I doubt many will notice this so it's ok...

I still have this idea I really will ditch this LJ and one of my public SNS for real I sound like Tao with his hiatus. Wow we're really siblings. I've had enough of things, people and certain fandoms. I've been hit with messy friendships, made too many errors and sacrificed things I liked because of other shit.

Readers may spot the odd fangirl post specifically regarding 8 people now and then but that's about it....and updating my writing journal [it's on LJ and on Blogger so I'll crosspost massively]. "Pages of Paradox". That's what it's called.

Find me on Weibo or Dreamwidth.

Some thoughts

Feb. 22nd, 2015 02:31 pm
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Leaving doesn't mean I want to get married and have kids. It's something different.

deleting )


Jan. 31st, 2015 10:54 pm
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Considering a change in my profile layout. I've had that Dean Winchester profile layout scheme for years and back in the day when fanlistings were popular. Most of those links are dead too :/ I also used an old email address but can't remember the password used to change details. Oh well. I took out tons of interests and added new ones in. more babble )
I mainly point to the colleagues, ex-school peers and relatives I personally know IRL and added them on Facebook. I used to bitch a lot in Facebook updates and that was before I registered on Twitter. Sorry for those of you on this f-list who do follow me on Twitter that you spot my over the top rambles on life, identity and fandom feelings. I can't help it ^^;;

I still do 'abuse' FB updates on all my accounts (I use more than one for various purposes) but not as much as my first days after registering on that site. Another excuse for not using Facebook much is because I ignore a lot of my colleagues and relatives' updates and each time they ask me how I am I want to run away. They've all been successful in marriage, starting a family or getting the job of their dreams and it sadly makes me jealous. It's why I avoid reading their feeds and filter a lot. I only read updates from musicians, actors or department stores.
Was looking at the ONTD posts on Star Trek Into Darkness and Benedict Cumberbatch himself after his appearance with Chris Pine on The Graham Norton Show. Comments were tl;dr though the general gist is that they think Benedict is fugly and it is like backlash against the rabid fanbase of Cumberbitches. TBH that particular style of slicked hair on the red carpet didn't do him much justice (I know he doesn't want to look like Sherlock but the wavy hair is nice, as are his natural "ginger" locks) . That goofy animated gif from the Leicester Square red carpet only frightened readers D: I personally cracked up a little because it's a side of Benedict you don't always see. When I saw him at the Anna Karenina UK Premiere he looked good and he wasn't as buffed up at that time from filming Star Trek.

just a bit more waffling )
So I'm just wondering if this crosspost will still go across, despite the site being a pain in the backside.

Otherwise I'll go with dreamwidth temporarily...unless that dies too which would be stupid.

Well...I have no BFFs or a genuine best friend any more so I guess you could put me in the BBC loner category if you want. But it's more down to caution than serial avoiding of the world. I think the above post sort of takes the piss and accuses the entire British Born Chinese community blog solely on irrelevant fandoms or how boring our lives are. But aren't all our lives boring anyway, regardless of our ethnicity? The blogger just went for the supposedly crappy BBC blogs he could find. I took a read at these blogs he put in his chart, barring one as that's been deleted, and they were actually quite interesting. I particularly got a nod of approval over a post discussing footballers and bankers. You don't have to be fond of either subjects but the BBC guy brought up some fascinating points on them and he does bring up his Chinese-ness so not sure where the whining blogger was heading there.

Yes I used to bitch about work, studying and family on my LJ but I locked and filtered my real life posts or eventually made them private so nobody could read it because I was embarrassed over how much I ranted plus it's difficult to explain some problems on the spot so I accidentally got hooked to blogging and ever since I got Twitter I moved the quick rants over there. I suppose in addition to reducing how much I blog on LJ I dropped so many emo status updates on FB, which I hardly visit because it has started to make me hate people I know or worked with IRL. I'm too lazy to get rid of my FB accounts because not everyone has my email addresses and they can easily PM me if they wanted to XD

On the other hand, some of the personal rants I posted previously have a connection to my so-called ethnic identity crisis that has been ongoing since a young age. This reminds me though...I really need to write a post on why I don't always speak Chinese and why I don't integrate as much with the Chinese community. Just to get it out of my system. It has nothing to do with being white washed or a banana though which is what my relatives assume me to be.


Feb. 4th, 2012 09:40 pm
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No idea what I'll be doing with this but it's most likely going to be a back up of my livejournal or something more serious. Who knows?

See ya around :)
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My feeds noooo

Nov. 1st, 2011 09:44 pm
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Since I haven't logged into livejournal properly lately I didn't realise LoudTwitter had gone a little nuts over the past week so it didn't show an archive of my tweets for a few days.

Oh well :/ I do have backupmytweets to make an archive of the latest tweets over the months which I tend to save every few weeks.

