PB S05E09

Jun. 4th, 2017 03:06 pm
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For real...?!

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PB S05E08

May. 24th, 2017 11:17 pm
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Suddenly it got interesting again in this penultimate episode. Well now.

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Oh Gotham was a whole other universe
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Prison Break

Apr. 15th, 2017 09:11 pm
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I forgot so much since PB finished a long time ago. Not even my random fangirl notes I wrote on my blog can help out. I do remember however how epic s1 was. That's a no brainer. I used to be serious trash for the series...

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Dear god that was mind-blowing. Please excuse the profanity in random places. Sunday 12th January was a night of fangirl feels.

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I'm really sorry this LJ is dead. No doubt we can blame Twitter and Tumblr because of their convenience and boom in popularity. Plus...I have other blogs I write on - one of them happens to be a blog for someone else and I have to keep updated on certain news for that site. I will keep this LJ open because I like to fangirl here.
Still unemployed since getting the boot seven weeks ago. I'm waiting for feedback on internships and job applications. They have late deadlines which might be good if you want to take your time writing good answers but it's painful to wait when you want to do something ASAP and get out of Job Seekers Allowance. Honestly, does the government think reducing the benefits or cutting the amount for lazy Brits and migrants is going to be any help for those who are genuinely looking for work and not family folk? My country is poor and it shows but I hate the snotty rich people who come here from overseas like they own everyone.

Well my job advisor can see what I'm doing since I've registered on Universal Jobmatch. I'm not lying on the job hunting but it is utterly depressing. I have to do approximately 12 applications in a week. WTFH? I really don't want to fly away since I can't fend for myself whatsoever. Though it might be the last option. Or go for another course to build up my skills - a subject I dislike in particular.

Anyway I was tempted to apply as a volunteer at Hyper Japan 2013 in July but then it might affect my so-called schedule to meet any famous people who have been invited as guests. You never know if it is someone you like. I went crazy with the 3 day pass last November. I did a lot of geeky stuff and met a Jrock band I had never heard of and became a fan after seeing them perform live. Conventions hadn't been on my mind since I crash landed into the arms world of Big Bang and so far LFCC hasn't gotten any guests I actually know very well aside from Sarah Wayne Callies who I remember best in Prison Break.

Been catching up on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji season 1 and nearly done with that finally before moving onto season 2 which I hear is not very good though I'll persevere in order to see who the new characters are. Still fuming over how I didn't buy a Ciel plushie at Hyper Japan or Collectormania London last year. My Sebastian plushie needs a Ciel...or a Grell haha.

If Showmasters got a Vampire Diaries guest at their forthcoming conventions and I happen to know him/her it'll be a risk to meet that person because I'm behind on TVD in general. I stopped watching hte series after the mid-season break finished but that might've been a mistake since I apparently missed out on a lot of stuff and with the arrival of the Originals spin off I have a lot to catch up on.
I saw this little paragraph from Wiki article about Popular culture references to Holmes and this makes my inner T-Bag fangirl do a little dance ^_^;; I obviously didn't know this as I am not a Sherlock geek but I am tempted to see this reference properly by rewatching that Prison Break episode.

In the Prison Break (season 4) episode entitled, Eagles & Angels (Prison Break), Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell pretends to be Cole Pfeiffer, a top salesman for a corporation called GATE. He is assigned a corner office with the room numbered 122B. The numbers 122 are the reverse of 221, a sly reference by the episode's screenwriters to T-Bag's Holmesian powers of reasoning and deduction, yet whose powers have been twisted and corrupted toward evil ends. Ultimately, T-Bag is a cleverly created anti-Sherlock Holmes, a stock character whose personality is shaped (in certain key facets) to be the polar opposite of Holmes. Indeed, T-Bag is a modern-day descendant not of Holmes, but of Holmes archnemesis Professor Moriarty.

The entire Wiki article on this topic is rather interesting in fact and I didn't know a lot of things like House being based on Sherlock. Yes I'm a slow poke :/ This little paragraph eased my mind while watching Sherlock season 2 because I thought Moriarty really did remind me of T-Bag *a little bit.* Andrew Scott made Moriarty a creepy, loony villain but I would say his mood swings were worse than Teddy's. Plus... the pocket mention (there wasn't any of that licking that T-Bag did, unless you count Moriarty opening his mouth, hanging his tongue for the copper to put the chewing gum inside). You must wonder what went through that female copper's mind when she had to go through his pocket hehe. But Moriarty could've offered his pocket to Sherlock, Mycroft or John. I think he must've offered it to Molly when he was "Jim from IT" :P
Amazing how this guy went from looking all cute and youthful...

