Still have a small torch for Tom Hiddleston lurking amidst my K and J-music fangirling. I tried so hard to get a good view of him IRL at the Apple Regent Street Store event where he was doing a talk on Thor The Dark World because I couldn't reserve a ticket on the Apple site. SMH. The demand was so high even Apple site died when I tried to book.

I also had terrible luck with the red carpet event for Thor The Dark World on 22nd October. I had an appointment with the Job Centre in the afternoon and once that was done I headed straight to Leicester Square. I arrived at around 3pm and sadly couldn't get a queuing number written on my hand to secure a space near the front barriers which provided top viewing of the red carpet. I was at the back of the queue and had a shit view of the Odeon Leicester Square entrance.

People had managed to get numbers written on their hands because they had arrived so much earlier than me, maybe as far as camping in the early morning. The red carpet spread itself outside Burger King, Pizza Hut, the Empire cinema and Empire Casino. I could barely get any real life view of the cast and had to rely on the huge screen set up. Thor The Dark World is the third red carpet event I've attended. The first two were Anna Karenina and Iron Man 3 but Anna Karenina was nowhere near as popular as Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 so getting pictures of the cast themselves was easier because there weren't as many people at the the red carpet. Sure you had big name stars but it wasn't on the same level of crazy demand as The Avengers.

some hiddles photos and much more )
The feels I get from listening to this. OMG. Imagine the Doctor headbanging to this haha.

Doctor Who Theme and I Am The Doctor

I recommend checking out his other covers. He takes a variety of requests and works hard on making them sound epic
Who can resist? I know I'd have trouble. With the wig he reminds me of Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish ohohoho

But LFCC 2011 has been okay. I did mess up completely though when it came to meeting the one guest for the weekend. I'm so bloody sorry, person :'( I blame my bad stomachache and major exhaustion for the Friday blunder. I couldn't even remember all the words I said. I only recall requesting two personalised pics, saying thanks quickly and shaking Robert Knepper's hand twice. On Friday night I was absolutely knackered from a long day at work and very hungry. Nerves didn't help either. I didn't know it was his birthday on Fri as well. Boo. He was rather polite nonetheless, despite noticing how weird I was but I'm always weird. This was just... exceptional


Not sure if I'll stick around for Sunday as Lee Ingleby cancelled but I might go round the stalls one more time to see if anything catches my fancy.

I only bought one shounen-ai Manga from the Yaoikingdom stall. Had a brief chat with the guys working (yes guys!!) and we were talking about Yaoi. One of them was recommending a few titles that weren't plotless smut. The Hentai stall was just behind this stall and boobies were everywhere there. I was so tempted to buy some random Japanese sweets and I was quite disappointed there weren't many plushies around.

LFCC was much busier this time. More stalls and film sets as well as props available to check out. I rather liked the Japanese cultural talks. Learnt a lot about the Kimono and the tea ceremony. They need to put more Japanese-y things in the con. I even suggested Yoshiki as a potential guest because that would make my day.

Robert's stage talk was really good. Managed to answer a lot of interesting questions from the fans. Occasionally went into his T-Bag voice lol. He even understands why women swoon over Wentworth Miller. It's the eyes for sure!!

Oh it was also busy because of Karen Gillan. She was a treat for the Whovians. I didn't go to meet her or get a photoshoot (too behind on DW) but I did catch some of her stage talk and she was quite funny. Saw a lot of Amy Pond and Eleven cosplayers, some crossdressers who were obviously male and a lot of geeks who I couldn't tell were male or female. Also forgot to ask a Kakashi cosplayer for a photo because he looked in character.

WEL 2011 pics

Jun. 23rd, 2011 09:25 pm
vash_chan: (smiling Nine/Rose)
Finally uploaded all my pics

Saturday and Sunday


TARDIS was spotted in Trafalgar Square. I also saw a Ten and Five cosplayer as well :) The guy cosplaying Ten looked exactly like David.

There was also a B-Boy demo in London.

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Pretty much anything that's Anime I guess because it is unconventional to a typical British resident who sticks to his/her culture.

