[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not white but English is my mothertongue as I was born in UK and I speak Cantonese weakly. My Mandarin is also just as bad in both writing and speaking (in other words my Hanzi - really shit). I studied French and German till I finished school completely. If I could learn languages fluently well then Cantonese and Mandarin would be at the top of my list right next to Korean and Japanese. As an Asian person I want to be a decent linguist at Asian languages but my upbringing and predicaments that developed from the beginning do have a strong effect on how I pick things up, especially since I do not like studying at all. Not your typical Asian geek.

Following my review on BIGBANG's Alive Tour In Seoul DVD back in February, I will now take a look at one of their newest live DVDs - Alive Galaxy World Tour.

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Just when I was discussing how Asians tend to be territorial, I hear about a new Kpop girl band debuting with a European member.

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I think Seoulbeats' article written by an Asian American nails every little thing I had been meaning to say but couldn't express in the right words. I have briefly mentioned about territorial fanbases in the EXO comeback show drama post as well.

This 'international' group also reminded me of my old dream of forming a Visual Kei/symphonic metal Asian band consisting of Chinese, Japanese and Korean to mainly eliminate the historical grudges but typically my family disagreed with the idea, thinking it would not work and that we would not get along. This was all before I had taken notice of Kpop bands adding other Asians to their bands. I wonder if it would've gotten somewhere if I had taken guitar lessons seriously enough during my spare time and met the right people if I made the effort to socialise more. Sadly my brain is not built for studying.
Referring to EXO's comeback show on 30th May and lots of fans were turned away. Omona reported it. Original source is from a Onehallyu forum. Link to the specific thread is at the end of that post. It's incredibly long. Turns out it wasn't just non-Korean fans that got the boot (non-Korean meaning other Asians and Westerners), even a few Koreans were told to go.

Excited but rowdy fans and crappy organisation seem to be the blame here. Plus one member of staff saying something about international fans that got the fandom mad. Although it seemed he was mad because of previous fan behaviour from previous shows which included ignoring certain rules of recording footage. So it must've clung into his head that a large number of international fans are like that.

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Food crazy

May. 11th, 2013 11:54 pm
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Ate so much food today for the early celebration. We had Japanese food at one of our usual restaurants (Yaki Gyoza , Spicy Cold Soba) and then bought desserts from a Taiwanese bakery.

I didn't have a proper cake. Just little desserts.

Been thinking about wearing black nail polish lately (for lolz) after getting my nails done with clear varnish, just to protect them from damage. I barely decorate my nails to be honest because I always seem to accidentally dent the nails...though I got inspired after the little manicure and maybe it'll train me to be a little more cautious when I do things.
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Was looking at the ONTD posts on Star Trek Into Darkness and Benedict Cumberbatch himself after his appearance with Chris Pine on The Graham Norton Show. Comments were tl;dr though the general gist is that they think Benedict is fugly and it is like backlash against the rabid fanbase of Cumberbitches. TBH that particular style of slicked hair on the red carpet didn't do him much justice (I know he doesn't want to look like Sherlock but the wavy hair is nice, as are his natural "ginger" locks) . That goofy animated gif from the Leicester Square red carpet only frightened readers D: I personally cracked up a little because it's a side of Benedict you don't always see. When I saw him at the Anna Karenina UK Premiere he looked good and he wasn't as buffed up at that time from filming Star Trek.

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Iris is a 20 episode series that shares the record of being one of the most expensive dramas ever produced. But does the budget make this espionage drama worth watching?

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As much as I like live music, I seem to be a serious masochistic and tolerate the pain of being in the pit. Oh joy. But comparing my experiences between the Jrock and British/Scandinavian gigs I've been to in the past...I picked up some small things.