...to fierce and creepy in Prison Break where his character would possibly be a breakthrough role for his career :)

He eventually became Samuel in Heroes who was also manipulative and disturbing but rather different to his T-Bag character

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Some of the guys I like aren't really bad guys. They just have really different opinion to what the good guys have. Though if there's a guy who is so evil and I like him because he is 'deliciously evil' it would probably be The Joker. The versions in Batman (animated or Tim Burton film) and The Dark Knight were sinister.

Also really like the following 'villains':

~ Sakurazuka Seishirou [Tokyo Babylon and X/1999]. He just has to take his glasses off and show his dark face, melting away the very cheerful face he puts on around the Sumeragi twins. Dum dum dum. He's a fascinating character. You don't know what he's thinking as he's always been emotionless most of the time.

~ Muraki Kazutaka [Yami no Matsuei]. Muraki-sensei is so fucked. He's got family issues and obsessed with Tsuzuki's body for his own needs (not sex but other stuff).

~ Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell [Prison Break]. He can be so creepy and very dangerous. I also find him unpredictable. You won't always know when he'll strike you from behind. However his relationship with a woman called Susan brings out other sides of his character you never really see until season 2.

~ Samuel Sullivan [Heroes]. He was the main reason I tuned in to watch Heroes season 4, even though I do like most of the cast when they're written well. The minute Robert Knepper was announced as a character in Heroes I stupidly went all fangirl. Samuel is manipulative like T-Bag but he is also charming that it makes you shudder (I mean he was sort of 'romantic' with his ex-girlfriend when he took her to the carnival). He just has to slouch lazily in his trench coat and I'm all "*_*"
  • 02:00 Tweets for Today j.mp/q8CvEZ #
  • 08:48 I like this video by @yahooomguk twitvid.com/NJ4MY #
  • 08:50 I <3 the yahoo omg interview with the @the_overtones, plus that little clip was hilarious. Your faces made me laugh ^.^ #
  • 08:52 Writer's Block: Look into my crystal ball j.mp/qmCWnp #
  • 08:52 Writer's Block: Look into my crystal ball j.mp/nsQ3eE #
  • 11:12 bit.ly/nrFVAI Robert Knepper interview at #lfcc #
  • 11:57 Finished Secret Circle: The Initiation. Hope things get more interesting later on... #
  • 16:20 Wow wednesday boredom how i hate you so :/ #
  • 16:22 Completely forgot to catch up with over the rainbow and vampire knight. Hope i get through more eps of those soon. #
  • 16:24 I will leave aside the other kdrama boxsets i bought once over the rainbow is done. Promised myself i'd check out my princess #
  • 19:10 I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/eXYku_zRFW4?a Yoshiki Interview at London England part 1 #
  • 19:11 youtu.be/eXYku_zRFW4 seriously <3 @yoshikiofficial 's interview here in London :D #
  • 19:43 The Overtones signing session pics j.mp/neRvxF #
  • 21:36 #itunesfestival just tuned into @whiteliesmusic . Opening up with my fav song farewell to the fairground #
  • 21:48 #itunesfestival Holy Ghost is a great song. Still slightly perplexed by the music video though :/ #
  • 21:51 #itunesfestival ah E.S.T \m/ #
  • 21:52 I remember @whiteliesmusic 's E.S.T used in #gossipgirl season 1 #
  • 22:13 #youngkidsshouldbebannedfrom social networking sites #
  • 22:18 A slideshow of some of my pics taken from @the_overtones ' HMV Selfridges signing session [11 July 2011] t.co/IcWkqXF #
  • 22:25 #itunesfestival w00t Death :) @whiteliesmusic #
  • 22:29 #itunestfestival Holy f*ck the mosh pit is getting crazier now #
  • 22:31 Photo: Gorgeous :) tumblr.com/xlu3hh14ih #
  • 22:36 Photo: gira-con-me: Wow never expected this to happen. tumblr.com/xlu3hh4oyo #
