FFS wankers

Jun. 8th, 2016 02:30 pm
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FFS fandoms...

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From what I managed to catch in real time.

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I was going to work on that shade post on how I feel watching Asian MVs and it is something I've been meaning to write about. I'll do that later maybe.

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Jan. 31st, 2015 10:54 pm
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Considering a change in my profile layout. I've had that Dean Winchester profile layout scheme for years and back in the day when fanlistings were popular. Most of those links are dead too :/ I also used an old email address but can't remember the password used to change details. Oh well. I took out tons of interests and added new ones in. more babble )
Despite the shitstorms of 2014 (problematic faves saying stupid things, people leaving or being chucked out of their designated roles, nature being furious, fandoms showing their light and dark) and me bailing out...yes there was music I liked. Rebounds or not.

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If you wanted a list of 2013 albums I liked you can read them here
I have a crap load of things I want to write. Majority of it will be focusing on the problematic faves and putting them into articles, as well as short stories. Fiction, it's been a while since we last met.

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Taeyang's latest solo comeback is in the form of another full-length album by the name of Rise. Here is a track by track review.

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Ugh why fandom why? The idea of 'we are one' is just not happening. I rambled about the Wu Yifan nullification case here but naturally so much more is happening on Chinese and Korean sites.
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Hi TS Entertainment, just want to say eff you like whoa for picking that venue for B.A.P and damn all you music labels for your last minute announcements with forthcoming K-music gigs overall. I have already spent a lot on JJ Lin and Yoshiki's forthcoming classical gig in May OTL Read more... )

Tempted to console myself with more merchandise shopping.
Honestly they need it. Hang on, all of OT12 need time to rest for Seolla and the CNY. I hope this means ALL the Chinese Kpop idols get to go. So not just Zhou Mi who recently tweeted on how much he wanted to go back home. EXO M's China Line are all home now. Saw all the airport pics and cried over the gloriousness of Luhan, Kris and Tao. Lay managed to ninja his way back home early. Luhan had a lot of security when he went back to Beijing because we all know how Motherland have a massive thirst for the deer. Kris and Tao hugged before they went back home (Taoris bromance I die).

Kris apparently had a situation at Guangzhou Airport. He wanted to greet the fans waiting for him but had to go through the VIP exit** upon security's advice but he insisted O_O According to fan accounts, he got angry though managed to get into his uncle's car and got the gifts from his fans outside. His uncle drove the car as he did this and Kris's window was open so he could wave, apologise and receive the pressies.

This is a reminder of why he gets to me so deep. Yeah this is the dork who is beyond entertaining on Showtime and the dork who apparently can't speak English when in fact he's perfectly more capable than bigger snobs who claim they can speak English fluently but are just as bad as this guy.

Never change your kindness, Duizhang but bin the Pyrex clothes if you can lah

**Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah hi BIGBANG when you were at terminal 3 but went the other exit aka the VIP one (pun). Not that I blame you.
Honestly, I relate to this post wholeheartedly because stalking or just exploring the places your favourite people go to in your country is a matter of skill.
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NYE is blah

Dec. 31st, 2013 10:49 pm
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Not that I'm fussed. I missed out on the NYE music shows on the live streams and could barely get anywhere with the Shanghai Oriental TV New Year's Countdown so I missed out on Super Junior M and EXO M. Also missed out on the Korean side of things so no EXO K or B.A.P for me T_T

Caught up on Youtube though so that's okay. I ended up watching DVDs instead and self-reflecting about stuff. Thank god nobody was at home to judge me on my daydreaming. Phew. Anyway SJM and EXO M were so cute on the show. It was my first time seeing EXO M perform Growl as a sub group and also the first time I saw on Gayo Daejun EXO K perform Growl and Wolf as a sub group. I've gotten so used to OT12 it made the stage quieter without the other six guys. I need to learn SuJu's Chinese names as well. Donghae = Donghai but I need to check the Hanzi for the others as well. All for good use. I guess if you want me to get back on track with my Zhongwen, better to do it this way. Look at EXO - I will do a post on this in more detail.

B.A.P's One Shot performances were very good. I enjoyed Jongup's solo introduction in the Gayo Daejun. Zelo's hair has gone blond and he seems to have matured over the months. It must be the hairstyle. Himchan looks like he lost a lot of weight :(

Now with KBS Gayo Daechukje I didn't get to watch all of it or the second Gayo with Heechul as one of the MCs (and hello GDYB nice to see you bros performing) but again had to play catch up on Youtube. Biggest highlight from Gayo Daechukje which is apparently the weakest out of these year ending shows was the EXO performance and the vocal versus dance lines. Their remix of Growl was so good and the beginning bit where Chanyeol put his hand on Kai (christ it's the no 1 Kai fanboy xD) then Kris joined in as part of the choreography, putting his mighty huge hand on Kai from the other side.

The amount of animated gifs on Tumblr covering this moment is huge. I look at the gifs I reblog and I can't stop looking at them. Dear god Kris' Yaoi hands...no worry you suck at arm wrestling Duizhang, I just want to compare my little hand to yours. It would make a funny photo yes?

Also enjoyed the SNSD/TiTeSeo jazz performance of Crazy In Love with Yixing on piano and Chanyeol on drums and Tao, Luhan and Sehun as the backing dancers. Tao and Tiffany - guys my fellow Huang/Hwang siblings are dancing together excuse me while I cry :'D
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Don't you wish you had a birthday like this?
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