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Kris Wu Yifan has been a busy guy with many visits to fashion shows overseas, filming in different locations for upcoming film projects. But he hasn't forgotten his solo musician work just yet. For his 26th birthday he released his first English single titled July.

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OK Monsta X. You got me.

You got me good.

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FFS wankers

Jun. 8th, 2016 02:30 pm
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FFS fandoms...

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I didn't bother buying tickets to KCON France. I considered it over the weeks but then I thought no.

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Burberry shared the full show of yesterday's Menswear January 2016 collection.

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OK...so he did arrive in London very early in the morning. I'm going to guess the fansite jiejies followed suit on his journey here from Beijing.

Wu Yifan Kris Bar then says in a tweet there will be a surprise. What is that exactly? I don't know. Or was it his visit to the Burberry store in Regent Street?

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China Line, wait a minute hold up.

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Honestly never thought I'd be able to watch 老炮儿 in the UK but it seemed like a fitting way to close 2015...with a dash of 凡凡 in widescreen [my review is here]

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Image found via Fandango

Mr Six aka Lao Pao Er [老炮儿] is a Chinese crime film starring Feng Xiaogang in the leading role, alongside Li Yifeng and Kris Wu Yifan as the younger counterparts within an otherwise strong cast. Here is a quick review.

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There were a few.

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Lost mutuals, cutting ties, losing trust in society...but there was music that still reached out to me. Leggo.

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From what I managed to catch in real time.

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Oh mate...really now?

Should we blame the director?

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So Hmart had a 10% off sale. I went for a quick browse, hoping to get a GOT7 or VIXX album if they were around... and ended up getting EXODUS even when I thought I'd leave it alone. The sale got to me.

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I didn't even think HZT was on the way here when I saw his Weibo update. I just thought oh nice photo but I didn't read the caption properly.

So HLs saw him at LHR. He was showered with gifts (typically a lot were from Harrods. Can only be the minted HLs) and was obviously very kind to those who greeted him at the arrivals lounge and when he was at LFW for Versace show. He arrived late (not his fault I don't think) and was shown to his seat at front row.

He does have the looks and grace to walk the runway in the same manner as WYF so I'm sure he'll get plenty of offers his way. I saw the photoshoots and he looked great of course. I suppose it would've been hard to pinpoint him in the city because you have a gazillion trendy, super minted Chinese here.

I think he went to the show on Friday but I was working and had to go to a training session. Since I don't follow him as much as I used to as all those shits happened and the fandom rifts happened I didn't know he got an invite to come to LFW. Well I hope you enjoy what you see HZT. See you whenever.

I did go out on Saturday to eat at Seoul Bakery, scribbled optimistic shit on the wall in Hanzi about certain people and briefly visited Japan Matsuri to try more writing. Jolly.


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