Feel Korea and London Korean Festival 2017 were two separate events. The latter was free for all visitors to introduce Korean culture and the day ticket that was mentioned to those who purchased the Feel Korea concert tickets was not needed in the end.

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Xposted here.

London was the final stop on Block B's European tour. Sadly P.O wasn't able to attend due to health issues. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

So what of Block B then? Did they dazzle BBCs?** It was my first time seeing them live and coming as a slight outsider who didn't know the group too well I wasn't sure what to expect...

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Quite a few things to mention that didn't make the cut in the quick recap.

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crossposted some bits from my Noona Tumblr

I went to MYNAME's concert in Angel on 10 September and it was quite a treat. I definitely got better photos and fancams than my last Kpop concert at the same venue but I also felt more relaxed this time.

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Why it won't EVER happen to OP

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This should just go into a rap or something O_O
So I went to see HISTORY in London on 21st February 2016.

Trying not to rant, trying not to rant ;A;

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Burberry shared the full show of yesterday's Menswear January 2016 collection.

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Lost mutuals, cutting ties, losing trust in society...but there was music that still reached out to me. Leggo.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Marriage, kids, a relationship, bungee jumping or doing anything daring in public...I guess everything you can name in the world of normality.

I somehow don't think many people have had 100% identical (ethnic) identity crisis as I have had. They got out of it or DGAF and let themselves be ostracized for whatever reason. There's also appreciating other Asian cultures in a deep manner which many Asians side-eye the fuck out of as if we're white/black Weeaboos.

Sorry I break the supposed stereotype of being a British Born Chinese or a white-washed banana.
[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not white but English is my mothertongue as I was born in UK and I speak Cantonese weakly. My Mandarin is also just as bad in both writing and speaking (in other words my Hanzi - really shit). I studied French and German till I finished school completely. If I could learn languages fluently well then Cantonese and Mandarin would be at the top of my list right next to Korean and Japanese. As an Asian person I want to be a decent linguist at Asian languages but my upbringing and predicaments that developed from the beginning do have a strong effect on how I pick things up, especially since I do not like studying at all. Not your typical Asian geek.
[Error: unknown template qotd]Always nervous over everything. Going to parties, dinners, gatherings, forced to speak publicly in front of judgmental people, publishing a piece of my work...
Awkward moment in episode 1 of Problematic Men. I don't intend to watch this series but somehow this little shady moment got a mention on the Twitter feeds and it took me a few attempts to actually get what was going on.

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I've had way too many friendships like this with male colleagues in my past jobs. There was one instance where I *nearly* fell hard for a guy who was much older than myself but then I realised meh he can't deal with my Hallyu fangirling and he's so annoyingly opinionated. He was really English too (who seemingly is open-minded...just not with the Hallyu). I've learnt to just not go overboard with thinking and expressing myself publicly at work and elsewhere.

Now it's all quiet and more cautious. Also, my priorities and preferences have manifested
It didn't even cross my mind when I was doing my usual rounds of HQ picture RT'ing this morning. I missed out on a lot of updates from fan accounts I follow.

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I have a crap load of things I want to write. Majority of it will be focusing on the problematic faves and putting them into articles, as well as short stories. Fiction, it's been a while since we last met.

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I clash too much with society, even when I'm minding my own business. This is a case of endless bad luck. I often wonder why I exist. It sucks being a model minority. Can 2014 get any worse for me? In terms of RL and fangirling, that is. Yeah it most likely did. Do I need to make a list?

So three Somali boys (possibly teens) really got to me when I was on the way to the bus stop...
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Here is a quick review on the debut novel by fellow British Born Chinese PP Wong. Xposted from here

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