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So I finally managed to see Josh Groban with a full band to back him up this time. The previous concert I went to was more intimate and very acoustic.

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aka why I could possibly never genuinely befriend elitist/purist and rabid fans of any genre or fandom. I thought my British Born Chinese ethnicity had too many predicaments. What about personal interests and passions? T_T

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Two things which I did on Friday:

* Woke up early to get a Josh Groban ticket before 9am sale. He's coming to the O2 Arena London in June. Can't believe I splashed some cash on gigs again. I've seen him live before but not with the full orchestra. Just acoustically.

* Went to St Pancras International to catch Kerry Ellis and Brian May opening the special charity event for Tiger Tracks. Said organisation want to raise awareness of tigers who are in danger of extinction for various reasons. I haven't been tracking Kerry's concerts lately because I've been a bit down and last time I was meant to go see her I had to sell my ticket due to my Malaysia holiday back in 2011. This acoustic set in St Pancras was better than nothing. I've never been upstairs at the Grand Terrace as much so it was interesting to see how the stage would be set up. It's where the London Midland train platforms are but also where you can see some posh bars.

I started standing around the Grand Terrace at 5:30pm after a lot of hanging around the shops and having a cup of tea in a cafe. I had arrived too early as I went to Ealing to pick up a library book and have a quick lunch before going to Kings Cross.
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Hayashi Yoshiki, Tuomas Holopainen, Josh Groban and Adam Lambert.
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Any Josh Groban songs or happy tunes from the land of Kpop and Jpop ^_^;;
Given how LJ is playing up, I thought I'd try to update using email instead. I've managed to read some of your updates, f-list but LJ has not been kind in allowing me to comment properly. Frustrating days.
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  • 02:00 Tweets for Today #
  • 08:48 I like this video by @yahooomguk #
  • 08:50 I <3 the yahoo omg interview with the @the_overtones, plus that little clip was hilarious. Your faces made me laugh ^.^ #
  • 08:52 Writer's Block: Look into my crystal ball #
  • 08:52 Writer's Block: Look into my crystal ball #
  • 11:12 Robert Knepper interview at #lfcc #
  • 11:57 Finished Secret Circle: The Initiation. Hope things get more interesting later on... #
  • 16:20 Wow wednesday boredom how i hate you so :/ #
  • 16:22 Completely forgot to catch up with over the rainbow and vampire knight. Hope i get through more eps of those soon. #
  • 16:24 I will leave aside the other kdrama boxsets i bought once over the rainbow is done. Promised myself i'd check out my princess #
  • 19:10 I liked a @YouTube video Yoshiki Interview at London England part 1 #
  • 19:11 seriously <3 @yoshikiofficial 's interview here in London :D #
  • 19:43 The Overtones signing session pics #
  • 21:36 #itunesfestival just tuned into @whiteliesmusic . Opening up with my fav song farewell to the fairground #
  • 21:48 #itunesfestival Holy Ghost is a great song. Still slightly perplexed by the music video though :/ #
  • 21:51 #itunesfestival ah E.S.T \m/ #
  • 21:52 I remember @whiteliesmusic 's E.S.T used in #gossipgirl season 1 #
  • 22:13 #youngkidsshouldbebannedfrom social networking sites #
  • 22:18 A slideshow of some of my pics taken from @the_overtones ' HMV Selfridges signing session [11 July 2011] #
  • 22:25 #itunesfestival w00t Death :) @whiteliesmusic #
  • 22:29 #itunestfestival Holy f*ck the mosh pit is getting crazier now #
  • 22:31 Photo: Gorgeous :) #
  • 22:36 Photo: gira-con-me: Wow never expected this to happen. #
  • 22:44 #itunesfestival Had the feeling @whiteliesmusic would end the night with Bigger Than Us :) #
  • 22:57 Photo: #
  • 22:59 Photo: Hellooooo #
  • 23:12 @whiteliesmusic great show at #itunesfestival tonight. I was watching at home since i didn't win tix to see you guys #
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  • 02:00 Tweets for Today #
  • 08:57 @YoshikiOfficial well that was nice of hide-san. But why did you order fish if you can't eat the bones in the first place? ^_^;; #
  • 08:58 @MattWycliffe morning to you too :) #
  • 09:01 @gogomomokoko I expected the article to say she liked Robert Pattinson haha #
  • 09:03 @therealgokwan well it's better than finding yourself crying from a bad dream you can hardly remember right? #
  • 09:06 #ialwayswantedtobea rockstar, minus the enormous musician's ego #
  • 11:15 It seems we will be getting new PCs next week. I'm up for that. But I'm worried whether all the files and progs I need will still be ok #
  • 11:15 Hopefully I can listen to music on the new pc because this one has sound problems :/ #
  • 12:00 @YoshikiOfficial so happy you guys got coverage on UK news (kind of) :D #
  • 12:01 @YoshikiOfficial Oh if you're not up for PG Tips, try Tetley or expensive breakfast tea like Peyton & Byrne. #
  • 12:01 @YoshikiOfficial you should've gone to Japan Centre to buy green tea, silly ^_^;; Or even Arigato supermarket #
  • 12:03 RT @yoshikiofficial: #WeAreX !!! Paris show is tomorrow! 明日はフランスでコンサートだよ!!! #
  • 12:05 I keep wanting to write stage dive but my brain insists I type tongue dive instead. Damn you @adamlambert for infecting my mind xD #
  • 12:08 OK tbf I can't imagine @yoshikiofficial wanting to tongue dive any fans since he stage dives more. Would @gackt tongue dive though? Hmm... #
  • 14:32 @gogomomokoko I was also thinking about other minor characters e.g. the guy who plays Viktor Krum (forgot his name completely) #
  • 14:37 @official_tWitch I'm working unfortunately during those hours. Sorry Twitch :( #
  • 14:55 Writer's Block: Upon further review #
  • 14:55 Writer's Block: Upon further review #
  • 15:14 @takethat #ProgressLiveTop3 Back For Good, Rule The World and Pray #
  • 16:04 Scars, silent jealousy, endless rain and forever love #
  • 19:19 @gogomomokoko we can't listen to music while we work (supervisor is so boring). Only during breaks :/ #
  • 19:25 @TomFelton what also pisses me off is how chavs and urban types like to blast their mobile phone music on loudspeaker. Seriously wth? #
  • 19:54 @gogomomokoko can you actually bookmark the page you're up to? #
  • 19:57 @gogomomokoko wow surf the net too?! Now I'm curious lol #
  • 20:03 @gogomomokoko I thought it was just an ebook reader and that was it. Didn't realise it had basic surfing included. No wonder it's popular #
  • 20:27 Today was relaxing. Seems the workload is okay so far. Plus my supervisor is off this week. Makes it even better #
  • 21:51 #nothingsmoreirritating than hearing loud music playing in the middle of the night #
  • 21:54 Is there some Bollywood open air concert or something in the local park? I can hear the music from my room. It's so loud #
  • 21:57 Photo: › You’d be an excellent rapper! J-Gro! Why J-Gro? Well, I don’t know if you caught at the beginning;... #
  • 22:38 OK an Indian wedding is taking place nearby. Shouldn't they have booked a hall instead of doing the ceremony in a residential area? #
  • 22:42 @YoshikiOfficial sorry for the clapping. I totally understand it ruins the deep focus while you're on piano #
  • 22:49 @YoshikiOfficial but just so you know you were magnificent playing the Art Of Life piano part. #
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A musician's amazing songwriting skills e.g. Hayashi Yoshiki or Tuomas Holopainen. Angelic voices like Josh Groban or Tarja Turunen. Or even killer guitar skills. I don't have a specific guitarist I obsess over. If s/he gives a great performance and shows s/he can play guitar it could inspire me. Also said for pianists. I want to be like Yoshiki when he overindulges in his music while by the piano, allow the music to flow through you.

