**I was able to catch this when it was shown at this year's London Film Festival**

We Are X is a documentary that narrates the story of veteran Japanese rock band X Japan along with other footage leading up to the Madison Square Garden concert in 2014.

all of you in my memory is still shining in my heart )
I wasn't going to go this year...but I gave in when VANIRU & X JAPAN's Toshi and Yoshiki were announced as guests. Having missed out on the special pre-sale discount offer for tickets in April, I still went ahead and bought tickets for Saturday and Sunday. I was going to go with just Saturday though feared I might not be able to do what I needed to do. There was a ton of Jrock, Jpop and traditional performances to occupy the visitors but these two groups cemented my reason to go this summer.

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I generally like both.

don't read the elitism from both sides and don't read the h8ers who are against the genres

I started with oldies Jpop then gradually moved to Jrock and Kpop along with inklings of Korean rock. It depends by the level of infectiousness you are aiming for. But lately the K has been calling out to me. I think it partly knows how to target an international audience (mostly on this side). But both J and K have their way of easing their way to music listeners. I think K is easier to reach out to the urban music fans whereas like with Jrock and Jpop the indie is slightly underground but has its own popularity scale and is probably too 'out there' for an average person...otoh Kpop is the same.

You just have to know what your chill is and respect what others listen to. None of this elitist bullshit on who cannot sing/compose/dance/play instruments etc etc. What you may hate i.e anything popular may somehow have helped somebody. You get help from the weirdest places (I know I did).

If I didn't go back to the K side after numerous divorces with the Hallyu, I wouldn't have gotten into the EXO!OT12 family and I wouldn't have gotten that epiphany China Line triggered two years ago. While treading on Korean music lightly after leaving Jrock fandom I went through a few artists but wasn't massively hardcore to the point of splashing my cash on them. X Japan made me do that back in the day and while they've gone through ups and downs their music still speaks to me. The current K music on my music collection is Bangtan Sonyeondan and EXO (yes they've been through shit and back and still getting shit on but I do keep my ears and eyes on them - or try to). I also miss B.A.P. BIGBANG we had a thing, Super Junior we had a little thing but I'm leaving them for various reasons. Thanks for the music from a few months although we're done.
[Error: unknown template qotd]Anything to do with the Hallyu Wave. As someone who has struggled to find her place and sort out an ongoing ethnic identity (BBC/banana/英国华裔), I owe it to Hallyu and I guess the J-music fandom for bringing me the Asian music, for preventing me from doing something incredibly insane when I was 16 years old (although that particular thought does creep up now and then and I'm much older now). In Hallyu...I owe one particular group a lot of things, even though yes they're no longer the full team.

Hair envy

Aug. 23rd, 2013 12:22 am
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New Jrock band Vaniru finally got another MV out. I cannot fight this major hair envy when it comes to Leoneil. Just look at his flowing locks. Even when I met him and Yuto at Hyper Japan last month and could see Leoneil was doing the enigmatic, strong silent face the urge to just glide my fingers through his hair was too much.

Anyway here's the new song Zakuro. Cosmic Night certainly makes me believe Vaniru are channelling old school Buck-Tick though at the same time when I hear samples of their other songs they're experimenting different styles. Bit of electronic, some general 'hard rock'...and a new wave effect. What I got out of this video was inspiration to put on my nail polish again. I really like the colours Leoneil was showing off - dark shades that aren't OTT. I'm sure that's pomegranate he's biting into as well (and making a good mess as he eats it - though he makes it kind of hot orz).

Speaking of Buck-Tick Leoneil also did the Sakurai tongue lick at the 2:59 mark XD

I went for food, traditional culture, cute plushies and the music :)

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That's what happened while watching Kuroshitsuji season 1. Now I had heard SID's music before watching the series and loved their song Monochrome no Kiss which is the main OP. The second ED is Lacrimosa by Kalafina a group consisting of three girls who specialise in chamber pop and classical music. I seriously love this song. It's been so long since I got feels from a Japanese song.

