Front Cover is a LGBT-themed feature film by Hong Kong director Ray Yeung, starring Jake Choi and James Chen.

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ISTG the end of July had many things going on. Even KCON in LA was taking place.

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Why it won't EVER happen to OP

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This should just go into a rap or something O_O
When Chae Hyungwon tried to get a Chinese girl as part of the Right Now episode mission....not realising there is another mission following after that. If you read my reaction post to episode 3 you'll know what I mean.

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More missions in HK :)

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Honestly never thought I'd be able to watch 老炮儿 in the UK but it seemed like a fitting way to close 2015...with a dash of 凡凡 in widescreen [my review is here]

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Image found via Fandango

Mr Six aka Lao Pao Er [老炮儿] is a Chinese crime film starring Feng Xiaogang in the leading role, alongside Li Yifeng and Kris Wu Yifan as the younger counterparts within an otherwise strong cast. Here is a quick review.

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Oh mate...really now?

Should we blame the director?

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When your initial feeling of caution before reading an article somehow pays off.

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In response to this interview with Paper Magazine. Omona already covered it and responded massively in the two posts surrounding it but more feedback started flying in when NetizenBuzz posted an article on her interview.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Marriage, kids, a relationship, bungee jumping or doing anything daring in public...I guess everything you can name in the world of normality.

I somehow don't think many people have had 100% identical (ethnic) identity crisis as I have had. They got out of it or DGAF and let themselves be ostracized for whatever reason. There's also appreciating other Asian cultures in a deep manner which many Asians side-eye the fuck out of as if we're white/black Weeaboos.

Sorry I break the supposed stereotype of being a British Born Chinese or a white-washed banana.
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I generally like both.

don't read the elitism from both sides and don't read the h8ers who are against the genres

I started with oldies Jpop then gradually moved to Jrock and Kpop along with inklings of Korean rock. It depends by the level of infectiousness you are aiming for. But lately the K has been calling out to me. I think it partly knows how to target an international audience (mostly on this side). But both J and K have their way of easing their way to music listeners. I think K is easier to reach out to the urban music fans whereas like with Jrock and Jpop the indie is slightly underground but has its own popularity scale and is probably too 'out there' for an average person...otoh Kpop is the same.

You just have to know what your chill is and respect what others listen to. None of this elitist bullshit on who cannot sing/compose/dance/play instruments etc etc. What you may hate i.e anything popular may somehow have helped somebody. You get help from the weirdest places (I know I did).

If I didn't go back to the K side after numerous divorces with the Hallyu, I wouldn't have gotten into the EXO!OT12 family and I wouldn't have gotten that epiphany China Line triggered two years ago. While treading on Korean music lightly after leaving Jrock fandom I went through a few artists but wasn't massively hardcore to the point of splashing my cash on them. X Japan made me do that back in the day and while they've gone through ups and downs their music still speaks to me. The current K music on my music collection is Bangtan Sonyeondan and EXO (yes they've been through shit and back and still getting shit on but I do keep my ears and eyes on them - or try to). I also miss B.A.P. BIGBANG we had a thing, Super Junior we had a little thing but I'm leaving them for various reasons. Thanks for the music from a few months although we're done.


Apr. 22nd, 2015 08:30 pm
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I have to comment on this. It's blowing up.

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