[Error: unknown template qotd]It's been a really long time since I deeply soaked in anything Harry Potter so I can't be too detailed on the film vs book comparison. Prisoner of Azkaban was my favourite book. When Hermione did what she did to Draco...that was quite a turning point. I also felt PoA was darker compared to the first two books.
Kept hearing Tom Felton tweet about this documentary on BBC3 and I have to say I was surprised by it.
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A visit to the Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden is really worth the money. I didn't want to leave Hogwarts (what, with the state of the economy and Muggles people who roam the streets to make innocent lives hell wouldn't you like to be in a magical world? ^_^;;). It's definitely for the geeks who know everything about HP or any casual fan like myself. You don't realise how much you appreciate the hard work the crew put in to make these films so magical. Brilliant to see some of the set with your own eyes and how special effects were made for certain scenes or characters.

I was panicking on the day because I took the slow Overground train from Euston to Watford Junction. Should've gotten on the early London Midland train when I had the chance as that's 20 mins to Watford Junction rather than 40 mins like on Overground. Something to remember next time I go back.

As soon as I got to Watford Junction I managed to catch the shuttle bus to the studio and it was a short journey to the main destination. Got to my tour just on time after getting my ticket, digital guide and official guide that came with the package. TBH the digital guide isn't really needed but it does have a few vids that might be of interest and Tom Felton narrates a few of the tour stops.

First room we went into was a 'cinema room'. There were posters of the films showing in a slide show followed by a short clip of how Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone got published and we moved to the main cinema area to watch another documentary which had the main trio explaining how the studio became their home over the 10 years of filming. Screen lifts up and we get a huge set of doors. Another guide comes over and when she opens the door she says Welcome To Hogwarts. Doors open and we get the Great Hall...followed by endless gasps of amazement.

Slytherin uniform and Slytherin table in Great Hall on Twitpic

The guide is only here up to this point. She's asking questions such as what is your favourite scene that took place in the Great Hall and explains about the costumes on display. As soon as you walk into the props area you're on your own for the rest of the tour. Your last stop will lead you into the Gift Shop. Would it surprise you that everything there is expensive? I was tempted to get a Slytherin robe but it cost £74. WTH?

I wanted to get a Quidditch photo but was in a rush to see everything else. It's a long queue and you have to pay for how many photos you want before you queue to get on a broom in front of a green screen. I'll consider this next time I go back.

You can get Butterbeer at a stall when you go outside to see Privet Drive and the Knight Bus. It's really sweet for my liking but do give it a try if you can. I was quite tired after an hour of walking around and taking endless photos so the Butterbeer helped me get my energy back.

Inevitable photo that every visitor to @wb_studiotour will ta... on Twitpic

Knight Bus :D @wb_studiotour  on Twitpic

For any Tom Riddle fans...

Tom Riddle's gravestone .  I never realised how much cro... on Twitpic

My favourite tour stop was Diagon Alley. You see all the shops next to each other. It was difficult to get decent photos because the visitors/tourists was so close together and posing away so I couldn't get clear shots of each detail.