Would of course like to be a professional ballroom dancer like many pros you see on dance shows such as SYTYCD, Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing With The Stars :/ Mark Kanemura isn't ballroom obviously but he is such a wonderful dancer. Eccentric yet shows his passion for dancing. Wish I had that kind of passion for something and held onto it for many years to get to advanced level.
OK I don't watch NMTB as much. I've never seen it from the beginning but when there are interesting people on there I'll watch. Josh was just hilarious as the guest host for this episode of Buzzcocks. I haven't laughed so much in a long time but he did a great job. Just some things I had noticed...

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Josh needs to come back to Buzzcocks as a host or to compete again. Yes please :D
Josh was great. I didn't expect it to be just two people on instruments and Josh helping out on piano when he needed to. Very intimate gig in a chapel along with the odd fan being allowed to ask questions to the man himself. Josh got spoiled greatly with many gifts. There was like a 10 min session where Grobanites just came at him from front row with loads of gifts. It was quite hilarious. He also asked some fans to sit on the sofas on the stage *is jealous.*

Hope he comes back for a proper tour next year. The queue outside took up the entire road where the chapel was located and I had to move seats a few times to get a better view from upstairs. My final seat was ok and I arrived in Islington really late. Hardcore Grobanites I imagine had been queuing up since early afternoon. It was so cold that day too.

Josh started from 8:05pm and finished around 9:45pm. No support act. It was a cosy night out with a curly haired guy who holds one crazy voice :) My only little complaint is the sound inside the chapel. I could hear him sing very clearly but when it came to question time in between the songs it was difficult to pick up every single word he was saying from upstairs.

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