Lost mutuals, cutting ties, losing trust in society...but there was music that still reached out to me. Leggo.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]"Yume no Chikara" ...because yeah the power of dreams is insanely strong isn't it?

A lot of my favourite songs have strong lyrics I relate to that it hits the soul so hard. The list of songs that resonate with me is endless.


Jan. 31st, 2015 10:54 pm
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Considering a change in my profile layout. I've had that Dean Winchester profile layout scheme for years and back in the day when fanlistings were popular. Most of those links are dead too :/ I also used an old email address but can't remember the password used to change details. Oh well. I took out tons of interests and added new ones in. more babble )
Ugh why fandom why? The idea of 'we are one' is just not happening. I rambled about the Wu Yifan nullification case here but naturally so much more is happening on Chinese and Korean sites.
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Also...Tarja did a duet with Within Temptation. OMG :') I have to hear the entire song when it is officially released.
As much as I like live music, I seem to be a serious masochistic and tolerate the pain of being in the pit. Oh joy. But comparing my experiences between the Jrock and British/Scandinavian gigs I've been to in the past...I picked up some small things.

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aka why I could possibly never genuinely befriend elitist/purist and rabid fans of any genre or fandom. I thought my British Born Chinese ethnicity had too many predicaments. What about personal interests and passions? T_T

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I think the Australian and New Zealand Nightwish fans were very lucky to get Nightwish touring in their area again. I was watching some live clips and was impressed. Floor sounded much better and while acoustic Nemo is great she justified the normal metal version of said track too.

I don't think she sounds as nervous when performing The Siren. First time she did perform the song was in Birmingham last year, on the same night she was interviewed by The Islanders - Nightwish UK fanclub.

Honestly if I was still active in the UK fanclub and managed to win a space in the meet and greet last year it would've been quite interesting (even though I've already met the band at a signing session back in 2008 when Anette had recently joined) and...I'd still be able to stay inside the venue and be at the barrier. I'd probably have to fight with people who are trying to be on the left hand side of the stalls in order to get a good view of Tuomas. I actually did win a space on the meet and greet at their 2009 gig at the same venue but I had to pull out because of arguments and other problems. I had a major breakdown because of this and it only prompted me to just desperately meet Franz Ferdinand after their gig during the same week as Nightwish.
I've not been doing the rounds on the Nightwish fandom, as much as I still like the band with all my heart and with the departure of Anette. I guess I just don't like it when fandoms get rabid or high and mighty :/
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Sounds really good.

I did see a clip from this year's Birmingham gig where she sang The Siren for the first time (she wanted to sing that song) and the reaction from the fans was quite negative. Honestly she'll get better with The Siren. I have faith. I really do ^_^;;
I find Floor Jansen is small a fusion of Anette and Tarja and I honestly wouldn't mind if she continues to be Nightwish's vocalist for the future. She'll be helping the guys out for the music festivals next year but after those are all done...who knows? I doubt she'll abandon ReVamp though.

Youtube videos don't always do people justice but when there's a HQ recording from a gig you can't deny someone's talent in performing. I have to say Floor nails a lot of my fav Nightwish songs. Still have to work out whether I like her version of Ever Dream but I did hear she was ill in some of the previous gigs so it may have affected her singing. She's definitely a Nightwish supporter. If you watch her performances, she gets into the music and headbangs a lot. I like her Soprano range and she often reminds me of Simone Simons from Epica even though Simone is more mezzo. They're both Dutch too :)

I've been a bad Nightwish fan tbh. I was a bit lazy in contributing to the UK fanclub's forums and didn't bother renewing my membership. I would've bought a ticket to see the band on 5th November though it's in an area I'm not too overly keen on. I'm sure they'll rock the venue so will keep an eye on epic videos.

Found some good clips of Floor performing some Nightwish songs.

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I really like it when talented musicians do Nightwish piano covers. Or just any piano cover on metal tracks :) Of course I'm envious... though it's light-hearted envy as I'll never be a musician who can patiently learn an instrument so fabulously. I was a crappy music student at school. But I need some soothing music to get through the week right now.

Ever Dream

The same guy did Storytime

Another Storytime cover I came across. Found this on the Anette Olzon facebook fanpage. This guy did this all by ear and it was before Imaginaerum officially came out.

I previously said that Imaginaerum is close to being my favourite NW album and I thought my crazy ride on this album would be over until I recently heard The Heart Asks Pleasure First which was used in the band's last DPP gig was going to be released on the next single The Crow, The Owl And The Dove.

I recognise the original piano track from The Piano and when Anette sang the vocals on Nightwish's version it made me cry. I need to stop listening to it on repeat too xD

Original version

Nightwish's version

A piano cover of Nightwish's version

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It changes from:

Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
Mr Simple - Super Junior
Trip The Darkness - Lacuna Coil
Storytime - Nightwish
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Hayashi Yoshiki, Tuomas Holopainen, Josh Groban and Adam Lambert.
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How can you "just be yourself" when you don't know who you are? Stop saying "I know how you feel." How could anyone know how another feels?

~ Song Of Myself [Nightwish]


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