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I'm really sorry this LJ is dead. No doubt we can blame Twitter and Tumblr because of their convenience and boom in popularity. Plus...I have other blogs I write on - one of them happens to be a blog for someone else and I have to keep updated on certain news for that site. I will keep this LJ open because I like to fangirl here.
aka why I could possibly never genuinely befriend elitist/purist and rabid fans of any genre or fandom. I thought my British Born Chinese ethnicity had too many predicaments. What about personal interests and passions? T_T

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I got inspired by this fandom post on Asian Junkie and another post discussing International and Korean fans in Kpop fandom. Even the UnitedKpop post on race got my brain buzzing.

As someone who used to be a regular contributor in many kinds of fandoms ranging from Rurouni Kenshin, Heroes to Jrock music fangirling and a lot more in the days (yes I used to be a rabid fangirl who did those bad things like bashing characters and regretted it), I have recently developed an understanding as to why a large number of native Asians tend to be...selfish and not always wanting to share their fandom culture. Mainly because it's started to happen to me as I get older. I think this is a bad sign.

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Yeah quite a few people from conventions and signing events. Too bad some of the encounters consisted of quickly get your item signed then dash off as soon as your turn was done but there were a few 'famous' people who were really nice it took me by surprise

A few people I met include:

- Nightwish (signing sesion. So quick but... Tuomas smiled at me. He was the first person I said hi to and he's so hot)

- Apocalyptica (meet and greet at Kentish Town gig in November 2010. Had more interaction with Paavo)

- James Kyson Lee at Collectormania 12

- Keeley Hawes at LFCC 2009

- Eve Myles at LFCC 2009

- Tom Felton at Collectormania 15

- Dean Andrews at Collectormania 14

- James & Oliver Phelps at LFCC 2009

- Kerry Ellis (signing session)

- The Overtones (signing session at Selfridges. Think I nearly went into a fit because they were rather nice... and looked dashing in their suits)

- Alex Kapranos and Bob Hardy from Franz Ferdinand after their Hammersmith gig in March 2009. Alex was a chatty, polite guy.
Amazing how this guy went from looking all cute and youthful... fierce and creepy in Prison Break where his character would possibly be a breakthrough role for his career :)

He eventually became Samuel in Heroes who was also manipulative and disturbing but rather different to his T-Bag character

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Some of the guys I like aren't really bad guys. They just have really different opinion to what the good guys have. Though if there's a guy who is so evil and I like him because he is 'deliciously evil' it would probably be The Joker. The versions in Batman (animated or Tim Burton film) and The Dark Knight were sinister.

Also really like the following 'villains':

~ Sakurazuka Seishirou [Tokyo Babylon and X/1999]. He just has to take his glasses off and show his dark face, melting away the very cheerful face he puts on around the Sumeragi twins. Dum dum dum. He's a fascinating character. You don't know what he's thinking as he's always been emotionless most of the time.

~ Muraki Kazutaka [Yami no Matsuei]. Muraki-sensei is so fucked. He's got family issues and obsessed with Tsuzuki's body for his own needs (not sex but other stuff).

~ Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell [Prison Break]. He can be so creepy and very dangerous. I also find him unpredictable. You won't always know when he'll strike you from behind. However his relationship with a woman called Susan brings out other sides of his character you never really see until season 2.

~ Samuel Sullivan [Heroes]. He was the main reason I tuned in to watch Heroes season 4, even though I do like most of the cast when they're written well. The minute Robert Knepper was announced as a character in Heroes I stupidly went all fangirl. Samuel is manipulative like T-Bag but he is also charming that it makes you shudder (I mean he was sort of 'romantic' with his ex-girlfriend when he took her to the carnival). He just has to slouch lazily in his trench coat and I'm all "*_*"
But LFCC 2011 has been okay. I did mess up completely though when it came to meeting the one guest for the weekend. I'm so bloody sorry, person :'( I blame my bad stomachache and major exhaustion for the Friday blunder. I couldn't even remember all the words I said. I only recall requesting two personalised pics, saying thanks quickly and shaking Robert Knepper's hand twice. On Friday night I was absolutely knackered from a long day at work and very hungry. Nerves didn't help either. I didn't know it was his birthday on Fri as well. Boo. He was rather polite nonetheless, despite noticing how weird I was but I'm always weird. This was just... exceptional


Not sure if I'll stick around for Sunday as Lee Ingleby cancelled but I might go round the stalls one more time to see if anything catches my fancy.