Lacrimosa is the kind of song I look for when I'm browsing for music. It's got that Gothic feeling and captures the Kuroshitsuji atmosphere so well. Think of their songs like slower Nightwish or Within Temptation tracks.

I think what I particularly like about Kalafina is how they can sing harmonies very well. You've got the main vocalist who sings the high notes then the other two provide the lower notes and tend to take it in turns with the chanting vocal before all three join together and have a choir moment.

Going through their current discography right now :)

As much as I like live music, I seem to be a serious masochistic and tolerate the pain of being in the pit. Oh joy. But comparing my experiences between the Jrock and British/Scandinavian gigs I've been to in the past...I picked up some small things.

I am no Sherlock but I try. Cut for weird babbling )
Still unemployed since getting the boot seven weeks ago. I'm waiting for feedback on internships and job applications. They have late deadlines which might be good if you want to take your time writing good answers but it's painful to wait when you want to do something ASAP and get out of Job Seekers Allowance. Honestly, does the government think reducing the benefits or cutting the amount for lazy Brits and migrants is going to be any help for those who are genuinely looking for work and not family folk? My country is poor and it shows but I hate the snotty rich people who come here from overseas like they own everyone.

Well my job advisor can see what I'm doing since I've registered on Universal Jobmatch. I'm not lying on the job hunting but it is utterly depressing. I have to do approximately 12 applications in a week. WTFH? I really don't want to fly away since I can't fend for myself whatsoever. Though it might be the last option. Or go for another course to build up my skills - a subject I dislike in particular.

Anyway I was tempted to apply as a volunteer at Hyper Japan 2013 in July but then it might affect my so-called schedule to meet any famous people who have been invited as guests. You never know if it is someone you like. I went crazy with the 3 day pass last November. I did a lot of geeky stuff and met a Jrock band I had never heard of and became a fan after seeing them perform live. Conventions hadn't been on my mind since I crash landed into the arms world of Big Bang and so far LFCC hasn't gotten any guests I actually know very well aside from Sarah Wayne Callies who I remember best in Prison Break.

Been catching up on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji season 1 and nearly done with that finally before moving onto season 2 which I hear is not very good though I'll persevere in order to see who the new characters are. Still fuming over how I didn't buy a Ciel plushie at Hyper Japan or Collectormania London last year. My Sebastian plushie needs a Ciel...or a Grell haha.

If Showmasters got a Vampire Diaries guest at their forthcoming conventions and I happen to know him/her it'll be a risk to meet that person because I'm behind on TVD in general. I stopped watching hte series after the mid-season break finished but that might've been a mistake since I apparently missed out on a lot of stuff and with the arrival of the Originals spin off I have a lot to catch up on.
aka why I could possibly never genuinely befriend elitist/purist and rabid fans of any genre or fandom. I thought my British Born Chinese ethnicity had too many predicaments. What about personal interests and passions? T_T

this is why I avoid daily fandom contributions )
I got inspired by this fandom post on Asian Junkie and another post discussing International and Korean fans in Kpop fandom. Even the UnitedKpop post on race got my brain buzzing.

As someone who used to be a regular contributor in many kinds of fandoms ranging from Rurouni Kenshin, Heroes to Jrock music fangirling and a lot more in the days (yes I used to be a rabid fangirl who did those bad things like bashing characters and regretted it), I have recently developed an understanding as to why a large number of native Asians tend to be...selfish and not always wanting to share their fandom culture. Mainly because it's started to happen to me as I get older. I think this is a bad sign.

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I was browsing Tumblr for more Silver Ash things to reblog and a fan had linked to Ling's blog post which is on Silver Ash's official website.  The entire entry is quite honestly brilliant and I could fangirl for hours but I'll just explain in a nutshell.  Ling generally discusses the ups and downs Silver Ash had as a band and also explains a problem China has when it comes to Visual Kei, which confirms my theory as to why a lot of native Chinese and a few BBCs from my last Chinese class were all WTF you listen to Jrock? to me when I told them my cracky but diverse music tastes.  I sensed they also were hinting it's not possible for Chinese people to like Japanese music because of...grudges.  It could be one reason but not the biggest one.

