[Error: unknown template qotd]Undoubtedly Kino Makoto / Sailorjupiter.

My muse. My inspiration. What got me into fanfiction and writing in general.

She was a big part of my life. I went places with writing this character. Crazy how that occurred since I didn't read the Manga or watch all of the Sailormoon Anime.

She was my output for expressing myself because at the time I was lazy to do original fiction. She was what I strived to be even though we were so different and she was one of the biggest underdogs I ever fangirled who I felt deserved more recognition than she got amongst the fandom.
Kept hearing Tom Felton tweet about this documentary on BBC3 and I have to say I was surprised by it.
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It's funny how an individual who is deemed useless/deadweight/untalented in many things can somehow prompt me to immediately 'meta' about them or self-reflect. You'd think it was just one fictional muse that could do wonders for so many years would be the solution to lacking creativity and much more.

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Some thoughts

Feb. 22nd, 2015 02:31 pm
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Leaving doesn't mean I want to get married and have kids. It's something different.

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I still stand by what I wrote here which feels like a lifetime ago. Where did it all go wrong? Where did time go to be exact?

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Jan. 31st, 2015 10:54 pm
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Considering a change in my profile layout. I've had that Dean Winchester profile layout scheme for years and back in the day when fanlistings were popular. Most of those links are dead too :/ I also used an old email address but can't remember the password used to change details. Oh well. I took out tons of interests and added new ones in. more babble )

photo credit goes to this site

Also known as The Legendary Police Woman, Damo is a police action drama set in the Joseon Dynasty with Ha Ji Won as the female protagonist.
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I threw away a lot of old Sailormoon fanart but then I got inspired and suddenly started missing those days of my Mako-chan fangirling.

I drew my biggest muse spontaneously while making breakfast one morning, just to see if I remembered what she looked like and how I drew her during my active years in Sailormoon crossover fandom.

My quick sketch of Kino Makoto / Sailorjupiter.  It's be... on Twitpic

I just find it hard to believe I had this intention of wanting to become an artist when I got older. That train of thought for the future didn't last long when I was in primary school though. I think I will get back to fanart when I'm free. Spice Girls was fun to draw I must admit. They're all different characters. Scary Spice was a bit tricky. Baby Spice was my favourite to sketch since she had a sweet face. Posh was easier because of that bob XD
Big Bang you inspired me to self-reflect again. Why? *ponders* Hopefully it'll make sense. I got the idea from watching Intimate Note.

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I came across this interesting blog post about BBC Literature or the very small existence of it. Honestly he does bring up a lot of valid points on why not many BBC authors are as well-known. It also reminds me of why I started writing in the first place. Because British Born Chinese people don't have a voice. Or if they did, they just struggle with getting their point across (ugh this is me. FML). Alternatively they just don't seem interested. Who knows? For me...I started blogging about my BBC-ness and my struggle with my ethnic identity because I couldn't tell people to their face on who I was so easily.

I just hope I can channel these kinds of reflections through a novel or short story. I chose a writing degree after all and sadly slacked off for most of the years D:. I think at this point I can't risk being worried on my so-called protagonist being labelled a Mary Sue. If EL James and Stephenie Meyer got published with a Sue character I may as well do my best to get my work across too. I guess every writer has done it so what the hell right?

The blog post I've linked to does take me back to my fanfic days and it even represents my reason for starting on Kino Makoto fanfiction too. I felt at that time there was a lack of decent fic that focused on Mako-chan. I didn't know about Yuri and Yaoi back then so of course I didn't realise there was already a large number of homoerotic fanfic surrounding the Sailor Senshi. Then I discovered Sailormoon crossovers...and that's where it all began for me and that was when I found other Mako fans/writers who were trying to do something with positive Mako-chan representation.
I randomly googled G-Dragon + Sailormoon after seeing GD like a photo of the main Sailormoon quintet all sleeping together, looking adorable in SD size on Instagram. I've seen that photo around many Sailormoon galleries and it did bring a bit of nostalgia.

I keep saying to myself I should read the Manga properly. The original Anime had some issues that attracted wank in the old days and I don't know if I could go through every single episodes to get what made the hardcore fans bash certain characters. Reading episode summaries and extensive character essays that justified characters for their imperfections was enough content for me back then. I used to have lots of Mako rants but they've been lost D:.

Then I found this small clip. Damn you GD, you're really manipulating my BB favourites list here. Tsk tsk.

If he did the entire speech and copied Sailormoon's gestures that would've been hilarious. Or if he wore a Sailormoon wig to go with it hoho. This then leads me to another crazy fantasy - which Sailor Senshi would the other four be? I can sort of see TOP as Tuxedo Kamen though lolz.