For more of my pics you can see them here
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Probably a mix of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger except I was not a boffin like the latter whatsoever. I may not have been a straight A student like a typical Asian nerd who knew everything but I did do my homework and submitted it on time mostly and focused in class whenever I could, ignoring the dicks who caused trouble. With Harry, he gets shit from the public, people gossip about him for various reasons regardless of whether they're true or not. Teachers or students who hated him gave the guy a hard time. I got all that for being a weirdo Chinese girl. Oh joy.
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  • 08:07 Must be embarrassing for those who sleep on the train and don't realise they are snoring very loudly o.o #
  • 08:56 @YoshikiOfficial have fun at #sdcc Yoshiki :) #
  • 09:27 The Secret Circle book suddenly got interesting again. I've still got a long way to read in bk 3 #
  • 10:32 @Mattdavelewis wow is the rain that bad over there? O.o hearing that reassures me british weather isn't all that bad #
  • 10:36 Was just informed about a discount for a ticket to an event. That's nice if the person told me earlier and before i bought the tix myself #
  • 10:38 What's even more irritating is that he can't remember us telling about the event a few wks ago. He didn't care and now suddenly he does. #
  • 10:44 Nii-san got another twitter. He's always been a liar and i bet he was kigurumi'ng while we were away. He even said he had no fb - also a lie #
  • 10:59 @DarrenCriss oh you're such a geek aren't you? ;) #
  • 11:00 Coming out to your friends and family is one thing but why are people so embarrassed to admit they're on social network sites? #dontgetit #
  • 11:05 SOB at work better not work too fast. Starting to hate sharing my work more and more each day. I need to drag it out till tomorrow #
  • 11:11 How can you trust your 'friends' and family when they have been lying to your face all along? #
  • 11:21 @vash_chan actually I kind of understand now. One doesn't want friends and family to know what they're writing (well then lock account) #
  • 12:09 @HYPERJAPANevent okay thanks ^^ #
  • 12:23 @russelltovey having a good shit is therapeutic though ;P #
  • 12:27 @AnimePicks the food and seeing wakeshima kanon perform some songs #
  • 13:06 @kylieminogue My fav album from the #kylieboxset is Aphrodite because it has so many upbeat pop songs that make me happy and carefree #
  • 16:01 Didn't win any tickets on iTunesFestival again this year in the end. Oh well :/ #
  • 16:10 Think my grammar is failing me. But was meant to say didn't win iTunesFestival tix again, just like last year #
  • 19:37 @YoshikiOfficial good luck Yoshiki :D #
  • 19:59 Photo: tumblr.com/xlu3mjnm4u #
  • 20:05 Video: fuckyeahyoshikihayashi: This was the song that introduced me to The Trax. Both this and the Japanese... tumblr.com/xlu3mjs8ua #
  • 20:06 Photo: a-pinkspider: I want this plushie so bad. Yoshikitty *_* tumblr.com/xlu3mjtekr #
  • 20:32 #trueblood oh wow didn't think they'd add in the Bellefleur and Compton family connection. #
  • 20:32 #trueblood laughed so hard when Marnie told everyone to stop saying fuck because she couldn't concentrate #
  • 20:34 Photoset: Mmmmmmm tumblr.com/xlu3mkf4kh #
  • 20:46 @officialkeith cars? #
  • 21:22 @the_overtones raining like hell over here this week. Hopefully it'll improve by the weekend or Monday #
  • 21:29 Wow recently noticed a few Gakuto fans are selling their London tickets. Is it the price or simply down to other commitments? Or both? o_O #
  • 21:32 #NowPlaying Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan @nightwishband (live) omg T_T #
  • 21:33 I forget how wonderful @tarjaofficial sounds when she sings Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan . I'm an old *and* new NW fan BTW so #nohating please #
  • 21:57 Dammit if Gackt sings Vanilla in London I'm going to cry. All the seating tix have sold out on HMV. Only standing. Damn #
  • 22:08 @YoshikiOfficial twitpic.com/5tn4ha - You're looking great <3 #
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But LFCC 2011 has been okay. I did mess up completely though when it came to meeting the one guest for the weekend. I'm so bloody sorry, person :'( I blame my bad stomachache and major exhaustion for the Friday blunder. I couldn't even remember all the words I said. I only recall requesting two personalised pics, saying thanks quickly and shaking Robert Knepper's hand twice. On Friday night I was absolutely knackered from a long day at work and very hungry. Nerves didn't help either. I didn't know it was his birthday on Fri as well. Boo. He was rather polite nonetheless, despite noticing how weird I was but I'm always weird. This was just... exceptional


Not sure if I'll stick around for Sunday as Lee Ingleby cancelled but I might go round the stalls one more time to see if anything catches my fancy.

I only bought one shounen-ai Manga from the Yaoikingdom stall. Had a brief chat with the guys working (yes guys!!) and we were talking about Yaoi. One of them was recommending a few titles that weren't plotless smut. The Hentai stall was just behind this stall and boobies were everywhere there. I was so tempted to buy some random Japanese sweets and I was quite disappointed there weren't many plushies around.