I respect Chinese people who maintain their Chinese identity without sounding like an arrogant fool but also show how much they admire Visual Kei or anything Japanese-related (huzzah Chinese Otakus).  This paragraph echoes my thoughts:-

Visual Kei has a big culture and history in Japan. Most importantly, Japan has a strong manga culture. In East Asia, there is a long history of appreciating beautiful men and men’s makeup. Japan remains respectful of those elements of culture, which also influence their manga culture. China, however, no longer respects that kind of culture and in general, Chinese people dislike people who are too unique or “special.” Though Japanese culture emerged from ancient China, they created their own aesthetics. Visual Kei is Japanese style Glam rock. For Chinese musicians, they can dress in a Visual style as well, but they can’t be accepted by society, even by other rockers. Unfortunately, China doesn’t have enough “space” for alternative culture. In many Chinese rock fans’ mind, “Visual kei” bands in China are just some cosplayers joining together to play some stupid cover songs. That might be another reason why Visual Kei is not very popular in China.

The last two sentences sum up my little issue with China and how they treat such an alternative music style.  It briefly reminds me of the time when X Japan were forced to cancel their Beijing gig in 2011 because of technical and production issues which doesn't sound right.  I suspect the government just didn't want a legendary Jrock band to play in Beijing's biggest venue that has been used previously by other megastar musicians.  Yet L'aruku managed to go ahead with their Shanghai gig back in 2005 without much problems.  Come to think of it even Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong can be iffy with some obscure things and might ban them or protest to stop them (I've been to these countries too).  Adam Lambert attracted Muslim protesters prior to his first KL gig during the Glam Nation Tour.

I know it's wrong to judge a country like China before visiting it though I have had personal interactions with native Chinese people when they visit England and occasionally I am reacting with a "head meet table" feeling.  I want to visit China in person one day just because it is supposedly the big Motherland of all Chinese but it will be difficult to tackle my current feelings towards the country.  Boo to stressful events from my past.
I think I realise why I have a hard time taking Jpop groups seriously. Or modern Jpop that's post noughties era in general (I think my old brain is showing). Naturally there are some fabulous Jpop tunes from 80s and 90s and I discovered them through the power of Anime but I have yet to sit down through a pop singer or pop band's discography religiously. I should amend this issue when I'm not too tied down by metal.

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2013 gigs I'd like to attend but can't due to budgeting

Depeche Mode @ O2 Arena London ~ Dave Gahan is one of my few FILFs and Depeche Mode are legendary.

The Micro Head 4N's @ The Garage, London ~ just heard they're doing signing sessions after their gigs. I missed out on signing opportunities at Hyper Japan and utterly gutted. So maybe they'll do a short show and have a support act who won't play for too long. edit they cancelled the London gig. I guess the tickets weren't selling well.

Muse @ Emirates Stadium ~ was meant to see them in 2010 at Wembley Stadium but I was not in the best mood so sold my ticket. I know they are theatrical.

Michael Buble @ O2 Arena ~ I've seen him twice but wouldn't mind going to see him again and let my family experience his amazing showmanship.

Wang Leehom @ O2 Arena

Who I wouldn't mind seeing if they came here but probably won't be able afford

CN Blue ~ missed out on them last year because I wasn't working and had my cousin visiting.

Shinhwa ~ they're like the BSB or Take That. A man band that seems to threaten the youth. They're hardly out of date and still show they've got what it takes to perform. I know their comeback wasn't OMG epic like BB or anyone else but they're well respected. OTOH I'd like to see Eric Mun Oppa IRL 8)

Super Junior ~ if Heechul came to London I'd probably die.


Who I want to see again and will probably save up for them

it might be obvious

BIGBANG ~ I'd go VIP on them again. I really would. If I did buy tickets to see them again in London I have to sacrifice a lot of other gigs that are not BB-related in order to save up at least £200+.