My journal looks even quieter at this rate. So sorry :'(

As for an update...

I'm watching Paradise Kiss the live action film. Nearly halfway and so far it's okay. Big differences between this and the original Manga but I'll do a review when I've finished the film completely.
Playing around with my journal again. I was going to use a Yoshiki header but it was tricky to find a suitable layout that would compliment the image, even if it was simply black and white. Decided to go with another Muse header I had saved long ago as those colours were easier to blend.

Now I will have to sort out the font size for the links sidebar if I'm up for it :/

Catching up on True Blood now. TTYL :)
I really want to sort out my LJ, Tumblr and tweets. I've been tagging the Twitter feeds posted on my LJ and have a long way to go. Only got up to June 2010 I believe. I've always been a tidy type of person and want everything orderly but my so-called organisational skill is now absent because my spontaneous posting via Twitter is insane. I post a lot on the sites mentioned so it'll take a verrrrry long time to get up to the present day.

Been trying to get Twitter feed from the very beginning - just for archiving purposes. I know a lot of Twitter users don't find the point in backing up tweets but it is interesting to see how many tweets you make a day and what you wrote when you first registered. I also hear businessmen archive their tweets for their work too. Wonder how that works. Sounds interesting.

I've cut down on using Tumblr for lengthy bitch posts (XD!!!!) when I email from work but when I do decide to update with a text post on Tumblr I'll have to make sure to tag it for easier navigation.
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I registered on Livejournal back in May 2004 in order to blog about my writing progress on certain fics. I clearly underestimated how often I would visit this site because I was here almost everyday blogging about different fandoms, episode reactions and posting quiz results. I don't know if this was good timing because I officially felt I was done with writing fiction and started to blog instead, leaving ff.net behind.

I used to post a lot of questions on LJ comms because I had a lot to discuss about certain Anime, Manga and tv series (fanficrants was nuts and still continues to be that way. You can never eliminate the wank over there) then I kind of stopped and went to request or upload Jrock media more frequently. I took a break from Jrock listening and only about two years ago I went back to that and Kpop. I realise I miss Anime and Manga as well and haven't posted about that in a long time.

I got into Twitter in 2009 and my updates became less frequent i.e. not every single day. It was every few months or every other week where I'd post a proper blog entry.
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I remember answering a similiar question to this a few years ago but it didn't mention an alternative username. So...

Vash-chan = Vash the main character from the Animanga series Trigun. I was into Trigun in 2003 so much I wanted to use that name as an alias on ff.net then eventually on LJ and many message boards. The -chan suffix at the end is to make the nickname cuter but indicate I'm female. Obviously the suffix doesn't always mean the person is a female but in my case it does ^_^;;

If I were to change my username it would probably have a Kino or Mako somewhere since I still have a soft spot for Sailorjupiter/Kino Makoto and then I'd just combine with something else like a person's surname XD e.g. Shinomori Mako-chan lmao.
Couldn't find a suitable Jrock-themed layout on certain comms so have decided to borrow a stylesheet (yay for Flexible Squares) and add a header. Had to adjust the font size a few times because it was originally rather small and I had to squint at first but I'm lazy to amend every font size everywhere ^_^;;

Hope it's ok for you when you read the text. For those of you who don't know, the header is of British progressive rock band Muse. They will have a temporary stay here on my LJ for a few months. Let's see how that goes. W00t.


Jan. 19th, 2011 10:17 am
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Dear f-list,

Just want to let you know that you might see my LJ layout change now and then for no apparent reason over the next few days. I'm playing with different layouts here (I can't make any with my own hands D:) just to see how they all look.

Becoming more and more rubbish with LJ'ing. I have so many blog posts I need to get up and running but I procrastinate on other activities and don't get round to it.

I decided to switch my layout back to Tuomas Holopainen. I kinda miss looking at him ^_^;; Actually I do miss having a Nightwish discography binge and I am curious to see what the new album as in store. Maybe their newer music will suit Anette's vocal style and range.

Having a day off tomorrow to go to a signing in London. Hopefully I can get my item signed. White Lies are promoting their new album Ritual which is released tomorrow. I haven't bothered to buy a ticket to one of their UK gigs because I'm trying to save money if I do go on holiday for a few weeks in spring. But it'll be busy tomorrow because the signing will have a free little gig too. I'll have to get to Central London early.

Test post

Dec. 5th, 2010 03:05 pm
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Just doing a test post from my mobile phone :)

So... Domo minna-san. Have a nice day.