LFCC was much busier this time. More stalls and film sets as well as props available to check out. I rather liked the Japanese cultural talks. Learnt a lot about the Kimono and the tea ceremony. They need to put more Japanese-y things in the con. I even suggested Yoshiki as a potential guest because that would make my day.

Robert's stage talk was really good. Managed to answer a lot of interesting questions from the fans. Occasionally went into his T-Bag voice lol. He even understands why women swoon over Wentworth Miller. It's the eyes for sure!!

Oh it was also busy because of Karen Gillan. She was a treat for the Whovians. I didn't go to meet her or get a photoshoot (too behind on DW) but I did catch some of her stage talk and she was quite funny. Saw a lot of Amy Pond and Eleven cosplayers, some crossdressers who were obviously male and a lot of geeks who I couldn't tell were male or female. Also forgot to ask a Kakashi cosplayer for a photo because he looked in character.
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  • 08:57 @YoshikiOfficial well that was nice of hide-san. But why did you order fish if you can't eat the bones in the first place? ^_^;; #
  • 08:58 @MattWycliffe morning to you too :) #
  • 09:01 @gogomomokoko I expected the article to say she liked Robert Pattinson haha #
  • 09:03 @therealgokwan well it's better than finding yourself crying from a bad dream you can hardly remember right? #
  • 09:06 #ialwayswantedtobea rockstar, minus the enormous musician's ego #
  • 11:15 It seems we will be getting new PCs next week. I'm up for that. But I'm worried whether all the files and progs I need will still be ok #
  • 11:15 Hopefully I can listen to music on the new pc because this one has sound problems :/ #
  • 12:00 @YoshikiOfficial so happy you guys got coverage on UK news (kind of) :D #
  • 12:01 @YoshikiOfficial Oh if you're not up for PG Tips, try Tetley or expensive breakfast tea like Peyton & Byrne. #
  • 12:01 @YoshikiOfficial you should've gone to Japan Centre to buy green tea, silly ^_^;; Or even Arigato supermarket #
  • 12:03 RT @yoshikiofficial: #WeAreX !!! t.co/Tb2b3kp Paris show is tomorrow! 明日はフランスでコンサートだよ!!! #
  • 12:05 I keep wanting to write stage dive but my brain insists I type tongue dive instead. Damn you @adamlambert for infecting my mind xD #
  • 12:08 OK tbf I can't imagine @yoshikiofficial wanting to tongue dive any fans since he stage dives more. Would @gackt tongue dive though? Hmm... #
  • 14:32 @gogomomokoko I was also thinking about other minor characters e.g. the guy who plays Viktor Krum (forgot his name completely) #
  • 14:37 @official_tWitch I'm working unfortunately during those hours. Sorry Twitch :( #
  • 14:55 Writer's Block: Upon further review j.mp/lKNJKI #
  • 14:55 Writer's Block: Upon further review j.mp/lP0TAj #
  • 15:14 @takethat #ProgressLiveTop3 Back For Good, Rule The World and Pray #
  • 16:04 Scars, silent jealousy, endless rain and forever love j.mp/kVjSlw #
  • 19:19 @gogomomokoko we can't listen to music while we work (supervisor is so boring). Only during breaks :/ #
  • 19:25 @TomFelton what also pisses me off is how chavs and urban types like to blast their mobile phone music on loudspeaker. Seriously wth? #
  • 19:54 @gogomomokoko can you actually bookmark the page you're up to? #
  • 19:57 @gogomomokoko wow surf the net too?! Now I'm curious lol #
  • 20:03 @gogomomokoko I thought it was just an ebook reader and that was it. Didn't realise it had basic surfing included. No wonder it's popular #
  • 20:27 Today was relaxing. Seems the workload is okay so far. Plus my supervisor is off this week. Makes it even better #
  • 21:51 #nothingsmoreirritating than hearing loud music playing in the middle of the night #
  • 21:54 Is there some Bollywood open air concert or something in the local park? I can hear the music from my room. It's so loud #
  • 21:57 Photo: › You’d be an excellent rapper! J-Gro! Why J-Gro? Well, I don’t know if you caught at the beginning;... tumblr.com/xlu39bbved #
  • 22:38 OK an Indian wedding is taking place nearby. Shouldn't they have booked a hall instead of doing the ceremony in a residential area? #
  • 22:42 @YoshikiOfficial t.co/IXUPMzX sorry for the clapping. I totally understand it ruins the deep focus while you're on piano #
  • 22:49 @YoshikiOfficial but just so you know you were magnificent playing the Art Of Life piano part. t.co/IXUPMzX #
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If we get more from this Wyndham guy then I am not complaining.  It'll fill my sad heart from another vampire leaving us in the season 3 finale :/