G-Dragon ~ he's doing a live tour in Japan in Spring but it's likely he'll hit the rest of Asia. Whether or not he'll do Europe is still a mystery. Considering he just visited London and Paris recently...one can only hope. Methinks he's officially my no 1 now...o_O
I didn't watch the live stream since my connection wasn't working properly...and I was having a crap day so that didn't make the situation any better. Thankfully fans managed to upload the performances I wanted to catch so yay Big Bang. I'll try to find the Super Junior one later on.

Glee, if you ever want to do an epic mashup please learn from Big Bang :P I liked the Gangnam and Fantastic Baby mashup quite a lot. I mean, ehhhhhh sexay lady followed by boom shakalaka is hilarious. BB are getting their Gangnam on hoho. I think it would've been cooler if Psy did show up.

Why has GD got so many tattoos suddenly? o_O But I liked his new hair colour of the week *strokes his hair* and his Yves Saint Laurent suit that he showed on his Instagram was nom. I tweeted to him saying his hair colour reminded me of hide from X Japan hehe. OMG imagine if he did dye his top hair pink then left the rest black in the same way hide did.

Liked the little One Of A Kind and Crayon performance which then lead into Fantastic Baby. Boom first thing is getting hit by Seungri's hotness. Roar. Daesung's light green hair shocked me to begin with but then it warmed up to me. He reminds me of a character from a game or an Anime. I can't pinpoint who though which is going to bug me for the rest of the week. TOP was fooking hot in black from top to bottom. Why?!?!?!?!? GD, Daesung and Taeyang went on bling overload too. I couldn't bear so much sparkling ^_^;;

I watched an episode of Catherine where BB were the guests (Ari-chan's board game was clever, it shows you their personalities :D) and they went on a scary Japanese rollercoaster ride and visited a haunted house. I've never been to a haunted house however I've been to London Dungeon and The London Bridge Experience. If Daesung gave me those faces at the London Bridge Experience it wouldn't surprise me. I imagine he'd grip onto someone like he did at this haunted house. Maybe that could be another challenge for Big Bang. Next time they visit London, go to London Dungeon or The London Bridge Experience. I found the latter far scarier. I really did come close to having a heart attack and I screamed far too much for my liking.

I was a complete idiot and had to hold onto my cousin at the beginning because I was terrified. Near the end of the 'journey' you have to hold onto the person in front's shoulder and not let go. Sadly my trousers got stuck so our line got split. That day was raining and it made me klutzy, even inside the building. Come to think of it, The London Bridge Experience might be tame for Big Bang's liking. Although wouldn't it be nice to go there with the guys? ^_^;; I might build an immune system up since my visit there and have a rough idea on when the monsters come out though the staff could change things around which would make it worse. I'm a bit like Daesung and GD, I don't like rollercoasters and haunted houses.

2012 music

Dec. 29th, 2012 05:35 pm
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There are different music genres being discussed here.

2012 albums and songs I liked )
Ever since I saw Zero at Hyper Japan or sort of got eyep0rned by him I promised myself I'd sit down to listen to D'espairsRay properly. Might go for Ricky, Shun and Kazuya's previous bands. Not too fond of the Nagoya Kei genre tbh but will see how much my mind can absorb.

I'm on the first compilation album now. Truthfully I still get "hmmm" whenever a song has nothing but growls and screams that are so common in doom metal/black metal. But when Hizumi is actually singing...it's really good. I have this kind of feeling with Dir en grey's newer music. Sure I know it's part of experimenting but if I'm going to listen to some songs and resonate with the lyrics I'd like to know what is being said. Growling does go well when the song speeds up and you want to headbang like hell but seriously singing your emotions out so the crowd can feel what you feel is also a plus.

I just remembered D'espairsRay did play in London and the UK a few times. One venue I remember hearing they played at was Alexandra Palace which is like 8 mins from where I live. Very convenient to get to by train though you have to walk for a bit after you arrive at the station. I think that venue has some personal significance as that was the first time I ever went to a gig and the first time I saw Franz Ferdinand.


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