My stanning for these princes is growing

Thank you Park Seungjun for acknowledging the older Tinkerbells. I actually think this is a crisis that even a slowly retiring person like myself is dealing with regularly.

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KNK, SNUPER and MONSTA X's Rapper Line release some new tracks this week and Bangtan cover an old school K-hip hop track to celebrate the artist's debut as part of a collab. Here's a quick rundown.

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Feel Korea and London Korean Festival 2017 were two separate events. The latter was free for all visitors to introduce Korean culture and the day ticket that was mentioned to those who purchased the Feel Korea concert tickets was not needed in the end.

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Bangtan Sonyeondan return with a new second full-length album "Wings". With all the intense teaser mini films and pictures, does this make the album worth the listen?

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ISTG the end of July had many things going on. Even KCON in LA was taking place.

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I waited for 10 minutes till 10PM Korea time for this to show up on Starship Entertainment's channel ^^;;

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I ended up buying Bangtan's Young Forever from Hmart mini. Turns out I got a first press edition of the night version because it had a mini photocard. I didn't read the actual info before buying the albums as the physical purchase of this album was still a tentative decision at the time.

My polaroids and photocards happened to be of two faves. It is perfect as a photo upload for my other account that is dedicated to these two

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OK Monsta X. You got me.

You got me good.

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FFS wankers

Jun. 8th, 2016 02:30 pm
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FFS fandoms...

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I wasn't one of the lucky fuckers who went to KCON France but the audio and Periscope streams I found were better than nothing (as I said previously I held back on tickets because of sacrifices). I saw Bangtan broadcast on the V App just before I finished work and was flailing quietly despite my day being so shit no thanks to people ruining it.

I managed to catch Bangtan in time on the streams and got so many feels. If anyone can help me sneak to their Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa epilogue tour in Asia that would be most appreciated ;; And yeah count the GOT7 Fly tour.

And when a family member says we'll go to a country for holiday I don't believe them. I never do. It's fucking bullshit. I'll just have to sort out the stuff myself because I trust nobody. And yeah the minute I go on annual leave I dread the shit that will surface. See again, no trust in the working environment. Nobody listens to what I say. I think I'll only get to use up all my remaining leave when I leave my job and go on a massive break before doing whatever it is next.
I didn't bother buying tickets to KCON France. I considered it over the weeks but then I thought no.

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The trilogy to the Most Beautiful Moment In Life draws to a close with Bangtan Sonyeondan's latest album.

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Fansite orders wow I've been a busy bee...hopefully my income will cover everything. I've donated, sent messages of support, sent videos etc...too bad my own project didn't go anywhere. FML.

And now I have to count potential concert tickets which sucks.

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When 防彈 went to 廣州 . [sorry I am intentionally mixing the traditional and simplified in this post for the sake of it]

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I'm fighting hard to keep calm here. I'm still catching up with my favourites performing for the final year shows and...then there is this.

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