I've the worst memory ever because I didn't know Lee Ingleby had small roles in HP & Prisoner of Azkaban and Life On Mars. Now I'll have to revisit those things again to see if I can spot this guy.

Oh here's his first scene from the finale. Still trying to work out why Twitvid embed codes have stopped working but I've put this on Photobucket as well.

Twitvid link

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Oct. 16th, 2010 12:05 pm
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The only one I can think of right now is Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. He didn't wow me the slightest when I saw him in Twilight and I am too used to him as the Bishie boy Cedric in Harry Potter that I can't take him seriously as Edward. If Edward is meant to be tall, brooding and omg so hot in Bella's POV shouldn't the crew have picked a slightly older guy than RPattz who can do dark, intense hotness but be a real softie when he has to be? :/ Then again I get the feeling the film crew wanted to pick a hot guy who isn't too old for the teenage girls to go goo goo over as opposed to a more experienced actor in his late 20s or early 30s who looks babyfaced.

edit Thought of another one - all the actresses from Memoirs of a Geisha. As much I as agree (ish) on how the three Chinese women are good actresses I would have expected the directors to at least taken deeper thought in the casting. Hello Japanese women aren't the same as Chinese. Pick authentic Japanese actresses. There are plenty out there.

  • 07:22:58: @JerseyBoysBlogg yay that review made my day. Which reminds me... I really want to watch JB again :D
  • 07:26:14: @tvdfansonline YESSSSSSSS :DDDDD Very delighted by this piece of good news
  • 07:27:09: Ah but surely you were tempted to break one open and drink it all up ;D (@joshgroban)http://yfrog.com/03tguuj
  • 07:53:09: Just read @apocalypticafi ' s article in latest Metal Hammer issue. I think they're such gents to handle the cynicism from...
  • 07:53:40: ... the interviewer who gave them a rather negative review on their earlier album.
  • 07:54:24: Well it wasn't that person but just the staff of said magazine, that is. I like the diversity in 7th symphony o_O
  • 08:00:16: Kaa-san said a Blackberry doesn't suit me because I'm not a busy, upperclass businesswoman. WTF? Explain to why Chavs use them then...
  • 08:03:17: Anyone can use a Blackberry. It might be seen as suitable for those who are businesslike but not limited to just uptight, suited workers.
  • 08:09:37: I have been humming and singing to Puffy AmiYumi's japanese ver of the Teen Titans theme all morning. Is this my 'calling?' o.O
  • 10:10:41: @mKiK808 lmao um but isn't that the whole point of urinals, helping one uh have targets to aim at? XD
  • 10:11:37: @robbiewilliams #RW20 what song are you currently listening to on repeat?
  • 10:58:51: @robbiewilliams thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. You were responded very promptly too :)
  • 11:03:03: @robbiewilliams *responding I meant. Apologies for the grammar blunder there.
  • 12:16:46: @redscarf http://twitpic.com/2iatmi - Squee how cute :D
  • 14:01:00: @JerseyBoysBlogg I've only seen the show twice but I'm hoping to go this autumn. Might try for photos at stage door if I fight my shyness
  • 14:09:39: Minna-san in the office are at a meeting, barring one other exec chick whose cold diva-ness kills. Please begone so I can read my book D:
  • 14:16:21: @MsAmberPRiley I agree :) If someone I respect doesn't follow me I never get into a tantrum at all. Quite pointless to do so, really.
  • 14:28:50: @JerseyBoysBlogg lol ok well I'll see what I can do.
  • 14:29:45: @James_Phelps trying to do work but struggling to focus... thus tweeting randomly when I can haha
  • 14:34:26: @bbcstrictly new layout is pretty cool. TBH I'm mostly excited about out the 3 new male pros, esp Robin and Artem since I saw them in BTF
  • 14:51:27: @bbcstrictly yeah same here. Fingers crossed they get good partners too
  • 19:53:29: After watching Robbie and Gary's new MV for Shame I sense the no of RPF in the TT fandom will go up slightly perhaps...
  • 19:56:23: I smell bacon from downstairs again. That neighbour really likes her bacon at 9pm o_O
  • 20:29:47: #NowPlaying Revolution - Vamps
  • 20:34:03: @mKiK808 oh my, never heard that before >.< I mean I've met ladyboys in the ladies toilets but your little moment is something new ^_^;;
  • 20:52:59: I liked a YouTube video -- truly In Love Video feat. Fanny Pack ** Valentines Day Special http://youtu.be/VKxJyt6x684?a
  • 21:08:45: @gogomomokoko I have to wonder whether or not they knew the fans would pick up the 'slash'. Or was it intentional? ;)
  • 21:18:03: #Trueblood "God fucking damn it I really am an alien." oh Sook ^_^;;