I get into shows that nobody ever really watches or even knows about o_O. We're talking Asian dramas mostly. However for British TV while everyone is off watching Big Brother or The X Factor I'm watching dance shows such as So You Think You Can Dance (which is not really being accepted here imo, though the US show is much more exciting) or Dancing With The Stars US. Strictly Come Dancing I'd continuously watch if the lineup is interesting enough.

also watch Doctor Who once in a while. Old school Whovians can be harsh towards the new Who D:
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The Doctor and Rose Tyler
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TARDIS because it's convenient and I'm lazy tbh. If I was to be serious however...well I'd do the old fashioned way and use my mind. Would I squint my eyes like Nakamura Hiro does? Yeah probably :P

  • 13:38:07: @teejaye84 i think there should be daily competitions for meets and greets. I would prefer that in all honesty - no major fighting needed
  • 13:41:07: RT @polydorrecords: Tune into BBC3 from 9pm tonight to catch Scissor Sisters performing at Glastonbury! Pls RT
  • 14:09:58: #kor aja aja fighting
  • 14:11:03: #glee lolz to Kurt kicking the ball high courtesy of his single ladies warm up - nothing else to say except fack yooooou you arrogant jocks
  • 14:56:17: @OliverPhelps kids can be cute but yeah tantrums, nonstop crying and screaming are a no no for sure
  • 15:07:07: @WestEndLIVE just filled in my responses on the survey. Thanks for a great event!!
  • 15:32:03: looking at yahoo sports and realised #kor scored. Come on another one if you can T_T fighting fighting!!
  • 15:39:50: Korea are on their way out. You guys did great :(
  • 15:45:58: I liked a YouTube video -- Avantasia - Lost In Space
  • 15:52:26: I liked a YouTube video -- Ryan Molloy & Philip Bulcock Interview - Audio
  • 15:57:23: I liked a YouTube video -- JERSEY BOYS at the Prince Edward Theatre
  • 15:59:16: I liked a YouTube video -- Jersey Boys Movie1 Full
  • 16:20:06: Cory Monteith aka Finn looks like someone I knew from school - but a cuddlier version of that dude.
  • 16:22:09: Good luck at Glasto. I\'m sure you\'ll make everyone get into the groove with your music ;) (@scissorsisters)
  • 18:25:54: Sports fandom wank is just as appalling... and when it gets so political beneath then it gets stupid.
  • 18:26:50: If one suffers enough uh drama from music/tv/book fandom clashing, best not to hit the politics, religion and sport fandom wankage.
  • 18:33:22: #Nowplaying Bohemian Rhapsody from #glee the music - journey to the regionals
  • 18:37:01: Now I'm headbanging to the main part of Bohemian as I normally do ;D;;;;
  • 18:49:28: I liked a YouTube video -- Leona Lewis Feat Matthew Morrison - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • 18:51:43: charmed that @Matt_Morrison said at @leonalewismusic 's gig London girls are generally beautiful but uh what if they're really chav O_O?
  • 18:54:56: I liked a YouTube video -- Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love Live complete Concert Encore T...
  • 19:08:12: I liked a YouTube video -- Cheryl Cole - Parachute (Live @ 02 Arena London)
  • 19:18:33: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Nailed It Blog - Bruce Lee Audition Screen Test
  • 19:21:03: I liked a YouTube video -- Cheryl Cole Parachute o2 Arena 28th May 2010
  • 19:52:08: @ErinAndrewsESPN a very tight goal wasn't it? Just hitting the pole like that.
  • 20:34:50: oooh Filthy Gorgeous :D my fav song
  • 20:54:14: DW finale was really confusing... and he does travel around a lot. Not just earth. Not sure where people get the idea he sticks to here
  • 20:56:03: I mean different eras, yes. Different 'universes' surely... so where is the idea he only sticks to our planet?
  • 21:00:39: @jaybums I'll probably feel the same tomorrow when my country gets slaughtered by Germany. Our team gets a lot of crap anyway >.>
  • 21:01:38: @Kiz_zle I really like their interview right now. Rather down-to-earth and funny :)
  • 21:11:20: @joshgroban but you guys are so much better at sport than us (we get crapped on). Olympics, baskbetball, tennis, swimming and baseball etc.
  • 21:25:50: @Mattdavelewis they aren't to be underestimated at all
  • 21:42:14: enough of the anti-DW stupidity and football wank, I need some decent Yaoi to watch. Or I could just watch clips of Muraki seducing Tsuzuki
  • 21:46:21: finished #deadinthefamily last night. Dermot surprised me. Alexei was scary. Appius was also weird. Eric - u see more sides again