I wouldn't be surprised if GD was also a Naruto fan, should he or the stylist have been genuinely inspired by the various characters' hairstyles for the Big Bang MVs. Kudos to the person who created the collage in the first place. I knew I recognised the Monster hair from somewhere haha. I may have lost track of the Manga after only reading 5 volumes but I know some of the main characters. I like the fact a VIP commented further down that post on how TOP's silver hair was more like Kakashi. It works XD

Now if Big Bang -or perhaps GD&TOP- could cosplay or dress like the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler characters...I would probably die happy.
I'm feeling so nostalgic and I randomly typed up Thor and Jupiter in the search engine to see if any crossover fanart or fanfic existed which focused on Mako in the Thor universe. So far I've only found a few drawings.

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I'm feeling so nostalgic and I randomly typed up Thor and Jupiter in the search engine to see if any crossover fanart or fanfic existed which focused on Mako in the Thor universe. So far I've only found a few drawings.

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Makoto or Mako-chan. But I'm Chinese rather than Japanese so this doesn't help much... then again Chinese people really do enjoy using the most random or weirdest nicknames out there.
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Quite a fewkick-arse girls for sure. Of course I'd prefer it if they were complex characters.

Kino Makoto/Sailorjupiter
Buffy Summers
She-Ra (when I was a wee kid, that is)
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I remember answering a similiar question to this a few years ago but it didn't mention an alternative username. So...

Vash-chan = Vash the main character from the Animanga series Trigun. I was into Trigun in 2003 so much I wanted to use that name as an alias on ff.net then eventually on LJ and many message boards. The -chan suffix at the end is to make the nickname cuter but indicate I'm female. Obviously the suffix doesn't always mean the person is a female but in my case it does ^_^;;

If I were to change my username it would probably have a Kino or Mako somewhere since I still have a soft spot for Sailorjupiter/Kino Makoto and then I'd just combine with something else like a person's surname XD e.g. Shinomori Mako-chan lmao.


Dec. 30th, 2010 06:42 pm
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I updated my Mako fanfic recs today and I got carried away with re-reading some of the stories I linked to ;D

Oh Sailormoon crossover fandom you were crazy beyond belief but then so were many other fandoms *stares at Heroes*. I still have muses now and then but I don't know if I could dedicate my time to writing. I have much 'soul-searching' to do IRL. Although secretly it is quite fascinating to do nostalgic trips on your fandoms or childhood interests. If I was a free soul I'd be sitting in front of my screen (tv or computer) and watching all the cartoons I grew up with.

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Good times 8)

Dec. 23rd, 2010 09:09 am
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Lately I've been getting some feedback on this post I wrote back in 2005. It's an old post mind you but I never expected to receive such warm response from elsewhere. This is probably the time of the month the arrival of Xmas or something doing the talking here but I couldn't help gushing over the the recent replies I received and it prompted me to blog about it here :')

I just want to thank fellow Makoto/Sailorjupiter fans from ff.net for visiting my LJ and understanding such a predicament. I guess what I wrote back then was a post where I needed to voice my concerns because I was rather stressed from the fandom's direction and it was my eventual exit from the site. But seeing some other people drop by recently has brought back some good memories and that there are still some great Mako authors out there. If I could offer you chocolate chip cookies as a way of saying thanks I would xD Or even Mako-chan fanart if I was good enough but sadly I have no funky creative programmes on my computer.

I will leave some reviews on your fics if I can =)
Apart from catch up on TVD, SPN and Glee, I'm trying to recycle a lot of old notebooks and invoices and I found an old writing journal.

Cue utter embarrassment and much oh bloody hell I can't believe I wrote these things moments -_-;; I had 6 writing journals apparently but I must have forgotten I binned the previous volumes many years ago ever since I got an account on LJ and started to rely on blogging more than the traditional writing in paper diaries.

So I thought I'd flick through volume 6 to see what I wrote. Most of it was based on what fanfic I read on the pit and how much I wrote for old fanfics. Those were the days. I once found a huge list of fanfic ideas that never surfaced because I had left fanfiction after 3-4 yrs of dedication to my dear characters. I am definitely cringing over the crack I had in mind for my muses but it wasn't anything near the cliches one fondly remembers hopefully. I did luv me Mako-chan xP

I had the entries clearly dated and my experience of what happened each day. Wow I was organised in the past - seemingly. Now, not as much D: Each day consisted on what books I bought from uni, when I submitted my coursework or needed to see my lecturers, what I ate for lunch, which episode of a tv series I watched (Anime or non-Anime) what jobs I applied for, which agencies rang me up and how long my chapters were.

Does anyone secretly miss those kinds of days where you had so much creativity in fandom in the past and just got up and went after many years of hard work? Oh ze shame ^_^;;


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