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  • 07:23:01: @ninadobrev ok that I didn't know. I know the word for coke in Chinese but didn't realise coca-cola meant something too
  • 07:46:38: As usual home were yelling on how I never left my laptop screen - when in fact I did but they were sneering accusingly...
  • 07:47:20: "don't know what you watching", Me - "I'm watching p0rn" Tou-san says wth p0rn. I say "yeah p0rn"... well TB is kinda Hentai right?
  • 07:53:13: @teejaye84 I've noticed the American 'models' on the show are bitchier. Maybe it's a cultural difference from a British perspective o_O
  • 09:04:46: Suddenly thought of lareine singing the rose of versailles opening theme. Been a while since i thought of any jrock songs ^^;;
  • 09:36:38: Suddenly i am expected to approach people about work on behalf of others. Uh what?
  • 09:44:38: If colleague wanted me to start work off fine. I did say i didn't mind since the task isn't rocket science. Quit sulking over it omg
  • 09:58:06: I pray for a new job or random courses that'll enable me to leave this office. I am sick of my stuckup supervisor and bitchy coworker
  • 10:00:33: @jared_murillo don't worry it happens. Other people don't care and put their music on loudspeaker grrr. Normally it's heavy on bass too
  • 10:29:33: @gogomomokoko yeah indeed :/
  • 14:03:53: @ladyantebellum sounds like fun!!
  • 14:45:44: #trueblood Bill and Sookie in ep 8 can I just say that is some rough make-up sex...
  • 18:26:41: @TrueBloodHBO ehehe yes I have. Holy crap that is a crazy masterpiece of a photo
  • 19:16:51: #NowPlaying Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - @ladygaga
  • 20:05:54: @TomFelton Japanese.
  • 20:06:40: This new 'you both follow so and so' feature is quite nifty. You make some weird discoveries and think omg at times
  • 20:07:16: Just found out a singer I follow also follows BoA which never ever crossed my mind. So she likes BoA too?! Nice. I smell a duet in prog xD
  • 20:35:04: Whoo boy the rain is pouring down like whoa tonight. Sky has gone again as a result of the rain.
  • 20:41:50: I liked a YouTube video -- MarkerCon 2009 My Little Gaga presentation to Markooshka! http://youtu.be/QIGz9Pt8pi4?a
  • 20:41:55: #trueblood zomg Hunter is in it?! awwwww.... gonna cry
  • 21:11:34: #trueblood Eric will get his revenge that he will. Watch out King of Missisippi
  • 21:12:35: @TomFelton you can't really go wrong with posh Brit accents, though stereotyping them as villains in films/series is getting cliche :/
  • 21:14:16: #trueblood um Russell, why would I want to watch the weather after what you just did to the poor news presenter on live tv?

