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As much as I like live music, I seem to be a serious masochistic and tolerate the pain of being in the pit. Oh joy. But comparing my experiences between the Jrock and British/Scandinavian gigs I've been to in the past...I picked up some small things.

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I'm living in lucid dreams...uh huh yeah.. uh huh yeah...

The song I'm referring to is this one by Franz Ferdinand (I went to this iTunes gig, sadly did not get on camera despite being near the barrier). Wow I haven't listened to them in a long time but I've been having too many lucid dreams lately. Bigbang thanks for making me fangirl so much. I blame stress mostly.

I really have to stop freaking out over G-Dragon visiting London recently (I am not joking I accidentally got overexcited while waiting for my delayed train at King's Cross and was checking Twitter last Thursday with Big Bang music playing in my earphones). He's in Paris now for various fashion shows. I cannot stalk him if he's shopping in London again. No matter how tempted I am. I just won't do it.

If it was a genuine passing by or an accidental bump in the shoulder as we walk in different directions then that's something else. Or if he saw me first and something bizarre occurred afterwards...yeah not happening let's just stop thinking about this XD Fangirl dreaming going too far now. Actually I probably wouldn't recognise him if he's wearing lots of clothes or changes his hair colour again. Do you know how many Asians/fellow yellows shop in London?

GD and/or his stylists go to all these shops I've never heard of. I find this educational. I'm learning more about my London without realising it. I should thank GD ^_^;;
Ever since I saw Zero at Hyper Japan or sort of got eyep0rned by him I promised myself I'd sit down to listen to D'espairsRay properly. Might go for Ricky, Shun and Kazuya's previous bands. Not too fond of the Nagoya Kei genre tbh but will see how much my mind can absorb.

I'm on the first compilation album now. Truthfully I still get "hmmm" whenever a song has nothing but growls and screams that are so common in doom metal/black metal. But when Hizumi is actually's really good. I have this kind of feeling with Dir en grey's newer music. Sure I know it's part of experimenting but if I'm going to listen to some songs and resonate with the lyrics I'd like to know what is being said. Growling does go well when the song speeds up and you want to headbang like hell but seriously singing your emotions out so the crowd can feel what you feel is also a plus.

I just remembered D'espairsRay did play in London and the UK a few times. One venue I remember hearing they played at was Alexandra Palace which is like 8 mins from where I live. Very convenient to get to by train though you have to walk for a bit after you arrive at the station. I think that venue has some personal significance as that was the first time I ever went to a gig and the first time I saw Franz Ferdinand.
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Yeah quite a few people from conventions and signing events. Too bad some of the encounters consisted of quickly get your item signed then dash off as soon as your turn was done but there were a few 'famous' people who were really nice it took me by surprise

A few people I met include:

- Nightwish (signing sesion. So quick but... Tuomas smiled at me. He was the first person I said hi to and he's so hot)

- Apocalyptica (meet and greet at Kentish Town gig in November 2010. Had more interaction with Paavo)

- James Kyson Lee at Collectormania 12

- Keeley Hawes at LFCC 2009

- Eve Myles at LFCC 2009

- Tom Felton at Collectormania 15

- Dean Andrews at Collectormania 14

- James & Oliver Phelps at LFCC 2009

- Kerry Ellis (signing session)

- The Overtones (signing session at Selfridges. Think I nearly went into a fit because they were rather nice... and looked dashing in their suits)

- Alex Kapranos and Bob Hardy from Franz Ferdinand after their Hammersmith gig in March 2009. Alex was a chatty, polite guy.

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Sep. 8th, 2011 11:20 am
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Found this floating around Tumblr

