Zhang Wei is one lucky guy to be dueting with Adam Lambert. You can tell he's such a fanboy, incredibly nervous which is very understandable but damn he can sing. I've been waiting for Adam to sing Whataya Want From Me with a contestant from the singing reality tv franchise. If I could sing that song with him and wasn't such a wreck I'd go for it.

I think Asian Glamberts were incredibly lucky to see him on the We Are Glamily tour this year. Would love to have heard Underneath or Trespassing live.

Underneath is gorgeous when Adam sings it live. OMG chills :O

As much as I like live music, I seem to be a serious masochistic and tolerate the pain of being in the pit. Oh joy. But comparing my experiences between the Jrock and British/Scandinavian gigs I've been to in the past...I picked up some small things.

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I was browsing Tumblr for more Silver Ash things to reblog and a fan had linked to Ling's blog post which is on Silver Ash's official website.  The entire entry is quite honestly brilliant and I could fangirl for hours but I'll just explain in a nutshell.  Ling generally discusses the ups and downs Silver Ash had as a band and also explains a problem China has when it comes to Visual Kei, which confirms my theory as to why a lot of native Chinese and a few BBCs from my last Chinese class were all WTF you listen to Jrock? to me when I told them my cracky but diverse music tastes.  I sensed they also were hinting it's not possible for Chinese people to like Japanese music because of...grudges.  It could be one reason but not the biggest one.

I respect Chinese people who maintain their Chinese identity without sounding like an arrogant fool but also show how much they admire Visual Kei or anything Japanese-related (huzzah Chinese Otakus).  This paragraph echoes my thoughts:-

Visual Kei has a big culture and history in Japan. Most importantly, Japan has a strong manga culture. In East Asia, there is a long history of appreciating beautiful men and men’s makeup. Japan remains respectful of those elements of culture, which also influence their manga culture. China, however, no longer respects that kind of culture and in general, Chinese people dislike people who are too unique or “special.” Though Japanese culture emerged from ancient China, they created their own aesthetics. Visual Kei is Japanese style Glam rock. For Chinese musicians, they can dress in a Visual style as well, but they can’t be accepted by society, even by other rockers. Unfortunately, China doesn’t have enough “space” for alternative culture. In many Chinese rock fans’ mind, “Visual kei” bands in China are just some cosplayers joining together to play some stupid cover songs. That might be another reason why Visual Kei is not very popular in China.

The last two sentences sum up my little issue with China and how they treat such an alternative music style.  It briefly reminds me of the time when X Japan were forced to cancel their Beijing gig in 2011 because of technical and production issues which doesn't sound right.  I suspect the government just didn't want a legendary Jrock band to play in Beijing's biggest venue that has been used previously by other megastar musicians.  Yet L'aruku managed to go ahead with their Shanghai gig back in 2005 without much problems.  Come to think of it even Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong can be iffy with some obscure things and might ban them or protest to stop them (I've been to these countries too).  Adam Lambert attracted Muslim protesters prior to his first KL gig during the Glam Nation Tour.

I know it's wrong to judge a country like China before visiting it though I have had personal interactions with native Chinese people when they visit England and occasionally I am reacting with a "head meet table" feeling.  I want to visit China in person one day just because it is supposedly the big Motherland of all Chinese but it will be difficult to tackle my current feelings towards the country.  Boo to stressful events from my past.
Can't believe I missed Adam's tweets on MAMA 2012 when he was in Hong Kong last year and rocked the stage with two songs. He complimented the Kpop fashion and jokingly said he'd steal Big Bang's clothes XD Also still can't believe G-Dragon likes Adam Lambert's music, as do many other Kpop singers. I noticed the positive reactions during Adam's MAMA performance :D

Excuse the inner Lambrit/Glambert flailing moment. I do remember Adam and GD were both at the EMAs 2011 when Adam closed the EMAs with Queen which was a spectacular performance and the Queenbert team up is so worth it. Apparently GD likes Whataya Want From Me...omg that's my fav song too. I know a lot of Glamberts hate it but I used it as a ringtone on my mobile ^_^;; If you hear it acoustically it's gorgeous. Brings me close to tears.

Adam tweeted recently that someone on Idol auditioned with his song If I Had You and I thought I'd revisit the song since I've not listened to For Your Entertainment in a long time and was reading the lyrics again. The main chorus somehow reminds me of Big Bang's Number 1 about finding someone who isn't into them for the money and fame can I volunteer GD? then I got inspired to google GD and Adam to see how they even mentioned one another in the first place.

I managed to find the following clips. One is a fun comparison clip of Kpop singers' clothes and Adam's costumes. Both quite similar when you look closely.

