing Ciel Phantomhive until I looked at the Seiyuu list for Black Butler. This is the lady who gave us Kanzaki Hitomi from Escaflowne and Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran. I still need to watch the latter (damn my DVD subs for being bad).

I watched the TV BAFTAs last Sunday and I would've gone to the Royal Festival Hall and wait in the sun for the big names to walk the carpet :( Benedict Cumberbatch got robbed of the leading actor award but given the other nominees I felt it was going to be tough competition. I think Dominic West's win was fair since he had portrayed a serial killer in Appropriate Adult. Not sure if any of you remember the Fred West case many years ago. I'll check out Appropriate Adult since that got nominated so many times at this year's TV BAFTAs. It looks very gritty.

I'm mostly annoyed with Sherlock losing out again on the Youtube Audience Award. They lost to The Only Way Is Essex last year *shudder* and Martin Freeman's reaction to the loss was rather memorable X) This time Sherlock lost to Celebrity Juice. Aigoo. I hope Sherlock wins next year with the arrival of series three. Definitely happy Andrew Scott won Best Supporting Actor for his Moriarty portrayal. His thank you speech was deeply humble. You could see from his face that he just couldn't believe he won the award instead of the other actors. Martin Freeman won last year but if he won again this year I wouldn't have minded.
Will probably have more to add when I rewatch this episode.

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The rare kind... i.e. most likely to be non-slash, even though Sherlock/John is kind of evident. The Vampire Diaries might be a variety of rare goodies too.

Almost Anyone Jim/Molly drabble

Home Is Where Jim knocks on Molly's door, injured. Drabble.

A Very Palpable Hit by [livejournal.com profile] irony_rocks LJ link Irene/Sherlock smut. Post Scandal in Belgravia. What happened in Iran after Sherlock rescued Irene.

A Cherry On Top by [livejournal.com profile] sciosophia Sherlock/Molly subtle p0rn if you read carefully

'Nocturne' + 'Ghost Of A Broken Heart' by [livejournal.com profile] skysamuelle Two Stefan/Elena drabbles post season 3. I think Elena's character was justified here. So glad I came across these little fics.

Love Is Like A Sin, My Love by [livejournal.com profile] jeremy_finch Klaroline smut. So, so good.

Without by [livejournal.com profile] inmh Finn/Sage one shot. This is what the writers should've put in the series

The Sound Of Silence WIP by [livejournal.com profile] rebeldesigns Bonnie-centric with various pairings (Damon/Bonnie, Klaus/Bonnie/Stefan, Delena, Stelena, Matt/Caroline/Tyler and much more). Bonnie gets to shine in this dark story. Can't wait for more chapters. This is how she should've been treated in the series
I saw this little paragraph from Wiki article about Popular culture references to Holmes and this makes my inner T-Bag fangirl do a little dance ^_^;; I obviously didn't know this as I am not a Sherlock geek but I am tempted to see this reference properly by rewatching that Prison Break episode.

In the Prison Break (season 4) episode entitled, Eagles & Angels (Prison Break), Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell pretends to be Cole Pfeiffer, a top salesman for a corporation called GATE. He is assigned a corner office with the room numbered 122B. The numbers 122 are the reverse of 221, a sly reference by the episode's screenwriters to T-Bag's Holmesian powers of reasoning and deduction, yet whose powers have been twisted and corrupted toward evil ends. Ultimately, T-Bag is a cleverly created anti-Sherlock Holmes, a stock character whose personality is shaped (in certain key facets) to be the polar opposite of Holmes. Indeed, T-Bag is a modern-day descendant not of Holmes, but of Holmes archnemesis Professor Moriarty.

The entire Wiki article on this topic is rather interesting in fact and I didn't know a lot of things like House being based on Sherlock. Yes I'm a slow poke :/ This little paragraph eased my mind while watching Sherlock season 2 because I thought Moriarty really did remind me of T-Bag *a little bit.* Andrew Scott made Moriarty a creepy, loony villain but I would say his mood swings were worse than Teddy's. Plus... the pocket mention (there wasn't any of that licking that T-Bag did, unless you count Moriarty opening his mouth, hanging his tongue for the copper to put the chewing gum inside). You must wonder what went through that female copper's mind when she had to go through his pocket hehe. But Moriarty could've offered his pocket to Sherlock, Mycroft or John. I think he must've offered it to Molly when he was "Jim from IT" :P


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