More missions in HK :)

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[Error: unknown template qotd]English breakfast tea with milk. I usually drink this in the morning or afternoon. Calms me down sometimes.

Conquering the heavy rain in the city, I finally got the chance to try out Galbi Bros's new Korean burger stall today.

**these are the guys who created the London Gangnam Style Parody video**

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Food crazy

May. 11th, 2013 11:54 pm
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Ate so much food today for the early celebration. We had Japanese food at one of our usual restaurants (Yaki Gyoza , Spicy Cold Soba) and then bought desserts from a Taiwanese bakery.

I didn't have a proper cake. Just little desserts.

Been thinking about wearing black nail polish lately (for lolz) after getting my nails done with clear varnish, just to protect them from damage. I barely decorate my nails to be honest because I always seem to accidentally dent the nails...though I got inspired after the little manicure and maybe it'll train me to be a little more cautious when I do things.
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Tried to reply to's blog post on the top 10 recommended Korean restaurants in London but the authorisation for some of the open ID sites wouldn't let me sign in properly. So I thought I'd do a quickie post here instead.

Korean restaurants I have been to in London that were mentioned in that chart

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Oh man I know everyone wants to get TOP drunk. Just listen to him waffle here:

I'm at crossroads when I see someone like this. Of course I like TOP and he can be either goofy or intense hotness. It's just that I'm not entirely sure I want to see him get THAT drunk at a party with my own eyes if I was invited to go partying with him or the whole of BB. I've had dinner with colleagues and when they drank a huge bottle of wine in one go their conversations were random. Or maybe the inner goddess pervy Noona in me wants to see drunk TOP IRL because his so-called defences are down and he's not being enigmatic and quiet.

OK in all seriousness I'd probably be all um...okay TOP whatever you say if I was next to a very drunk TOP. I suppose it is funny seeing someone talk stupidly when they're drunk but it would be embarrassing too. I would hate to see myself act like a "Choom TOP" of sorts when I've had one too many and forget what I did the following day no thanks to a terrible hangover.

I'm always reprimanding people when I'm drunk or get dramatic when I have a point to make and I swear a lot too. Fast forward a few hours later I'm feeling like hell and want to cry because the reality that I'll never be able to fulfill my wishes is heightened. So I'd go from giggly drunk to a typical angsty character that you'll commonly spot in Animanga.

Actually just think of Kamiya Kaoru when she got drunk from sake in Rurouni Kenshin episode 24.

TMI it seems

Aug. 1st, 2012 11:28 pm
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Went out for lunch this afternoon at a Japanese restaurant in NW London (with mostly non-Japanese waitresses but the chefs are Japanese) and as soon as we got a table a group of four Chinese walked in like they thought they were the boss.
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Biscuits or crisps
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So many to choose from nom nom xD

But to narrow it down to one... it's possibly the apple strudel from Corica Pastries in Perth, Australia.
From the London gig. Thank goodness someone managed to catch this on video because I couldn't hear or see very well.

I originally assumed he didn't want PG Tips but it seems since he was in the UK he thought he'd throw in something British just to get a laugh out of the few Brits in the crowd. Well Yoshiki if you wanted PG f*cking Tips (haha) just head to any supermarket in London next time you're here :D I tweeted some other tea recommedations as well ^_^;;

I will link to some HQ vids from the London gig when I am up for it. My arms are still killing me. Wonder how long it'll be till they're back to normal.

Feeling blue

May. 13th, 2011 06:58 pm
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I am bad at recovering from jetlag though it is due to the fact I hardly travel a lot on planes maybe I should otherwise people will think I'm a wuss who doesn't go out. Only got back to London on Tues night. I truly dread returning to work, which is expected but still... it's work and I hate it :'( It's taken me so long to sort my photos out and uploading them to many places or sending them to my relatives back in Malaysia or Oz.

I went with the highest quality on my camera so it slowed the uploading process a lot and the internet did die on me a few times which was frustrating.

Anyway here's what I got:

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I have photos from my day out in Cameron Highlands but they're quite dull tbh. Nothing really exciting unless you want pics of how BOH's tea is made.
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For dessert after lunch or dinner I would eat pancakes with either syrup or ice-cream. Pancakes for breakfast would normally be accompanied with egg or sausage
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A hot cup of milo and a few biscuits to go with it. Not exactly to dunk but just to nibble while sipping the drink.
Comment that you want to do this meme, and I'll give you a color that I think represents you, and then you list ten things you like in that color or ten things it reminds you of!