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  • 05:29 @robert_knepper stage talk at @showmasters ' London Film Comic Con [9th July 2011] #
  • 05:30 2nd pic of Robert Knepper - #
  • 05:31 @adamlambert I haven't seen the latest ep yet. If you used the hashtag, it must've been good ^_^;; #
  • 08:52 RT @concertweirdos: Going to concerts and thinking "If only I was a tall mofo." #concertweirdos #
  • 08:57 RT @concertweirdos: Screaming so loud, you feel like you've ripped something in your throat. #concertweirdos #sugg #
  • 09:01 RT @concertweirdos: When concerts totally screw up your eating habits and sleeping cycles... #concertweirdos #
  • 10:13 @hmvtweets ah okay thank you. I suspect it will be busy so i don't mind just a signed cd but i'll bring a glossy photo if there's time #
  • 10:16 @gigsandtours the edge of seventeen - stevie nicks #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk on Sunday 10th July #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters stage talk on Sunday at #lfcc 2011 #
  • 15:00 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk #
  • 16:49 There isn't much of a queue for @the_overtones right now. Ooookay #
  • 16:58 Holy eff i just saw a leading jersey boy in hmv selfridges with his girlfriend. I am sure of it O_O omg this only happens to me in central #
  • 17:02 @_josephmorgan was that pun intentional? ~_^ #
  • 17:16 Queue is forming. There are meant to be wristbands for the @the_overtones signing if u bought the album from selfridges wth?! Hope it's okay #
  • 17:22 Toners are doo_wopping to @the_overtones in selfridges. Can't join in since i haven't learnt the lyrics properly for most of the songs hehe #
  • 17:25 Been drifting to sleep on the way to bond street. Not cool. Gotta wake up :/ #
  • 18:29 Zomg i gave most of @the_overtones a happy kiss on the cheek #
  • 18:34 Got so excited i nearly toppled down the stairs lol #
  • 18:35 This signing makes up for my uh lfcc blunder for sure #
  • 18:39 Okay excuse the fangirl moment but @the_overtones are really handsome gents and so polite. I wanted to cry but was too tired #
  • 18:42 @alkapranos dude what made you think that? #
  • 18:42 Lachie was funny lol!!!! #
  • 18:43 Timmy was so cute and mark was sweet. Darren was polite and mike was chatty :) #
  • 19:44 Well with that signing done gotta go back to work as normal. Boooooooo #
  • 19:49 @the_overtones thanks for the signing at selfridges. Pleasure meeting you guys for the first time. I was the chinese girl near the front #
  • 21:08 @the_overtones thanks for stopping by at @selfridges Hope to see you again soon for another signing or a concert :) #
  • 21:48 @the_overtones yeah same to you guys. Safe journey home :) #
  • 22:08 Photo: anightingaleinberkeley: A lovely photo for sure :) #
  • 22:54 @_josephmorgan sweet. Thanks for the link :) #
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Got inspired by recent trending topic on Twitter

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Comment that you want to do this meme, and I'll give you a color that I think represents you, and then you list ten things you like in that color or ten things it reminds you of!

[ profile] danigirl1992 provided me with the colour orange

I think I may have cheated a bit xD

1) Arisugawa Juri ~ I haven't seen many Animanga girls or guys who can make orange curls look stylish. Juri as a character was tough and rather intimidating on the outside but had a broken heart underneath which lead her to believe miracles were impossible. Possibly my favourite girl from Shoujo Kakumei Utena though I didn't bother finish the Anime or Manga.

2) Clementines ~ I hope this still counts as it is orange in colour and the fruit orange xD I like small clementines when they're sweet and juicy. Nom nom.

3) Schuldig ~ oh helloooo Schwarz's resident bad boy. He was the most used 'slut' in Weiss Kreuz fanfiction. Those were the days. Actually his hair is apparently red in the Anime series but it looks more orange at times so not sure if I could put him here.

4) + 5) animated tigers like Shere Kahn or Tigger ~ hope it's ok to put two together lol. Two different kinds of tigers. One's quite nasty whilst the other is eccentric.

6) my jumper ~ it's a really thick jumper from M & S too hehe. Always keeps me warm during the winter

7) Franz Ferdinand ~ the logo of their first album especially :D But their single covers and various photoshoots have the guys in a bit of an orange colour

8) Alex Kapranos ~ he would wear smart orange shirts or an orange tie to go with his black shirt. It was hot. He's opted for another kind of shirt these days but I think the orange shirt does appear now and then.

9) my old glasses case as that is a transparent orange colour

10) my old 'naf naf' pencil case with an orange lid. It has funky pictures that look handdrawn but the orange colour itself isn't hard to miss.

  • 07:52:15: Logged into Leather Hips after months away. Heh so the pics have now made me hungry again...and I just had breakfast
  • 08:04:49: I'm constantly in a bubble of thought when it comes to real life. I do want to go back in time to change things. It's risky but...
  • 08:05:48: ... I feel like I've nothing to lose. I am not attached or committed to a lot of things and have not achieved anything outstanding at all
  • 10:08:24: @AlionaVilani mwahaha indeed ;D
  • 10:38:35: Ugh got an overdue meeting with colleague and supervisor after lunch. The worse that can happen is bitchiness on workload
  • 11:25:54: Saw a cheap payg phone but it is very metallic pink. If i can tolerate the pink i might go for that once i switch networks
  • 14:29:23: Blah meeting was delayed for tomorrow instead. All that waiting around was a waste of time.
  • 14:30:04: Disappointed that I got a withheld phone call that wasn't job related. So much for hoping for an interview as much as I loathe them
  • 19:08:32: Just watched @tarjaofficial ' s new MV for Until My Last Breath. I'm pretty certain it's the same beach used in I Feel Immortal...
  • 19:12:02: Also, she's wearing the same robes... surely. Oh well. The song however is brilliant.
  • 20:40:24: @MatthewKoon hey don't panic ok? Good luck
  • 21:05:25: I find @direngrey 's mv for The Final stylish, a far cry from the totally OTT/crazy gore stuff they normally create in their vids.
  • 21:07:34: Trying to make screencaps but it's hard because the scenes change too quick for me to grap shots of each member.