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  • 07:42:30: @FMRecords ooh lucky you :) Good luck with the interview
  • 07:44:21: @gogomomokoko what kind of shoes are you wearing today that's making the noise? My sandals are doing the same thing lol
  • 07:55:01: Just saw the full ver of @xjapanofficial 's Jade PV. It's not much but the song itself is actually starting to grow on me the more I listen
  • 07:58:08: With rock/metal vids that have just the band performing, you don't think much about the PV in general. Though it's good for screencaps yes?
  • 08:44:34: FFS Kaa-san is being a disrespectful beeyatch about how I do things at work. She just needs a goddamn CCTV to... http://tumblr.com/xlufkhmmi
  • 09:39:50: @ladyantebellum http://twitpic.com/2dy17o - Lovely picture, guys. Please come back to London soon :)
  • 10:00:21: @XplosionOnline really want to go to this T_T
  • 10:02:18: @ladyantebellum just realised you guys did a duet with Maroon 5 on the latter's new album. That's awesome ^_^ Can't wait to hear it
  • 10:04:12: @JerseyBoysBlogg that sounds like a wonderful prize but I live in the UK and it's a bit too late to enter anyway
  • 10:07:13: Tempted to pre-order @tarjaofficial 's new album - deluxe edition...
  • 11:15:37: @James_Phelps very sleepy and bored at the moment lol
  • 11:16:49: @KOKOLondon I've got a few Dir en grey pics I can upload on the wall. They're not brilliant but I'll pick out the nice ones
  • 11:22:00: @nickcarter http://twitpic.com/2dw5x0 - Hope you had fun though meeting and greeting them though ;)
  • 11:25:05: @SimonAdkins I just came back from Spain. OMFG it was too hot for me. Malaysia heat is nothing like Malaga D:
  • 11:25:59: @nickcarter sorry I fail at typos. Ignore the first 'though' xD
  • 13:19:03: Ghetto girl in shop says 'rock sound' is always ugly and such a bloke mag. Her english grammar in general was as bad as her illogic
  • 13:25:34: I was tempted to hint on her lack of brain cells when she couldn't find kerrang! mag which was right behind her
  • 13:32:01: "They have no Kerrang! These people are so dumb." *snort* I was tempted to say, "It's right behind you if you actually bothered to look."
  • 13:38:07: I’ve noticed how my favourite restaurants in the local area where I work either close down or are often... http://tumblr.com/xlufkymyn
  • 14:59:11: @takethat Wembley Arena or O2 Arena. An intimate gig in Shepherds Bush Empire or Royal Albert Hall if there was an opportunity
  • 18:56:38: I liked a YouTube video -- Simply "The Best" http://youtu.be/3SFJp4vt6Ks?a
  • 19:33:49: I liked a YouTube video -- TRISTANIA - Year of the Rat (Official) http://youtu.be/-S_QhVHGKZQ?a
  • 19:37:30: @TristaniaBand The song is great and the video very creative. Keep it up guys :)
  • 19:39:20: @sabssnowglobe lmao you two omg please don't tell me this is how you warm up :P
  • 20:24:18: #sytycd Robert and Mark's jazz routine was so funny. I <3'd it. I even got mixed up between the two because they looked alike slightly xD
  • 20:25:02: @jared_murillo good evening and welcome to England, Jared :)
  • 20:26:12: @mKiK808 I thought your routine with Robert was totally funky. You could almost pass as brothers hehe - it was the hair that got me
  • 20:28:00: #sytycd Lauren and Robert's contemporary was gorgeous. So fluid, so nice. The pillow was amazing too XD!!!!
  • 20:42:08: I liked a YouTube video -- SYTYCD S07 - Robert & Anya http://youtu.be/ovAAj_CvlRQ?a
  • 20:56:16: #Sytycd bloody hell kent's routine with allison just showed a more serious and emotionally invested side
  • 21:02:39: #sytycd Kent and Lauren are so cute together. There should be plushies of them ^_^;;
  • 21:11:03: #sytycd Robert's broadway - woo a West Side Story song. He was rather cool in that routine
  • 21:11:48: #sytycd I think Kent or Lauren are the likely candidates to win tomorrow. I <3 Robert and think he is a dark horse but could he win?
  • 21:13:43: #sytycd I connect with Robert's dancing out of the three. Yes Kent is cute and the girls adore him but with Robert he has this maturity
  • 21:14:32: #sytycd I do adore Lauren. She's one strong girl and has proven each week how good she can dance
  • 21:16:23: #sytycd No doubt my fav Robert routine was the Fix You Contemporary with Allison. God I cry each time I watch it. Maginificent
  • 21:34:37: #Sytycd lauren doing another cha cha with pasha?! But it was just as hot as the first one hehe. But Pasha mmm how lush did he look