  • 22:44 #itunesfestival Had the feeling @whiteliesmusic would end the night with Bigger Than Us :) #
  • 22:57 Photo: tumblr.com/xlu3hhlytq #
  • 22:59 Photo: Hellooooo tumblr.com/xlu3hhmsi7 #
  • 23:12 @whiteliesmusic great show at #itunesfestival tonight. I was watching at home since i didn't win tix to see you guys #
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  • 05:29 yfrog.com/kl0y3kj @robert_knepper stage talk at @showmasters ' London Film Comic Con [9th July 2011] #
  • 05:30 2nd pic of Robert Knepper - t.co/x2DnlN6 #
  • 05:31 @adamlambert I haven't seen the latest ep yet. If you used the hashtag, it must've been good ^_^;; #
  • 08:52 RT @concertweirdos: Going to concerts and thinking "If only I was a tall mofo." #concertweirdos #
  • 08:57 RT @concertweirdos: Screaming so loud, you feel like you've ripped something in your throat. #concertweirdos #sugg #
  • 09:01 RT @concertweirdos: When concerts totally screw up your eating habits and sleeping cycles... #concertweirdos #
  • 10:13 @hmvtweets ah okay thank you. I suspect it will be busy so i don't mind just a signed cd but i'll bring a glossy photo if there's time #
  • 10:16 @gigsandtours the edge of seventeen - stevie nicks #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk on Sunday 10th July twitpic.com/5oljvx #
  • 14:59 yfrog.com/khamyhj @robert_knepper @showmasters stage talk on Sunday at #lfcc 2011 #
  • 15:00 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk twitpic.com/5olkji #
  • 16:49 There isn't much of a queue for @the_overtones right now. Ooookay #
  • 16:58 Holy eff i just saw a leading jersey boy in hmv selfridges with his girlfriend. I am sure of it O_O omg this only happens to me in central #
  • 17:02 @_josephmorgan was that pun intentional? ~_^ #
  • 17:16 Queue is forming. There are meant to be wristbands for the @the_overtones signing if u bought the album from selfridges wth?! Hope it's okay #
  • 17:22 Toners are doo_wopping to @the_overtones in selfridges. Can't join in since i haven't learnt the lyrics properly for most of the songs hehe #
  • 17:25 Been drifting to sleep on the way to bond street. Not cool. Gotta wake up :/ #
  • 18:29 Zomg i gave most of @the_overtones a happy kiss on the cheek #
  • 18:34 Got so excited i nearly toppled down the stairs lol #
  • 18:35 This signing makes up for my uh lfcc blunder for sure #
  • 18:39 Okay excuse the fangirl moment but @the_overtones are really handsome gents and so polite. I wanted to cry but was too tired #
  • 18:42 @alkapranos dude what made you think that? #
  • 18:42 Lachie was funny lol!!!! #
  • 18:43 Timmy was so cute and mark was sweet. Darren was polite and mike was chatty :) #
  • 19:44 Well with that signing done gotta go back to work as normal. Boooooooo #
  • 19:49 @the_overtones thanks for the signing at selfridges. Pleasure meeting you guys for the first time. I was the chinese girl near the front #
  • 21:08 @the_overtones thanks for stopping by at @selfridges Hope to see you again soon for another signing or a concert :) #
  • 21:48 @the_overtones yeah same to you guys. Safe journey home :) #
  • 22:08 Photo: anightingaleinberkeley: A lovely photo for sure :) tumblr.com/xlu3g4pkif #
  • 22:54 @_josephmorgan sweet. Thanks for the link :) #
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But LFCC 2011 has been okay. I did mess up completely though when it came to meeting the one guest for the weekend. I'm so bloody sorry, person :'( I blame my bad stomachache and major exhaustion for the Friday blunder. I couldn't even remember all the words I said. I only recall requesting two personalised pics, saying thanks quickly and shaking Robert Knepper's hand twice. On Friday night I was absolutely knackered from a long day at work and very hungry. Nerves didn't help either. I didn't know it was his birthday on Fri as well. Boo. He was rather polite nonetheless, despite noticing how weird I was but I'm always weird. This was just... exceptional


