I never kept up with Produce 101 (as I tend to avoid being emotionally invested with music competitions here and abroad) so I don't know who is who. On the other hand, one day when I logged into Youtube I found myself caving in and actually listening to WANNA ONE's official debut tracks. Many SNS accounts certainly caught my attention about the members so I thought well why not have a listen...

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My stanning for these princes is growing

Thank you Park Seungjun for acknowledging the older Tinkerbells. I actually think this is a crisis that even a slowly retiring person like myself is dealing with regularly.

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KNK, SNUPER and MONSTA X's Rapper Line release some new tracks this week and Bangtan cover an old school K-hip hop track to celebrate the artist's debut as part of a collab. Here's a quick rundown.

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Feel Korea and London Korean Festival 2017 were two separate events. The latter was free for all visitors to introduce Korean culture and the day ticket that was mentioned to those who purchased the Feel Korea concert tickets was not needed in the end.

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Another round-up of new Kpop songs before the end of the month.

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Back with more song roundup posts released early this month.

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Xposted here.

London was the final stop on Block B's European tour. Sadly P.O wasn't able to attend due to health issues. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

So what of Block B then? Did they dazzle BBCs?** It was my first time seeing them live and coming as a slight outsider who didn't know the group too well I wasn't sure what to expect...

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originally posted on January 12 on my review blog. Source

Happy New Year 2017. Korean pop rock band DAY6 apparently have some exciting things up coming for this year to make Sundays look forward to new music each month.

A new song will be released on the 6th of each month along with special performances by each member from February till June. Cool right?

They start January with two songs "I Wait" (title) and "Goodbye Winter."

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Quite a few things to mention that didn't make the cut in the quick recap.

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crossposted some bits from my Noona Tumblr

I went to MYNAME's concert in Angel on 10 September and it was quite a treat. I definitely got better photos and fancams than my last Kpop concert at the same venue but I also felt more relaxed this time.

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After a quiet period for a few months, DAY6 return with a new a second mini album.

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So I went to see HISTORY in London on 21st February 2016.

Trying not to rant, trying not to rant ;A;

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There were a few.

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Lost mutuals, cutting ties, losing trust in society...but there was music that still reached out to me. Leggo.

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When your initial feeling of caution before reading an article somehow pays off.

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In response to this interview with Paper Magazine. Omona already covered it and responded massively in the two posts surrounding it but more feedback started flying in when NetizenBuzz posted an article on her interview.

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