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Still unemployed since getting the boot seven weeks ago. I'm waiting for feedback on internships and job applications. They have late deadlines which might be good if you want to take your time writing good answers but it's painful to wait when you want to do something ASAP and get out of Job Seekers Allowance. Honestly, does the government think reducing the benefits or cutting the amount for lazy Brits and migrants is going to be any help for those who are genuinely looking for work and not family folk? My country is poor and it shows but I hate the snotty rich people who come here from overseas like they own everyone.

Well my job advisor can see what I'm doing since I've registered on Universal Jobmatch. I'm not lying on the job hunting but it is utterly depressing. I have to do approximately 12 applications in a week. WTFH? I really don't want to fly away since I can't fend for myself whatsoever. Though it might be the last option. Or go for another course to build up my skills - a subject I dislike in particular.

Anyway I was tempted to apply as a volunteer at Hyper Japan 2013 in July but then it might affect my so-called schedule to meet any famous people who have been invited as guests. You never know if it is someone you like. I went crazy with the 3 day pass last November. I did a lot of geeky stuff and met a Jrock band I had never heard of and became a fan after seeing them perform live. Conventions hadn't been on my mind since I crash landed into the arms world of Big Bang and so far LFCC hasn't gotten any guests I actually know very well aside from Sarah Wayne Callies who I remember best in Prison Break.

Been catching up on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji season 1 and nearly done with that finally before moving onto season 2 which I hear is not very good though I'll persevere in order to see who the new characters are. Still fuming over how I didn't buy a Ciel plushie at Hyper Japan or Collectormania London last year. My Sebastian plushie needs a Ciel...or a Grell haha.

If Showmasters got a Vampire Diaries guest at their forthcoming conventions and I happen to know him/her it'll be a risk to meet that person because I'm behind on TVD in general. I stopped watching hte series after the mid-season break finished but that might've been a mistake since I apparently missed out on a lot of stuff and with the arrival of the Originals spin off I have a lot to catch up on.
I got inspired by this fandom post on Asian Junkie and another post discussing International and Korean fans in Kpop fandom. Even the UnitedKpop post on race got my brain buzzing.

As someone who used to be a regular contributor in many kinds of fandoms ranging from Rurouni Kenshin, Heroes to Jrock music fangirling and a lot more in the days (yes I used to be a rabid fangirl who did those bad things like bashing characters and regretted it), I have recently developed an understanding as to why a large number of native Asians tend to be...selfish and not always wanting to share their fandom culture. Mainly because it's started to happen to me as I get older. I think this is a bad sign.

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Incomprehensible post warning ^_^;;

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I still want more tracks like Oh My Friend or Oh Mom. Ya hear me GD?! XD
I didn't watch the live stream since my connection wasn't working properly...and I was having a crap day so that didn't make the situation any better. Thankfully fans managed to upload the performances I wanted to catch so yay Big Bang. I'll try to find the Super Junior one later on.

Glee, if you ever want to do an epic mashup please learn from Big Bang :P I liked the Gangnam and Fantastic Baby mashup quite a lot. I mean, ehhhhhh sexay lady followed by boom shakalaka is hilarious. BB are getting their Gangnam on hoho. I think it would've been cooler if Psy did show up.

Why has GD got so many tattoos suddenly? o_O But I liked his new hair colour of the week *strokes his hair* and his Yves Saint Laurent suit that he showed on his Instagram was nom. I tweeted to him saying his hair colour reminded me of hide from X Japan hehe. OMG imagine if he did dye his top hair pink then left the rest black in the same way hide did.

Liked the little One Of A Kind and Crayon performance which then lead into Fantastic Baby. Boom first thing is getting hit by Seungri's hotness. Roar. Daesung's light green hair shocked me to begin with but then it warmed up to me. He reminds me of a character from a game or an Anime. I can't pinpoint who though which is going to bug me for the rest of the week. TOP was fooking hot in black from top to bottom. Why?!?!?!?!? GD, Daesung and Taeyang went on bling overload too. I couldn't bear so much sparkling ^_^;;

I watched an episode of Catherine where BB were the guests (Ari-chan's board game was clever, it shows you their personalities :D) and they went on a scary Japanese rollercoaster ride and visited a haunted house. I've never been to a haunted house however I've been to London Dungeon and The London Bridge Experience. If Daesung gave me those faces at the London Bridge Experience it wouldn't surprise me. I imagine he'd grip onto someone like he did at this haunted house. Maybe that could be another challenge for Big Bang. Next time they visit London, go to London Dungeon or The London Bridge Experience. I found the latter far scarier. I really did come close to having a heart attack and I screamed far too much for my liking.