Not sure if I'll stick around for Sunday as Lee Ingleby cancelled but I might go round the stalls one more time to see if anything catches my fancy.

I only bought one shounen-ai Manga from the Yaoikingdom stall. Had a brief chat with the guys working (yes guys!!) and we were talking about Yaoi. One of them was recommending a few titles that weren't plotless smut. The Hentai stall was just behind this stall and boobies were everywhere there. I was so tempted to buy some random Japanese sweets and I was quite disappointed there weren't many plushies around.

LFCC was much busier this time. More stalls and film sets as well as props available to check out. I rather liked the Japanese cultural talks. Learnt a lot about the Kimono and the tea ceremony. They need to put more Japanese-y things in the con. I even suggested Yoshiki as a potential guest because that would make my day.

Robert's stage talk was really good. Managed to answer a lot of interesting questions from the fans. Occasionally went into his T-Bag voice lol. He even understands why women swoon over Wentworth Miller. It's the eyes for sure!!

Oh it was also busy because of Karen Gillan. She was a treat for the Whovians. I didn't go to meet her or get a photoshoot (too behind on DW) but I did catch some of her stage talk and she was quite funny. Saw a lot of Amy Pond and Eleven cosplayers, some crossdressers who were obviously male and a lot of geeks who I couldn't tell were male or female. Also forgot to ask a Kakashi cosplayer for a photo because he looked in character.
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I have no idea how Breakout Kings is going to be laid out and whether it'll do well amongst the devoted followers of Prison Break but I'm willing to give it a go, even if it means waiting for weeks till T-Bag's guest starring will pop up (chances are I'll have no internet for a few months if I'm away from my laptop *cries*). Shame it's only one episode where he'll appear but I'm ridiculously happy I get to see the character again. Robert Knepper just owned the series with his devilish charm. I personally would have preferred a spinoff series focusing on him but I guess Breakout Kings is better than nothing for now.

Still don't know if I'll go to London Film Comic Con to meet him though O_O WTF?!

  • 09:18:09: Friday 13th and typically feeling like crap. Seriously want to go home right now
  • 09:55:21: Wow methinks it will pour with rain at anytime. Nice friday eh?
  • 14:09:19: @WTofficial aww, not too keen on the venue (the area itself is generally a no go for me) but I'm happy to hear the gig sold out.
  • 14:40:18: Reading VA bk2 and find Adrian a cheeky sod lol
  • 15:35:41: I haven’t watched the season 7 results of SYTYCD as I would rather surprise myself. I’ve had to even avoid... http://tumblr.com/xlufo8kf2
  • 15:46:19: First week back is nearly over and i am back to being restless, miserable wreck in the office
  • 18:12:20: @gogomomokoko yeah it is :) I'm glad a week is done... but the weekend goes too quick which is a shame
  • 18:17:38: I liked a YouTube video -- Prison Break: Sexy T.Bag http://youtu.be/FB_EeTu1_qc?a
  • 18:23:12: I liked a YouTube video -- Dirty Teddy http://youtu.be/Ymja7Kb7OZE?a
  • 18:26:32: @Kiz_zle I may have a whole chicken token that i haven't used yet. You want? :P
  • 19:40:26: @JamesKysonLee amen to that James. It's always crapping on me whenever it's around the corner
  • 20:00:09: #NowPlaying Longing - @xjapanofficial . I can still sing this off by heart after a long absence from X Japan's music O_O
  • 21:52:50: #sytycd Robert was going to be 3rd place :( It's okay though. He had some amazing acts I'll remember for a long time
  • 21:53:18: #sytycd whoa well done Lauren. Sorry Kent. I think being the last girl standing paid off for her.
  • 21:53:47: #sytycd I didn't expect Ellen's guest appearance at all. I remember Alex mentioned trying to get on Ellen's show a while ago but whoa...
  • 21:55:16: @iansomerhalder what smoldering looks mmmm ;) Come on season 2 start already XD
  • 22:11:35: I liked a YouTube video -- Mark & Boys, Boys, Boys http://youtu.be/cPh9cO_741M?a
  • 22:18:44: #Sytycd nice to finally have charlie from sytycd uk in the s7 finale. I liked that routine. Drew was her orig partner but Neil was v. good

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  • 10:04:51: Gackt tickets are going to be around £42 seemingly. Why is that I wonder? Diru is £20 less than him. Both are big names in Jmusic land
  • 10:06:52: Very tempted to blast some metal at the neighbours playing their dance/club remixes at full volume. Hear Kyo screaming like hell
  • 10:11:26: @paulpottsmusic enjoy yourself at BGT tonight Paul :)
  • 10:44:00: #NowPlaying Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up XD!!!!!
  • 11:00:05: Kaa-san pointed out from a newspaper that Lee Mead is touring. I knew a while ago but didn't bother with tickets. Might try for tix
  • 11:00:54: St Albans isn't far if someone drove fast. Otou-san doesn't mind Lee's singing and I like him. So might consider the gig for sure.
  • 13:37:38: @carrieanninaba what kind of dance would you do to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up? :P
  • 13:49:32: Listening to the #ashestoashes season 3 soundtrack :)
  • 14:33:47: I liked a YouTube video -- John Barrowman - Tonight's The Night 7/2 http://youtu.be/OjGt_7S1Xqg?a
  • 15:27:04: Watching your fav dramas from this side of the globe with Chinese subs is fascinating xD
  • 15:28:34: I'm watching a bit of Prison Break s1 (越狱 in Chinese) and was curious with how they translated T-Bag. It's translated as teabag literally
  • 16:30:04: Nice weather today eh?
  • 18:30:43: If I was a painter who felt passionately about Van Gogh's work I'd be gushing over tonight's #doctorwho episode
  • 19:23:11: #doctorwho knew Van Gogh's actor was going to be Scottish before watching the episode. The ginger hair just gave it away xD
  • 19:23:41: #doctorwho ultimate ginge - lol. I agree Amy. Imagine her babies with Van Gogh. For sure it'll be a ginger delight

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