I only bought one shounen-ai Manga from the Yaoikingdom stall. Had a brief chat with the guys working (yes guys!!) and we were talking about Yaoi. One of them was recommending a few titles that weren't plotless smut. The Hentai stall was just behind this stall and boobies were everywhere there. I was so tempted to buy some random Japanese sweets and I was quite disappointed there weren't many plushies around.

LFCC was much busier this time. More stalls and film sets as well as props available to check out. I rather liked the Japanese cultural talks. Learnt a lot about the Kimono and the tea ceremony. They need to put more Japanese-y things in the con. I even suggested Yoshiki as a potential guest because that would make my day.

Robert's stage talk was really good. Managed to answer a lot of interesting questions from the fans. Occasionally went into his T-Bag voice lol. He even understands why women swoon over Wentworth Miller. It's the eyes for sure!!

Oh it was also busy because of Karen Gillan. She was a treat for the Whovians. I didn't go to meet her or get a photoshoot (too behind on DW) but I did catch some of her stage talk and she was quite funny. Saw a lot of Amy Pond and Eleven cosplayers, some crossdressers who were obviously male and a lot of geeks who I couldn't tell were male or female. Also forgot to ask a Kakashi cosplayer for a photo because he looked in character.
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TARDIS because it's convenient and I'm lazy tbh. If I was to be serious however...well I'd do the old fashioned way and use my mind. Would I squint my eyes like Nakamura Hiro does? Yeah probably :P

  • 09:18:09: Friday 13th and typically feeling like crap. Seriously want to go home right now
  • 09:55:21: Wow methinks it will pour with rain at anytime. Nice friday eh?
  • 14:09:19: @WTofficial aww, not too keen on the venue (the area itself is generally a no go for me) but I'm happy to hear the gig sold out.
  • 14:40:18: Reading VA bk2 and find Adrian a cheeky sod lol
  • 15:35:41: I haven’t watched the season 7 results of SYTYCD as I would rather surprise myself. I’ve had to even avoid...
  • 15:46:19: First week back is nearly over and i am back to being restless, miserable wreck in the office
  • 18:12:20: @gogomomokoko yeah it is :) I'm glad a week is done... but the weekend goes too quick which is a shame
  • 18:17:38: I liked a YouTube video -- Prison Break: Sexy T.Bag
  • 18:23:12: I liked a YouTube video -- Dirty Teddy
  • 18:26:32: @Kiz_zle I may have a whole chicken token that i haven't used yet. You want? :P
  • 19:40:26: @JamesKysonLee amen to that James. It's always crapping on me whenever it's around the corner
  • 20:00:09: #NowPlaying Longing - @xjapanofficial . I can still sing this off by heart after a long absence from X Japan's music O_O
  • 21:52:50: #sytycd Robert was going to be 3rd place :( It's okay though. He had some amazing acts I'll remember for a long time
  • 21:53:18: #sytycd whoa well done Lauren. Sorry Kent. I think being the last girl standing paid off for her.
  • 21:53:47: #sytycd I didn't expect Ellen's guest appearance at all. I remember Alex mentioned trying to get on Ellen's show a while ago but whoa...
  • 21:55:16: @iansomerhalder what smoldering looks mmmm ;) Come on season 2 start already XD
  • 22:11:35: I liked a YouTube video -- Mark & Boys, Boys, Boys
  • 22:18:44: #Sytycd nice to finally have charlie from sytycd uk in the s7 finale. I liked that routine. Drew was her orig partner but Neil was v. good