I was a complete idiot and had to hold onto my cousin at the beginning because I was terrified. Near the end of the 'journey' you have to hold onto the person in front's shoulder and not let go. Sadly my trousers got stuck so our line got split. That day was raining and it made me klutzy, even inside the building. Come to think of it, The London Bridge Experience might be tame for Big Bang's liking. Although wouldn't it be nice to go there with the guys? ^_^;; I might build an immune system up since my visit there and have a rough idea on when the monsters come out though the staff could change things around which would make it worse. I'm a bit like Daesung and GD, I don't like rollercoasters and haunted houses.
Following on from my Hyper Japan report here are some videos.

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An entire weekend of craziness. The fangirl in me has never been this mad.

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Most of my random Hyper Japan 2012 Christmas photos can be seen here and my Ninjaman Japan photos are here
I'm going with guys now. I have to admit there are two Korean guys who have a cuteness and I often get mixed up with them because they both look alike XD

It's Sungmin and G-Dragon's fault. I don't know why I sometimes get confused with these two. They both tend to have a adorable, effeminate look but in the later years I find they can behave like funky guys. I wouldn't call them super manly like their other band mates though. On the other hand if I had to compare the two, I'd think G-Dragon can pull off cute and hot swagger quite nicely. He shows he can switch. Sungmin can be hot but so can the other SuJu boys. Sexy, Free and Single anyone?!

I know Daesung can be cute. I will have to find time to watch SuJu and Big Bang in various shows. I need some dorky lolz soon but I'm too sidetracked with this psychological book I'm trying to get through.

I know Jrock guys can be kawaii. Ah my Jrockers I miss their adorkable nature but of course when they change their style or mature as musicians and people they cut down on the dorky side. I remember from watching old performances of X Japan Yoshiki was a much softer speaker and often shy to speak in the microphone when Toshi passed it to him. Malice Mizer!Mana when he was dressed like a Lolita he would pull off the cute girly act well.

I get the feeling I'll have to cut my Kpop tag and add seperate ones for Super Junior and Big Bang
On the subject of Asian female 'cuteness'...

Aegyo, Kawaii, 可爱 {kěài} etc

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I was sent this video following a discussion on British accents:

My first impression was, "bit of a chav" but that kind of faded when I got further into the video. His huge variety of impressions is actually really good and he sounds like he knows a lot about regional accents and did his homework.

I had to have a think about the Cantonese one, which is nearer to the end, and I originally thought it was wrong. But then after more thinking I realised I was relieved it was nothing like the "flied lice" or "ching chong" talking that most Chinese are known to have and publicly show off too much. That's the ultimate stereotype of woefulness that I'd like to avoid being put in. Is it wrong to be relieved he didn't go down the flied rice route?

Of course not all Chinese have trouble pronouncing their R's but this guy's impersonation was safe and more on the HK film stereotype that you get in kung-fu flicks. It's possible he modelled the tone from Bruce Lee, who in my opinion sounds quite ghetto when he's speaking English with his natural Cantonese accent. The Japanese one - again quite stereotypical. More on the Samurai way of speaking. I think it's quite close though.

TMI it seems

Aug. 1st, 2012 11:28 pm
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Went out for lunch this afternoon at a Japanese restaurant in NW London (with mostly non-Japanese waitresses but the chefs are Japanese) and as soon as we got a table a group of four Chinese walked in like they thought they were the boss.
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My entry for Blog For Japan competition

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