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Kris Wu Yifan has been a busy guy with many visits to fashion shows overseas, filming in different locations for upcoming film projects. But he hasn't forgotten his solo musician work just yet. For his 26th birthday he released his first English single titled July.

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Lost mutuals, cutting ties, losing trust in society...but there was music that still reached out to me. Leggo.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]"Yume no Chikara" ...because yeah the power of dreams is insanely strong isn't it?

A lot of my favourite songs have strong lyrics I relate to that it hits the soul so hard. The list of songs that resonate with me is endless.
I still stand by what I wrote here which feels like a lifetime ago. Where did it all go wrong? Where did time go to be exact?

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Despite the shitstorms of 2014 (problematic faves saying stupid things, people leaving or being chucked out of their designated roles, nature being furious, fandoms showing their light and dark) and me bailing out...yes there was music I liked. Rebounds or not.

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If you wanted a list of 2013 albums I liked you can read them here
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Taeyang's latest solo comeback is in the form of another full-length album by the name of Rise. Here is a track by track review.

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As for the leng lui Zhang Liyin and Jongdae's Noona :P
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Not just because you're being managed by Uncle Jackie. Mind you, he could have at least gone with a better / more creative name for the group and given the guys nicer nicknames (ffs SimBa really?).

So I watched the MV for their debut single At First and it's really not much in terms of concept. You see four of the guys (one was injured at the time so couldn't make it to the MV filming) dancing and walking around, showing off their super powers (again?! But it's Jackie so unless he has spent too much time chatting with EXO lol XP or letting his old school Kung-fu stuff take over we don't need more superpower stuff). There's a power for graffitti too. Just imagine delinquents getting a hold of that o.o

Vocally...they've got some nice harmonies there and it's been a while since I looked at the traditional quintet group layout as I've been into groups with lots of members in them. I can't say much on JJCC's rapping so may have to listen to the song a few more times. Pretty flower boy with the long hair who reminds me of long haired Heechul is Eddy the bias everyone seems thirsty for and I'm distracted by his sharp eyebrows.

Pity the guy I was looking forward to was injured but I spotted him in the group's debut stage performance on Inkigayo. He goes by Prince Mak and he's Australian Chinese. Well hai there fellow overseas Chinese ^.^;; The guys are not shabby eyecandy either. Just praying they're not foetuses oh god BamBam how dare you?
Hi TS Entertainment, just want to say eff you like whoa for picking that venue for B.A.P and damn all you music labels for your last minute announcements with forthcoming K-music gigs overall. I have already spent a lot on JJ Lin and Yoshiki's forthcoming classical gig in May OTL Read more... )

Tempted to console myself with more merchandise shopping.

Just a quick recap on my first Cpop experience.

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I was re-reading this article on BuzzFeed ^_^;; General 1D comparisons need to disappear whenever an Asian pop group surfaces. Just unnecessary and lazy writing. UK = / = 1D and much more...which I won't get into because it'll be tl;dr
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Can we just start off with how awesome it is to see Heechul crossdress again? I tweeted to him asking if he'll ever bring Lady Hee Hee back and that was way before the Super Show 5 Macau gig. So...sort of answering my tweet there :P

He's taken Kangin's place as Gain. Ryeowook wanted to lift up Heechul's shirt lmao but the latter tried to kick him later on. Calm down bitches :P

As far as the talking goes, I naturally hoped to see fancams of their introductions and managed to find some. They spoke Mandarin but went all out on the Cantonese and I have to give massive kudos to Siwon because he was so sheepish throughout this section. Donghae naturally being such a dashing prince with his kisses. He mostly spoke Mandarin though. Too bad Heechul didn't speak much Mandarin or Cantonese - would've been curious. Kyuhyun still knows his Putonghua rather well, possibly from MC'ing and at previous concerts.

So while I'm happy there were intro fancams, I was mainly hoping to get footage of Henry and Zhou Mi. There was one good one but the ELF didn't even zoom up on these two which sucked and I'm assuming they weren't her biases. Anyway I'm always up for hearing these two guys speaking Cantonese and/or Mandarin. Usually it's slightly awkward to hear a Mandarin speaker attempts Cantonese and vice versa but I feel Zhou Mi and Henry's accents are a lot better than mine. Keep it up Huaren.

Siwon and his 廣東話. Like with GD, he said stuff like it's been a long time since I saw you, I love you etc. He then spoke in English and said I'm trying to learn a bit of Cantonese which got the ELFs happy. He even said he'd call you/us oh dude.

I guess Siwon got the biggest reaction from the Macau crowd because at a previous show in HK I think, he said he wanted to get married in Cantonese XD

Henry & Zhou Mi speaking Cantonese...I think this is nearer the end of the show. So hilarious. Always a pleasure to hear these two keeping it real with the Canto. Sungmin joined in and said, "I want to learn" in Cantonese hahahaha.

Henry & Zhou Mi's introductions from SS5 Hong Kong :D
It's not as long as last year's this time. Only because it didn't have the same level of theatricality.
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