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  • 09:04:32: I’m pretty sure Tarja’s classical gig in Hungary will be a blast. Will need to keep an eye out for HQ clips...
  • 12:15:40: RT @polydorrecords: RT this msg to win this MEGA spring clean bundle. Winner picked at random #polydorfriday
  • 12:22:25: #happystgeorgesday to anyone who celebrates =)
  • 12:25:12: @alkapranos "Cherie Blair seducing Obi Wan Kenobi" ~ imagine that actually happening for real. It would be enough to make me shudder :/
  • 12:26:15: Hoping for a day I say goodbye to my job and depart with honour on a more promising career path elsewhere. Yume no Chikara ne?
  • 18:58:39: @JamesKysonLee - Hehe this looks like it'll be fun. Much love to you and @iansomerhald
  • 18:59:23: @jameskysonlee ...should be iansomerhalder but somehow my tweet got cut off :/
  • 21:26:35: #ashestoashes Jim is a character you're meant to hate but he has this weird charm behind those big glasses of his.
  • 21:29:17: @TrueBloodHBO if you could be featured in a music video of your favourite musician who would it be?
  • 21:58:54: @keaneofficial not sure what fellow fans are fussing about on Tom's GT interview. I thought it was a great interview and the pics were nice
  • 22:00:45: Haven't watched latest ep of VD but accidentally spoiled myself on finding out which WT song was used xD
  • 22:07:44: #ashestoashes I really do *heart* Chris. He cares about women a lot. Bless him.
  • 22:22:39: Surely Ms Pussycat Doll on DWTS is getting overscored. I liked her Tango with Derek but I wouldn't have gone for a 10.
  • 22:23:20: That said, I still want a girl to win this season. If it isn't the girl I want I suspect it would be either Nicole or Pamela.
  • 22:23:43: Bet women want Evan to win. He is good and his skating is <3 but... just want a female to win after a long absence lah D:
  • 22:24:10: Also apply that little peeve to SCD too. Hello, we need a female winner soon please. Alesha was amazing in 2007 show

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  • 10:08:32: Got the feeling I’ll be giving up on metal soon. The horror. Fandom collision and elitism doesn’t make things...
  • 13:20:22: @OfficialDHough lol I'm at a loss on what special team nickname to give you two. Uh...The Hough and the Pussycat *plz don't kill me*
  • 13:24:26: @ronanofficial happy birthday Ro :D Enjoy your 'lazy day' ;)
  • 13:43:40: really don't want to go back to work... just want to chill out and job hunt... or at least try to
  • 13:46:57: If DWTS is shown on Watch again for s10 that'll make me ureshii because then I get to see Maksim on my TV screen whoop xD
  • 18:48:06: RT @ladygaga: Its so silly,I do these interviews, + they say Gaga "arent u sick of the life," I think to myself, if they only knew how m ...
  • 18:52:26: @Mattdavelewis England matches are unpredictable. One might say they'll win and then they don't in the end or vice versa you know?
  • 20:04:41: @ladygaga well done!!
  • 20:42:14: Video: Futuristic Paso Doble by Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough. Awesome!!
  • 21:56:37: @Mattdavelewis well done for winning some cash xD
  • 21:56:52: @JamesKysonLee wow Kiwi fans are in for a treat. Have fun!!
  • 22:29:23: damn finding internships is a bum

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  • 10:34:07: @OfficialDHough your sentence is a cliffhanger xD
  • 10:36:14: @ABC__DWTS It definitely is. I'm a UK viewer and more familiar with @bbcstrictly but DWTS has some fantastic professionals and stars too
  • 11:16:55: RT @ladygaga:
    one of the most memorable performances I've been a part of. A truly magnificent ...
  • 11:18:47: @ladygaga I really liked the ballerinas dancing as you sang - makes the song have more meaning and brings a deeper touch of emotion
  • 16:14:37: @zgeorge222 - Those glasses suit you :) Makes you look like an intellectual bada$$ ;)
  • 16:37:07: #whatifgod had a special hot line or text number for those who need help?
  • 17:35:49: Coffee Prince ep 13 - oh the cuteness of the new couple makes me fuzzy
  • 18:59:13: @JamesKysonLee - I like this fanart. Ando looks cool xD
  • 19:00:27: @dancingonice Yeah my first reaction when he came out onto the rink was what the heck did he do ^_^;;
  • 19:23:55: #doi I recognised the song Kieron and Brianne were skating to. It's a classic punk rock track that gets me headbanging xD
  • 19:42:48: @dancingonice I felt bad for Danny but kind of wished the crowd would just stop booing so loudly in order for the criticism to be heard.
  • 19:52:37: @dancingonice Those marks are what I'd give. Go Team Dayley!!
  • 19:53:49: #doi Hayley and Dan made me happy with that performance. Really liked the opening with them on the judges' panel
  • 20:31:21: #doi Gary made me swoon tonight xD
  • 22:10:02: Forgot about BAFTAs because 24 and DOI took priority. Will check in the papers on who won what
  • 22:11:24: #24 Sergei you got owned by your son. Oh dear Dana you are in trouble
  • 22:15:06: Back to really quiet office environment tomorrow. Damn the recession