[ profile] danigirl1992 provided me with the colour orange

I think I may have cheated a bit xD

1) Arisugawa Juri ~ I haven't seen many Animanga girls or guys who can make orange curls look stylish. Juri as a character was tough and rather intimidating on the outside but had a broken heart underneath which lead her to believe miracles were impossible. Possibly my favourite girl from Shoujo Kakumei Utena though I didn't bother finish the Anime or Manga.

2) Clementines ~ I hope this still counts as it is orange in colour and the fruit orange xD I like small clementines when they're sweet and juicy. Nom nom.

3) Schuldig ~ oh helloooo Schwarz's resident bad boy. He was the most used 'slut' in Weiss Kreuz fanfiction. Those were the days. Actually his hair is apparently red in the Anime series but it looks more orange at times so not sure if I could put him here.

4) + 5) animated tigers like Shere Kahn or Tigger ~ hope it's ok to put two together lol. Two different kinds of tigers. One's quite nasty whilst the other is eccentric.

6) my jumper ~ it's a really thick jumper from M & S too hehe. Always keeps me warm during the winter

7) Franz Ferdinand ~ the logo of their first album especially :D But their single covers and various photoshoots have the guys in a bit of an orange colour

8) Alex Kapranos ~ he would wear smart orange shirts or an orange tie to go with his black shirt. It was hot. He's opted for another kind of shirt these days but I think the orange shirt does appear now and then.

9) my old glasses case as that is a transparent orange colour

10) my old 'naf naf' pencil case with an orange lid. It has funky pictures that look handdrawn but the orange colour itself isn't hard to miss.
I went out for Korean tonight to celebrate family member's 60th b-day. Food was brilliant. We had the BBQ with various meat, Bibimbab and a tofu in spicy broth. Thinking back to the food it's making me hungry again xD. All went well. Food was fabulous, everyone was in reasonable spirits. We were courteous to the Korean staff who were very helpful with keeping an eye on the food with us.

Then we get a massive table of HK-ers behind us. They were loud enough for most of us to catch what they were saying. Apparently they were pretty rude in gesturing the waiter to come over to their table and demand they get plates. Uh hello? You wait till you've given your order and that's when you get the little plates, as well as the pan on the table to prepare for the BBQ. Don't bloody complain how bad the service is.

Anyway that's not what really ruined the celebration tonight. It was some Vauxhall driver (middle aged guy - Chav maybe) who forced his way in front of our vehicle which prompted major hooting and flashing from us. He was in the wrong lane and just forced his way in front of us... then proceeds to yell at us to not tell him off. Wow such retardedness stupidity. We weren't going to tell him off, just say whoa take it easy. We all knew that he knew his mistake but he just wanted to tell someone to sod off about it. Hope to God he realises his error when he gets home and eases off from the male PMS. Maybe he had more than one too many pints. Whatever he was wrong in so many ways. He was in two wrong lanes. Rather than go straight he went into the lane that was meant to turn right which was where we were going anyway. Lucky prick. I should have taken a pic of you and shame you somehow which is what I used to do with other people when travelling

  • 03:01:00: From Twitter 09-27-2010
  • 07:39:23: @jaybums i don't have it either :/
  • 07:47:41: @gogomomokoko i think Malaysian food is hard to cook believably if not really well. They also put more salt in their dishes
  • 08:01:39: @gogomomokoko I don't really go out for Malaysian either. C & R in Chinatown was ok back then but ...
  • 10:05:40: Saw external auditor. Hope I don't get interrogated >.>
  • 10:40:23: Trying to cast my mind off the possibility the external auditor will approach me later on in the day‚Ķ...
  • 12:36:37: rocking to @direngrey 's BBC radio session. OMFG Dozing Green and The Final. W00t m/
  • 12:40:24: hearing Diru on radio brings back memories from their Koko gig :) Please play more Diru, radio 1 rock show
  • 18:33:32: @iansomerhalder *makes a note in birthday book* :)
  • 19:41:26: @jared_murillo i wanna watch it (I <3 Christian Bale, even with his faults) - just need to find it online.
  • 19:41:59: @mKiK808 wow you're golden, loving it :D
  • 19:56:01: @joshgroban :D :D :D :D
  • 20:21:24: @jared_murillo I tried a Hershey chocolate with a soft nut filling once and it was ghastly. The chocolate was very tasteless -_-
  • 20:24:03: Bollocks I haven't even tried my Glee DVDs yet. I'm so behind, though I doubt I missed much even with season 2 just starting
  • 20:25:03: @jadex89 I have to wonder how the Musers will react to their fav band touring with a crazy Japanese band. The devoted ones are tough to plz
  • 20:25:54: @jadex89 have you any ideas on who could support X Japan if they ever came to Europe?
  • 20:27:33: @jadex89 then again I never expected Diru to be co-touring with Apocalyptica in America recently. Random lineup