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

  • 08:36:52: @EmWatson those sites tend to do that to us early birds lol. You unintentionally stay up late because you´re browsing or microblogging
  • 08:44:52: Food was ok but the grilled meat was too burnt. Paella was fine and the Dim Sum starters were not too bad.
  • 08:47:36: I wanna win an autographed photo of Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries Online http://bit.ly/bfNpTo
  • 08:51:11: @gogomomokoko kids just do that, don´t they? They´re very curious about everything. Hehe welcome to Twitter btw ,)

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

  • 07:39:39: Sleep last night was rudely interrupted by drilling at 10pm. Why drill a hole in the wall in the middle of the night I don't know.
  • 07:41:10: Unless it's different cultures. British VS Eastern European, that is. These builders were not part of the local council. They were rogue
  • 07:42:18: Feeling lazy at the moment in the office. Just want to finish @becfitzpatrick 's book off. Nearly there. Got 100 something pgs left to go
  • 12:00:32: @paulpottsmusic that's good to hear :)
  • 12:01:54: @kylieminogue http://twitpic.com/256p99 - William Baker #Aphrodite
  • 14:01:42: Hard to keep your eyes open at work when you're too tired to do anything :'(
  • 15:22:13: Dir en grey *and* Apocalyptica touring together - never thought that
    could happen but omfg what a dream lineup. Lucky US and Canada!!
  • 17:17:59: I write like Stephen King. Proof: http://iwl.me/s/b3a26720
  • 17:22:35: I write like J. K. Rowling. Proof: http://iwl.me/s/32618206 I used my Saiyuki/SM one shot fic and got this result xD
  • 18:21:25: @apocalypticafi would like to see you guys touring USA and Canada with @direngrey but I am on a budget sadly. Hope u return to London
  • 18:25:29: @ChadLindberg oh that's crap. I had drilling in the middle of the night and it ruined my sleeping pattern :(
  • 18:48:18: Tempted to ask my old schoolfriend if she is up for Diru next month, supposing I manage to get extra tix. Let's see if she bails...
  • 20:54:35: #trueblood I expected Debbie to have a messy black bob or something originally. Still she looks and acts bitchy like in the books
  • 20:55:07: #trueblood "Let's go, RuPaul" Eric omfg how could you say that? xD <3
  • 21:00:21: #trueblood um the E/S shag scene seemed unreal. Cheeky viking. I'm sure we'll get proper E/S canon in the series later on
  • 21:00:45: I liked a YouTube video -- (HQ) Enrique Iglesias Funny Interview on the Graham Norton S... http://youtu.be/BdKoEW3WtLc?a

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At lunch I was reading the first chapter of Vampire Academy on Richelle Mead's website and I thought...

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I must confess I was tempted to go to the True Blood convention next month in Northampton but I think I'll be slaughtered for spending a lot of my money on various events i.e. gigs and musicals. Though it's more the gigs that has gotten a few people irritated. I was however given permission to go enjoy myself this weekend before we go to Spain next week so that I get some of my personal enjoyment out of the way before being 'dragged' to a wedding abroad. Though I have the Diru gig in the first week of August which is bound to be explosive then Burn The Floor two days after that. Ballroom dancing ftw. I bought a last minute ticket to Love Never Dies for this Sat which means I'll have to skip London Film Comic Con on that day which is when all the big guests will be there. I'm so sorry my beloved Being Human OT3 =( I might go on Sun to see one or two people but that'll be all. Wendee Lee and Matthew Lewis are considerations.


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