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  • 08:23:08: *ouch to snark* - Wonder who is more boring between boss, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen
  • 08:45:33: "I’m gonna give all my secrets away" - Listening to Secrets by @OneRepublic . Simply brilliant!! Keeping me...
  • 10:34:05: To mainstream, be you, be kind - So the Damon and Elena LJ community says no bashing the actors and...
  • 21:22:37: @mishacollins well drats that cannot happen lol
  • 21:59:12: #heroes gosh this finale goes all over the place. Wow and Tracy helped?!
  • 21:59:42: #heroes Charlie omg omg. Hiro-kun nice to see you again. But oh Charlie... did not expect that to happen when you disappeared
  • 22:01:17: #heroes still trying to decide my view on the nicer Sylar. 5 yrs passing in that nightmare must have done a helluva lot to him
  • 22:02:22: Just got an email about my VD book 5 order. Wow it might be here next week. But I just got American Psycho from the library. Gaaaah!!
  • 22:14:35: #heroes after that finale I think there will be a season 5. Oh god more...? Not sure if Samuel will return. But he'd def be vengeful
  • 22:21:06: #heroes what kind of ideas would the writers apply for season 5? The carnival idea was interesting throughout...

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  • 13:26:59: @joshgroban I really can't wait to hear the new ver of this song. The original ver was a classic but I'm open to hearing this new one.
  • 13:28:30: Sorry meant Josh looks nothing like her ^_^;;
  • 20:04:07: I think this job is where I sleep at my desk the most. I've handled fatigue previously at other temp assignments but this one... oh dear
  • 22:39:28: #Heroes Sylar is becoming more like his Gabriel self. Time apparently moves faster in the dreamworld than reality. Oh and Samuel - omfg
  • 22:39:51: #Heroes liked the HRG backstory though. Goes into detail about his character.
  • 22:40:33: @apocalypticafi look forward to the new album guys :) Strange ideas, brave solutions hey bring it on
  • 22:44:31: #Heroes hoping for a major arse-kicking from Sylar and Peter in the finale

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  • 05:38:43: Vote @ladygaga at the Brits #gagatowin
  • 13:48:37: Not sure why people are slating Popstar To Operastar. It's not X Factor or the Idol franchise and it's most definitely not Celeb Big Bro
  • 19:59:53: #TFF1year uh huuuuh yeah
  • 20:11:03: #TFF1year No no no no you girls never know
  • 20:12:52: #TFF1year I sit and hear sentimental footsteps, then a voice say "hi, so? So what you got? What you got this time? Come on, let's get high..
  • 20:15:36: #TFF1year come on lexxo what you got next-o? Walking twenty fives-o? Well I'm bored, I'm bored come on let's get high..."
  • 20:18:46: #TFF1year Although I know you turn it on yeah, turn it on
  • 20:20:17: #TFF1year Kiss me, flick your cigarette and then kiss me. Kiss me where your eye won't meet me. Meet me where your mind won't kiss me
  • 20:22:36: #TFF1year Flick your mind at mine so briefly oh you know you know you're so sweetly. Ooh you know I know you know that I love you
  • 20:25:23: #TFF1year You can't feel it you can't feel it you can't feel it you can't feel anymore feel anymore feel anymore feel anymore :D
  • 22:07:47: #heroes 4.17 the art of deception - the tables turn when it comes to manipulation. Everything is just a bloody (no pun!!) mess in this ep
  • 22:12:34: Wait two more eps of Heroes...? That's shorter than usual but at least compared to vol 4 it hasn't been so confusing so far
  • 22:14:56: I'm still not impressed with the writers underusing god knows how many characters.
  • 22:15:49: @JamesKysonLee I'm nervous about the finale. So soon too D:
  • 22:27:39: If there will be a #heroes season 5 it better be worth it. Hopefully it'll be the last season and go out with a bang

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Just to elaborate on one of my tweets...

omg haven't used these tags in ages

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