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  • 14:10:45: #woswelive Jersey Boys were fab but my view sucked
  • 16:52:04: @JYEFRASCA @molloyofficial @jonboydon @stephenashfield @jerseyboysuk and others of the JerseyBoys gang - you guys were so good at WE Live :)
  • 17:05:36: Didn't stay for the whole of #woswelive but it was rather good. The tasters for each musical were nice :)
  • 17:06:08: My pics really suck so much though. The problem with being tiny and having to raise your camera above 6ft over people is a struggle
  • 17:07:53: @wwrylondon you definitely rocked today. I headbanged like hell and did the metal salute constantly :D
  • 17:08:42: I want to watch @officialbtf after seeing the samples today. Gotta get a ticket asap. Will consider Love Never Dies too.
  • 17:12:47: #woswelive memorable acts today - @officialbtf @JerseyBoysUK @wwrylondon @loveneverdies Rachel Tucker of @wickedlondon and Thriller
  • 17:14:24: #woswelive Rachel Tucker reminded me a little of @idinamenzel when she sang today *_*
  • 17:22:06: I was also engulfed by someone's cigarette smoke so I started to smell nasty. The min I decide to try to move away it stops. Grr.
  • 17:23:55: After our country's dull match last night... I thought it was down to nervousness from the previous match. Critics would say otherwise >_>
  • 17:25:35: @alibastian I thought you and the rest of the @officialbtf gang were great from what I saw this morning. I hope to get a ticket to see BTF
  • 18:42:25: #doctorwho I was just talking about how Doctor could call Amy-chan and then quoted Sailormoon/Usagi saying Ami-chan is dead. Um...
  • 21:22:18: I was going to continue watching Glee (got some of the eps lined up. Finished pilot already) but I'm too tired and feeling crappy
  • 21:23:12: I might go to West End again tomorrow. But even if I go there early, I still wouldn't hit the front nor get a decent view.

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  • 09:43:00: #iconfess I am very picky on who I hang out with and who I can trust
  • 10:07:12: There is a certain British dame who I often respect for her superb acting... until she spoke about the England match last week. Shame...
  • 10:09:11: @Kiz_zle Twitter needs to give back all of our lost tweets >:(
  • 10:10:15: honestly, Obaa-chan who I normally respect, I just wanted to scribble fail on your forehead when you said what you said on US tv >_>
  • 10:46:51: @hmv_getcloser let us know how good/bad it is...
  • 10:59:48: #iconfess I like a good chick lit/romcom when it is done well even though I might prefer something surreal but has identifiable characters
  • 11:21:44: RT @Gollancz: Writing something you know will be rubbish is better than not writing. Creativity is a muscle - it gets stronger the more ...
  • 12:23:23: Trying to decide what Anime pic to get of Wendee Lee to sign if I do decide to go to LFCC next month. Faye Valentine is a definite.
  • 12:24:05: I'd get another Faye Valentine pic in case Hayashibara Megumi ever went to a con. It's unlikely but US cons managed to get Seiyuu
  • 12:25:22: I can't believe she was TK (aka Takeru in Digimon) with the squeaky voice. Usually she's voicing sultry women that would get men drooling
  • 12:26:41: If Showmasters got say Koyasu Takehito or Seki Tomokazu... I would jump in the air and go crazy xD
  • 18:01:14: @richardkeane LOL indeed. Astoria will be missed.
  • 19:02:46: @lameology wow really? o_O Scary
  • 20:22:00: I liked a YouTube video -- Michael Buble- Nordstrom "80 Suits" Episode 3: The Stranger
  • 20:36:28: Stephen Fry said DW is childish. Wait, so are you telling me Captain Jack kissing men, women and aliens is considered childish?
  • 20:38:03: It's like telling me Anime and Manga are for kids which is always bullshit to me. Excuse me, shota con genre isn't childish.
  • 20:38:40: Merlin is cheese. Robin Hood is cheese. DW is family. You want kiddies, switch to anything on Cbeebies.
  • 20:45:10: OK DW isn't exactly family friendly when you see the blatant sexiness from Captain Jack and Amy but Torchwood has more cursing and violence
  • 20:47:02: I would be more shocked if someone said TW is childish. Sarah Jane Adventures is very family-friendly, isn't it?

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  • 10:04:51: Gackt tickets are going to be around £42 seemingly. Why is that I wonder? Diru is £20 less than him. Both are big names in Jmusic land
  • 10:06:52: Very tempted to blast some metal at the neighbours playing their dance/club remixes at full volume. Hear Kyo screaming like hell
  • 10:11:26: @paulpottsmusic enjoy yourself at BGT tonight Paul :)
  • 10:44:00: #NowPlaying Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up XD!!!!!
  • 11:00:05: Kaa-san pointed out from a newspaper that Lee Mead is touring. I knew a while ago but didn't bother with tickets. Might try for tix
  • 11:00:54: St Albans isn't far if someone drove fast. Otou-san doesn't mind Lee's singing and I like him. So might consider the gig for sure.
  • 13:37:38: @carrieanninaba what kind of dance would you do to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up? :P
  • 13:49:32: Listening to the #ashestoashes season 3 soundtrack :)
  • 14:33:47: I liked a YouTube video -- John Barrowman - Tonight's The Night 7/2
  • 15:27:04: Watching your fav dramas from this side of the globe with Chinese subs is fascinating xD
  • 15:28:34: I'm watching a bit of Prison Break s1 (越狱 in Chinese) and was curious with how they translated T-Bag. It's translated as teabag literally
  • 16:30:04: Nice weather today eh?
  • 18:30:43: If I was a painter who felt passionately about Van Gogh's work I'd be gushing over tonight's #doctorwho episode
  • 19:23:11: #doctorwho knew Van Gogh's actor was going to be Scottish before watching the episode. The ginger hair just gave it away xD
  • 19:23:41: #doctorwho ultimate ginge - lol. I agree Amy. Imagine her babies with Van Gogh. For sure it'll be a ginger delight