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  • 07:51:02: @YoshikiOfficial woohoo finally an official fb pg :) I also 'liked' the official X Japan fan pg on the same website
  • 08:02:21: this ranting at work about workload is often therapeutic
  • 08:16:54: Wow Adam Lambert you surprise me more and more xD lucky girl... http://bit.ly/dCBGXx
  • 08:18:02: I meant lucky girl as in the fan who got one crazy moment with that guy. Sorry my last tweet may have been misintepreted by readers.
  • 09:08:33: #ff @bbcstrictly @maksimc @brianfortuna @paulpottsmusic @ladygaga @ladyantebellum @adamlambert @idinamenzel @hmv_closer
  • 09:10:11: whoops sorry meant #ff @hmv_getcloser
  • 09:14:13: @Robinwindsor you've got a huge choice but the popular blog sites are livejournal, wordpress or blogger. I find livejournal easier to use
  • 09:15:43: @Robinwindsor blogger and wordpress have that 'professional' feel. I use blogger but it's complicated to change the layout D:
  • 09:31:00: RT @EmWatson: Hi all, just wanted to say don't believe everything you read. Not mentioning any names... but why spoil a good story with ...
  • 09:31:33: @EmWatson what happened Emma? Was there a story in the media that was very false? Media tends to do that :/
  • 09:49:46: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Adam Lambert kissing @dancinqueen84 (Erica) From her... http://youtu.be/De6c1ujyzzg?a
  • 12:06:26: @YoshikiOfficial well I'm based in the UK rather than America so not sure if I could respond to this yet - maybe when it's the European tour
  • 12:16:57: I would like to say #sujuisthebest but I've not listened to them properly to form any proper thought...
  • 12:58:26: Nom nom :) Is that a chicken burger I see on the plate? (@jared_murillo)http://yfrog.com/mmm72j
  • 14:07:22: Dear supervisor I don't care if you don't believe my working hrs, I have to send an important email off. Don't approve I say up yours bitch
  • 14:08:02: She never reprimands another colleague when he's often on fb yet since my desk is in front of her she can see my screen and moans at me more
  • 14:08:21: I'm tempted to grass that person - is that the right way of putting it?
  • 18:05:19: I liked a YouTube video -- Josh Groban - "Hidden Away" Performance Clip http://youtu.be/PPKMdAof590?a
  • 18:05:41: Oh Josh how I missed your voice :)(YouTube http://youtu.be/PPKMdAof590?a)
  • 18:11:12: @ninadobrev http://twitpic.com/2pc0v5 - Awwww luv the kitty :D
  • 18:20:21: @gogomomokoko yeah that was probably the main letdown. I would have preferred if she stuck to the ... http://kvs.co/HWS
  • 19:40:51: I liked a YouTube video -- Adam Lambert Fever (missed start).Satanicfloret 4-26-10 UK.MP4 http://youtu.be/_ZPI6VzsPp0?a
  • 19:45:34: I liked a YouTube video -- Lady GaGa Live NYC 2006 - Fever http://youtu.be/VjJsQJu3GwI?a
  • 19:54:34: @jadex89 OMG what?! XD Does this mean he's familiar with Yoshiki's music? If he is then he's the last person I'd expect to know about X
  • 20:31:18: @enrique305 watching it right now <3
  • 20:32:23: thank you @enrique305 for a well thought out view on England's elimination in the WC. That was exactly how I felt but nobody cares here >:(
  • 21:15:19: @jared_murillo about to watch the latest ep. Last week was very good. I want to hug Damon rather badly after watching it
  • 21:17:26: Caught a bit of #supernatural #spn tonight. Oh it's been a while season 2.
  • 21:30:23: I liked a YouTube video -- Adam Lambert - AMA Performance HD http://youtu.be/Ylj0K9E9b-Y?a
  • 21:40:01: My ticket for Adam Lambert arrived today. Awesome. But now that I hear Enrique is touring next yr I wonder if it'll be close to the BZ gig

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Food for thought - as far as I know posting to LJ via email usually sets the entry as public. Does anyone know if there's a way to make it locked when emailing a post to the website? I guess it would make sense if the entire journal was friends only, right? I'd have to check the LJ FAQ on the site when I'm logged in next time :/


I'm on book 4 of Richelle Mead's ( [livejournal.com profile] blue_succubus ) Vampire Academy right now. I digest it in the same way I did with the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I stopped By Midnight after 30 pgs but it wasn't because I got bored of it. On the contrary, I do find what I've read of that book so far quite interesting. Plus it's more local for me to read since it's based in London. Highgate of all places. It has its history :P I stopped reading that book because of priorities. I wanted to get
through as much of Vampire Academy as I could before the last book of the series arrives in the winter. I'm nearly caught up. I also pre-ordered Crescendo which is a sequel to Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick [livejournal.com profile] bec_fitzpatrick. I read Becca's latest blog entry and she said she might be doing a book tour in the UK. Would definitely like to check this out if I can. It depends by my job... or if I decide to leave my job out of my own free will.


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