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  • 03:00:47: From Twitter 09-25-2010
  • 09:14:44: I actually tried a bit of Mooncake with pandan and it tasted nice. Normally I cannot take Mooncake but this one - not bad
  • 09:31:31: So I told someone I feared BBCs would be extinct because we're not cool enough and said person shrugged his (cont)
  • 09:32:44: I've really got to stop watching @adamlambert live clips. Not healthy. He sure is glamming up Singapore at the F1 racing live though :)
  • 09:33:11: Glad the Fever snog with Tommy was there *sniggers* xD
  • 09:34:58: I should be 'revising' my @apocalypticafi listening for first week of Nov then @adamlambert for later on in the same month
  • 09:35:27: Kinda drowned myself already in @michaelbuble hits. Few more days to go till he hits Wembley. W00t
  • 10:47:58: Malaysia Night in Trafalgar Square last Fri
  • 10:52:01: Various shots of Malaysia Night from last Fri in Trafalgar Square
  • 10:57:12: I always forget job hunting gives you a headache. Boo
  • 11:00:10: oh dear I see a lot of anger growing over @xjapanofficial 's choice of support. Ouch
  • 11:06:18: I'm listening to the support for the US tour right now. Not the type of music I go for (Kyo's growling and screaming I can deal) but...
  • 11:10:59: if X come to the UK next year I hope they get a decent support act. I've got my personal preferences but they're unlikely to happen ^_^;;
  • 11:32:41: is job hunting and awaiting to brush up photography skills soon :)
  • 15:14:10: @jadex89 I had a few musicians in mind but Muse would prob be my first choice, largely in thanks to The Resistance's style of symphonic rock
  • 15:27:19: RT @orchidas: @_dashia - LOL @tommyjoeratliff doppelgangers in Singapore...
  • 16:03:20: I liked a YouTube video -- Jersey Boys - Michael Ball Show - 22nd September 2010
  • 16:39:04: @jadex89 hehe can you imagine both bands in Wembley Arena or Wembley Stadium? I see lots of pyrotechnics
  • 16:52:44: Wow you are very observant if you can pick out these random sightings while on the tube :) (@jared_murillo)
  • 17:01:27: @jadex89 omg having those two epic songs at a gig would be truly spectacular lol
  • 19:12:39: @GQRecommends what was it like being in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi music video?
  • 19:16:18: I liked a YouTube video -- Art Of Life / X-JAPAN 09/25/10
  • 21:28:11: Haven't finished saving pics from Getbackers but this little task has made me fangirl Akabane Kuroudo again ^.^
  • 21:31:05: @ladygaga awww :D
  • 21:32:19: With headphones you really hear how silky Akabane's voice is. Gosh it's yummy ^_^;;

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Do you guys ever take random photos of your food when it looks tasty? I've seen loads of people do that, especially Chinese though I imagine everyone of various cultures does it randomly so... xD

My lunch today was Zaru Udon but after trying this I still prefer Zaru Soba

I wanted something light and healthy and since I had already eaten a sausage bap for breakfast along with my oatmeal I didn't want to indulge on bread again when lunch time arrived. For some reason the Japanese restaurant I went to was packed. All these Japanese women gathered together. It was probably a special party and the way they served one another and patiently queued up for hot drink was amazing. Haven't encountered polite Japanese manners for a long time I guess ^_^;;


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