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Slight hint in the film name perhaps...? Or not?

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When your initial feeling of caution before reading an article somehow pays off.

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In response to this interview with Paper Magazine. Omona already covered it and responded massively in the two posts surrounding it but more feedback started flying in when NetizenBuzz posted an article on her interview.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not white but English is my mothertongue as I was born in UK and I speak Cantonese weakly. My Mandarin is also just as bad in both writing and speaking (in other words my Hanzi - really shit). I studied French and German till I finished school completely. If I could learn languages fluently well then Cantonese and Mandarin would be at the top of my list right next to Korean and Japanese. As an Asian person I want to be a decent linguist at Asian languages but my upbringing and predicaments that developed from the beginning do have a strong effect on how I pick things up, especially since I do not like studying at all. Not your typical Asian geek.
Awkward moment in episode 1 of Problematic Men. I don't intend to watch this series but somehow this little shady moment got a mention on the Twitter feeds and it took me a few attempts to actually get what was going on.

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I've had way too many friendships like this with male colleagues in my past jobs. There was one instance where I *nearly* fell hard for a guy who was much older than myself but then I realised meh he can't deal with my Hallyu fangirling and he's so annoyingly opinionated. He was really English too (who seemingly is open-minded...just not with the Hallyu). I've learnt to just not go overboard with thinking and expressing myself publicly at work and elsewhere.

Now it's all quiet and more cautious. Also, my priorities and preferences have manifested
Interestingly enough, this FMV came about and it uses a Katy Perry song called Dark House. While the song itself doesn't exactly imply the real meaning of the dark horse phrase and goes with the dark seduction of magic, it's interesting how the Meigeni who created this tribute video used a song with this title. I've always felt WYF really was a dark horse in some way compared to the other 11 members.

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In which my view might be so irrelevant compared to the other POC complaining. I understand most people's complaints but my thoughts are far from the same thing.

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After much delay for over a month, I finally sat down to watch some fancams on a concert. Since I don't stand any chance of seeing OT11!EXO live I relied on fancams to get the feel on what went on. The Hong Kong stop would've been my choice if I had the chance to buy tickets, as would the forthcoming Singapore one.
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Ugh why fandom why? The idea of 'we are one' is just not happening. I rambled about the Wu Yifan nullification case here but naturally so much more is happening on Chinese and Korean sites.
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Disc 2 was fun. I never realised how much I missed going to HK for the shallow sake of shopping and eating authentic Cantonese food.
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As for the leng lui Zhang Liyin and Jongdae's Noona :P
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GDI Jongdae what are you doing to me?
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Dammit why must this end so soon? T_T But gawd this episode was full of life.
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You guys are so presh. I am all for OT12 of course but there's just something so charming about the M sub group...and no it's got no connection to my favourite. Way before I got serious with these guys I felt something different when briefly analysing everybody.

So...things I liked in this interview are
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