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  • 07:56:20: @OliverPhelps lol haven't seen that pun in a long time
  • 07:57:30: If I can get a wristband on Thurs - great. If I can't - ok not the end of the world. Hopefully the OT3 will be at forthcoming conventions
  • 07:58:08: It's an excuse to escape the office I guess. I almost imagine there will be loads of fangirls (and fanboys) queuing up in the morning
  • 07:58:32: Just... hope they're not as outrageously nuts as the Twi-lot... onegai shimasu *bows*
  • 08:33:18: Morning already feels like it is dragging D:
  • 11:00:06: Eeeeeh for a new starter in freelance writing I just had to get some oddball briefs, didn’t I? Nothing to do...
  • 11:25:02: I meant *skip them. Typo fail alert :/ Building construction randomness coming from someone who wrote...
  • 12:06:21: Wow @ladygaga are you sure you can pull off another O2 date? I missed out on all the London gigs so far because tickets sell out fast
  • 18:19:53: Dammit I had some good briefs but they vanished. Not happy. Hopefully another brief that focuses on a piece of literature will occur
  • 18:47:14: @ninadobrev the rain has been harsh today hasn't it? :( hope you're enjoying BGT
  • 19:51:31: @alkapranos sounds interesting. Gotta hear it soon
  • 19:52:07: @tvdfansonline will have to catch it on YT as it's on while I'm at work :/
  • 19:55:48: omg @ladygaga two London gigs in Nov?! O_O Going to try to get a ticket to one of these.
  • 20:31:10: ok now I'm confused on Gaga's London dates. December is definitely confirmed. Will have to see the Nov ones.
  • 20:50:06: Alex's latest tweet made me go listen to Franzy again ^_^;; He has powers lol
  • 21:21:44: @Tom_Bergeron I haven't had spotted dick for a long time. It's delicious. I miss Toad In The Hole and Bangers & Mash too
  • 21:26:38: @WestEndLIVE sounds good to me :)

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  • 09:04:32: I’m pretty sure Tarja’s classical gig in Hungary will be a blast. Will need to keep an eye out for HQ clips...
  • 12:15:40: RT @polydorrecords: RT this msg to win this MEGA spring clean bundle. Winner picked at random #polydorfriday
  • 12:22:25: #happystgeorgesday to anyone who celebrates =)
  • 12:25:12: @alkapranos "Cherie Blair seducing Obi Wan Kenobi" ~ imagine that actually happening for real. It would be enough to make me shudder :/
  • 12:26:15: Hoping for a day I say goodbye to my job and depart with honour on a more promising career path elsewhere. Yume no Chikara ne?
  • 18:58:39: @JamesKysonLee - Hehe this looks like it'll be fun. Much love to you and @iansomerhald
  • 18:59:23: @jameskysonlee ...should be iansomerhalder but somehow my tweet got cut off :/
  • 21:26:35: #ashestoashes Jim is a character you're meant to hate but he has this weird charm behind those big glasses of his.
  • 21:29:17: @TrueBloodHBO if you could be featured in a music video of your favourite musician who would it be?
  • 21:58:54: @keaneofficial not sure what fellow fans are fussing about on Tom's GT interview. I thought it was a great interview and the pics were nice
  • 22:00:45: Haven't watched latest ep of VD but accidentally spoiled myself on finding out which WT song was used xD
  • 22:07:44: #ashestoashes I really do *heart* Chris. He cares about women a lot. Bless him.
  • 22:22:39: Surely Ms Pussycat Doll on DWTS is getting overscored. I liked her Tango with Derek but I wouldn't have gone for a 10.
  • 22:23:20: That said, I still want a girl to win this season. If it isn't the girl I want I suspect it would be either Nicole or Pamela.
  • 22:23:43: Bet women want Evan to win. He is good and his skating is <3 but... just want a female to win after a long absence lah D:
  • 22:24:10: Also apply that little peeve to SCD too. Hello, we need a female winner soon please. Alesha was amazing in 2007 show