Tweets copied by

  • 10:28:55: RT @itsjustjanelle: If there is a god, he's a hateful god, all the best looking and chivalrous boys are gay. Nothing more to say than that
  • 10:31:32: #ashestoashes Alex knows her slash when she senses it amongst a serious overload of testosterone
  • 10:49:01: #ashestoashes I liked Sam Tyler's jacket - RIP :( But seeing Camille Coduri pop up would only increase the more cracky DW/LOM/A2A fics xD
  • 11:04:54: @MaksimC I can't help feeling psyched to see your team Cha Cha dance next week because you're dancing to a very (cont)
  • 11:56:37: Got my ticket for DSO on 14/05!!
  • 14:00:22: Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici - True Symphonic Rockestra omg <3 this :D
  • 14:02:22: @TonyDovolani I wish I took dancing more seriously when I was younger ^_^;;
  • 14:17:42: #tvd #vampirediaries whooo @OneRepublic 's Marchin' On :)
  • 14:43:10: #tvd #vampirediaries John Gilbert temee yarou D: Alaric and Damon work well together. Extra bits of Stefan's past was shocking
  • 14:44:00: #tvd #vampirediaries it's like a whole twist with the brothers. Not sure if LJ Smith wrote that in Midnight. Will have to see
  • 14:47:51: #vampirediaries Shadow Souls however, wtf happened with the last chapter? Is it meant to be satirical?
  • 15:32:12: @theloosh I had a huge WTF expression when I first saw that on the news while browsing the web.
  • 16:47:26: #spn #supernatural Bobby, proceed with caution. T__T Crowley you slimy git what have you got up your sleeve?
  • 16:50:57: #spn #supernatural Sam god that just sucks about your 'friend.' I swear (not necessarily hot) guys in nice suits can emit disturbing auras
  • 17:00:13: #spn #supernatural so the guy playing Brady was the new Flash?! No wonder I recognised his face somewhere - didn't watch all of FG though :/
  • 17:02:04: #spn #supernatural to revisit the particular storyline involving Sam's college years and explain what really happened is definitely chilling
  • 17:02:56: @LeeMeadFans oh fantastic news :)
  • 20:42:45: #doctorwho did the 11/Amy shippers squeal tonight? xD
  • 20:43:20: #doctorwho wondering if The Weeping Angels deserve a cameo on say... #spn

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The Doctor - imagine the adventures one would have as his typical companion. Hoho ^.^
Another is Damon Salvatore. So long as he has his ring on, we can hang out all day (remember ep 11 ;P). He'd most likely prefer bars and drink a lot of booze or suck blood from willing girls (of course he is a vampire!!) but if he's up for metal gigs with me then wahey all is good. He'd make a good bodyguard - or at least I hope he does.

If it was a girl then Mako-chan is at the top of my list. Hope she'd be a patient cooking teacher if we spent the day in the kitchen cooking various things.

  • 08:49:07: I had dinner at the usual Japanese restaurant last night. Normally we go for lunch there as the set lunch...
  • 11:10:06: Never thought of ever going for a time machine at this age but I think my youthful mind/eternally young brain...
  • 12:48:16: @o2sbe Sat bbq, chitter chatter for many hrs, travelling with the Doctor then saving the day with Jack Bauer on Sun night
  • 12:52:01: Kinda hoping there is a competition that will give away free DSO tix for next month. That'll be a blast for me *_*
  • 14:17:10: House arguments normally consist of whether I am queer queer as in you know… uh Queer As Folk since I’m not...
  • 14:23:13: If I was to go on DWTS I wouldn’t mind who I get paired up with. The chances are I’d be eliminated after week...
  • 18:54:58: @OneRepublic - OMG Zach that's a huge burger XD
  • 18:56:01: @Kiz_zle good luck. What is it you're going for next week? Is it in retail? Media?
  • 21:04:24: #24 Did not see the last bit coming. Suspected the scenery was elsewhere but not actually pre-recorded D:

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  • 10:14:34: @theREALboyzone that song has the perfect feel for a single release :D
  • 10:37:03: @MaksimC that was a pretty good blog post Maks. I think people need to stop criticising Erin so much. I await your Tango next week!!
  • 10:45:39: RT @DWTSJerseyGirl: Bravo to @MaksimC for not letting that "journalist" get away with that negative piece on @ErinAndrewsESPN. Jeolousy ...
  • 11:11:38: RT @ErinAndrewsESPN: RT @jennaldewan: My wish for the women of the world: let's love and support eachother, instead of tearing eachother ...
  • 14:59:08: @ladygaga oh gosh this actually worked. Be proud of your little monsters Gaga :)
  • 15:28:39: RT @ladygaga: THIS KILLS ME, I love my fans
  • 18:22:51: #doctorwho so I wasn't seeing things when I recognised the Demon Headmaster. Sophie Okonedo looked very different in those clothes
  • 18:38:56: Lucky #1 fan wins a chance to Get Close to @ladygaga
  • 22:33:51: @MaksimC you four were hilarious interviewing each other with the questions :D

Tweets copied by

  • 09:20:50: @ladygaga that's one of my fav tracks from The Fame Monster next to Bad Romance and Speechless
  • 09:23:11: RT @muse: side on puppetry in Portland
  • 09:34:07: Very cool artwork Derek!! (@officialdhough)
  • 09:51:29: @alkapranos Ugh how did that get in there? D: I had a long legged spider in my trainer once. Not sure how it got in my sports bag at all.
  • 10:52:37: RT @MRMIKEYGRAHAM: hi all. hope your all keeping well. food for thought.
    The two main keys to positive change are Self-Approval and Self ...
  • 10:52:41: RT @MRMIKEYGRAHAM: "Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure." mg x
  • 16:09:43: @Kiz_zle lol which Muse song did she mistake the DW theme tune for? It wasn't Uprising, was it?
  • 18:05:06: @OfficialMBallas same to you too :) Had way too much chocolate (both choc eggs and choc bars) this past week xD
  • 18:07:46: @DWTSMaksimFans ooh I was just watching that Tango a few hours ago on YT. <3 the song and the dance
  • 18:09:44: @BrianFortuna did you get a lot of Easter eggs this year? Enjoy the chocolate :)
  • 18:16:22: #tvd #vampirediaries Do not piss off Miss Pearl. What she did to Damon - oooh boy D:!!
  • 18:18:06: #tvd #vampirediaries squealed a bit when I heard @keaneofficial near the beginning of the ep. Pretty sure it was Better Than This
  • 18:24:21: #tvd #vampirediaries also... Jeremy wtf? I feel rather sorry for tv!Caroline too...

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  • 09:06:04: I really have to get my head into gear. In my late 20s and I have yet to accomplish anything amazing...
  • 09:17:32: Been reading a review of the first episode with Matt Smith as 11 in The Times. From a non-Whovian POV I was...
  • 09:47:36: I got copy of TV Times yesterday to read interview with @theREALboyzone - awesome pics. Also had a interview...
  • 11:25:32: It’s funny how laidback some staff can be in this place. I told supervisor about updating someone’s system so...
  • 13:36:50: RT @polydorrecords: RT this msg to win this RARE @fictionrecords bundle. Winner picked at random #polydorfriday
  • 13:41:18: @DiabloSwing oh cool!! Need to make a note of this in my diary
  • 13:44:43: Today is dragging but the rest of the week has gone by fast. Maybe because I'm waiting for Sun to watch a lot of TV
  • 19:39:53: @alkapranos I saw that in the papers and on news' sites a few days ago and just thought how ridiculous it was for him to be arrested
  • 20:00:20: #ff #dwts #scd @OfficialMBallas @OfficialDHough @MaksimC @BrianFortuna @ianwaite
  • 21:26:04: @OneRepublic wow you guys are getting famous in tv series :D
  • 21:26:44: I'm clearly behind on Gossip Girl. What the hell happened to Jenny? So Blair and Chuck are an item again. Hum, not much missed I guess
  • 21:31:17: Saw Cheryl's Parachute performance. Of course Derek wasn't there as he's a busy guy preparing for DWTS on Mon back home in America
  • 22:50:50: RT @joshgroban: Goodnight glass of milk, goodnight chewed up dog toy, goodnight script I can't get through, goodnight spider, goodnight ...
  • 22:52:43: #FF @joshgroban @franz_ferdinand @alkapranos

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