Feel Korea and London Korean Festival 2017 were two separate events. The latter was free for all visitors to introduce Korean culture and the day ticket that was mentioned to those who purchased the Feel Korea concert tickets was not needed in the end.

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Xposted here.

London was the final stop on Block B's European tour. Sadly P.O wasn't able to attend due to health issues. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

So what of Block B then? Did they dazzle BBCs?** It was my first time seeing them live and coming as a slight outsider who didn't know the group too well I wasn't sure what to expect...

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picture originally from WYF's Instagram

Kris Wu Yifan has been a busy guy with many visits to fashion shows overseas, filming in different locations for upcoming film projects. But he hasn't forgotten his solo musician work just yet. For his 26th birthday he released his first English single titled July.

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Quite a few things to mention that didn't make the cut in the quick recap.

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crossposted some bits from my Noona Tumblr

I went to MYNAME's concert in Angel on 10 September and it was quite a treat. I definitely got better photos and fancams than my last Kpop concert at the same venue but I also felt more relaxed this time.

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Why it won't EVER happen to OP

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This should just go into a rap or something O_O
When Chae Hyungwon tried to get a Chinese girl as part of the Right Now episode mission....not realising there is another mission following after that. If you read my reaction post to episode 3 you'll know what I mean.

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More missions in HK :)

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So I went to see HISTORY in London on 21st February 2016.

Trying not to rant, trying not to rant ;A;

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Watched a DVD rip of the GOTCHA in Malaysia photobook disc

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Oh mate...really now?

Should we blame the director?

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Every. Bloody. Thing.
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When your initial feeling of caution before reading an article somehow pays off.

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In response to this interview with Paper Magazine. Omona already covered it and responded massively in the two posts surrounding it but more feedback started flying in when NetizenBuzz posted an article on her interview.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Marriage, kids, a relationship, bungee jumping or doing anything daring in public...I guess everything you can name in the world of normality.

I somehow don't think many people have had 100% identical (ethnic) identity crisis as I have had. They got out of it or DGAF and let themselves be ostracized for whatever reason. There's also appreciating other Asian cultures in a deep manner which many Asians side-eye the fuck out of as if we're white/black Weeaboos.

Sorry I break the supposed stereotype of being a British Born Chinese or a white-washed banana.


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