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  • 09:20:50: @ladygaga that's one of my fav tracks from The Fame Monster next to Bad Romance and Speechless
  • 09:23:11: RT @muse: side on puppetry in Portland
  • 09:34:07: Very cool artwork Derek!! (@officialdhough)
  • 09:51:29: @alkapranos Ugh how did that get in there? D: I had a long legged spider in my trainer once. Not sure how it got in my sports bag at all.
  • 10:52:37: RT @MRMIKEYGRAHAM: hi all. hope your all keeping well. food for thought.
    The two main keys to positive change are Self-Approval and Self ...
  • 10:52:41: RT @MRMIKEYGRAHAM: "Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure." mg x
  • 16:09:43: @Kiz_zle lol which Muse song did she mistake the DW theme tune for? It wasn't Uprising, was it?
  • 18:05:06: @OfficialMBallas same to you too :) Had way too much chocolate (both choc eggs and choc bars) this past week xD
  • 18:07:46: @DWTSMaksimFans ooh I was just watching that Tango a few hours ago on YT. <3 the song and the dance
  • 18:09:44: @BrianFortuna did you get a lot of Easter eggs this year? Enjoy the chocolate :)
  • 18:16:22: #tvd #vampirediaries Do not piss off Miss Pearl. What she did to Damon - oooh boy D:!!
  • 18:18:06: #tvd #vampirediaries squealed a bit when I heard @keaneofficial near the beginning of the ep. Pretty sure it was Better Than This
  • 18:24:21: #tvd #vampirediaries also... Jeremy wtf? I feel rather sorry for tv!Caroline too...

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Tweets copied by

  • 10:11:38: RT @NathanFillion: There are so many facets to me. I've got facets coming out my assets.
  • 11:54:52: Listening to @franz_ferdinand 's song featured on the Alice in Wonderland OST. Eerie.
  • 12:02:10: Steamboat tonight at aunt's house. Part of preparation for CNY tomorrow
  • 13:12:15: #supernatural Brother Famine. Wonder who's next to make an appearance. Castiel and hamburgers oh my. Begging to be icon'd xD
  • 13:12:42: #supernatural Oh Dean, so dead inside. No wonder he wasn't affected by famine's power. Sam oh jesus D:
  • 13:35:36: Managed to cut out the @ladygaga razor sunglasses. Now it's a matter of making sure they fit ok
  • 13:53:22: Yeah I was confused at first but I think I got the idea on how to comment now xD Your explanation was good so...
  • 14:04:45: The Lobster Quadrille - Franz Ferdinand - Just found out Franz Ferdinand are included on the OST for the new...
  • 14:39:57: Things I need to watch for the moment - Coffee Prince ep 12, TVD 1.14 and The Rules of Attraction.
  • 14:47:23: #reedcomp I rock at online research and proof-reading text
  • 15:45:11: Video: Alex and his facial hair x3
  • 22:39:11: Steamboat was fine. Then there were peanut cookies and red bean in fried dough buns - can't remember the proper name. Sorry xD
  • 23:07:28: Video: Tia Carrere and Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing the Tango on #dwts I really like this song after seeing it...

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  • 13:22:31: Kerry Ellis and @idinamenzel will always be my Elphies but I am tempted to watch it again for Lee Mead as Fiyero, plus see the new Elphaba
  • 13:23:45: the new Elphaba was on I'd Do Anything but I never followed it. Will do research on Rachel Tucker, see how she sounds *nerd*
  • 13:38:32: #reedcomp i write articles during spare time and pay attention to detail
  • 18:58:05: @BrianFortuna The site looks great so far. Definitely going to tune in to watch this prog
  • 20:48:49: RT @joshgroban: Win.
  • 20:49:19: @joshgroban Amazing :D
  • 20:50:20: @Franz_Ferdinand Just voted ;)
  • 21:36:04: If Marcella Detroit doesn't get through after that outstanding performance I'm going to throw a Hadoken at the audience
  • 21:50:43: but I'd totally throw a Hadoken at those bashing the idea behind the show. As for Danny's performance - aww :/ I do <3 the song but ah bless
  • 22:31:22: Sad to see Jimmy Osmond go. Hope Danny gets better next week. At least the ladies I like all got through.
  • 22:33:44: Saw advert for TVD on ITV2 during break. Hello Damon ^^;;
  • 22:46:16: It would be funny in a good way to see all my fav metal singers go operatic on the show.

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