This is Adam at the MAMA press conference and at Mnet interviews where he's repeatedly mentioned liking Big Bang's fashion style. Someone let him borrow the guys' clothes already haha.

Both these sections in Number 1 and If I Had You sort of describe me ^_^;;

Number 1

I need a girl who is in it for me
Not for the money, not for the fame
Not for the glory, not for the name

If I Had You

But if I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need
Yeah if I had you, then money, fame and fortune never could compete
If I had you, life would be a party it'd be ecstasy

If I Had You is one of my fav FYE songs next to Fever, Whataya Want From Me, Soaked (acoustic live version is so good) and Sleepwalker.

I don't know whether a Glambert collab with GD or Big Bang would really work to be honest. Adam has big vocals like Daesung and Taeyang. He can go rock voice but also put on an emotional performance in a slow, acoustic manner. Could GD work some magic with Adam? Who knows?

2012 music

Dec. 29th, 2012 05:35 pm
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There are different music genres being discussed here.

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My first time watching a MAMA.

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The same choreographer who did Trespassing and got a shout out from Adam Lambert on Twitter managed to put in more clips of her class dancing to Adam's songs :D

There's extra Trespassing and some Shady. How funky is Gin? Wow Singaporeans, you got swag I tell ya.

This gig was a last minute decision and then weeks I suddenly thought I couldn't go due to personal issues. But then again I realised it was all okay. This Queenbert night was going to happen after all. I'm glad it did because it was electrifying. My view from the circle wasn't brilliant, especially when Adam walked further into the crowd but the music was clear.

Adam is NOT trying to be Freddie Mercury or copy the man in any way. He's paying homage to the legend. I hope he tours with Queen again because these guys work so well together.

Sample photos
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I think this Austrian girl managed to hit the same level of emotional impact behind this song. Hopefully Adam Lambert has seen this himself. I'm almost certain a lot of his fans have sent him a link via Twitter.

However Adam Lambert tweeted the following dance video, praising the choreography to his song Trespassing :) I had no idea the choreographer was Singaporean too. You Singaporeans got secret swag eh? xD

Ah I got lazy and didn't bother buying any ticket to see Adam Lambert when he performed at a charity concert in Royal Albert Hall and did a little set at G-A-Y club on Saturday night. Really sucks when you're not getting any daily income.

I was also tempted to try to catch him when he was outside Sony Studio (I think?!) on Fri morning. Saw it mentioned in Twitter somewhere... but again got lazy and I'm not a stalker at all. Can't wait to see him on Graham Norton in two weeks time though. Hope it'll be a fun interview.

Here's Adam performing Trespassing at G-A-Y. This guy's filming was so good. Right at the front of the stage and you get a zoom up of Adam's legs :3

I tried to apply tickets for Adam Lambert's special intimate show in London a few weeks ago but obviously I didn't win :/ Would've been nice. He did an acoustic set for some new songs. Like this one, based on Better Than I Know Myself:

I like this version more o_O
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Hayashi Yoshiki, Tuomas Holopainen, Josh Groban and Adam Lambert.
I knew Big Bang were nominated for Worldwide Act at the MTV European Music Awards 2011 and I put down two votes only, expecting they wouldn't win at all... but they *did* win the award last night.

I'm quite a fan of Big Bang (not at the stage of hardcore fan but I'm getting there - give me time xD J/K) and I was really surprised they even managed to get nominated at all. They beat tough competition in the category, namely Britney Spears who was the person I honestly believed would win because it's Britney.

I really don't know why so many people are complaining about Big Bang winning. I think for once this is an exceptional stepping stone for Asian music. Normally most people don't care about this category let alone the EMAs or the like when it comes to MTV. Yet somehow this year was different (I personally tuned in for lots of people). A lot of musicians I respected managed to win awards and I got to see Adam Lambert on my TV screen for the first time in ages :D How fantastic were his guest vocals with Queen. Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga performed very well too.

One thing we need to realise is that an Asian music act managed to get nominated in a Western music awards ceremony. This is a first for me. I feel this will encourage Kpop or even Japanese pop/rock fans worldwide to get their favourite bands or musicians nominated for such awards. I don't expect X Japan to make it into the category of Worldwide Act but I can only try.

I don't go for younger guys but I won't deny T.O.P looks fierce on stage. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I don't know whether this win will push Kpop up in terms of interest among music fans who have never even touched Kpop or Asian pop here but it seems Big Bang have been meeting a lot of well-known faces from the ceremony such as Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen, as well as Katy Perry. You can see photos from the EMAs on Taeyang's Twitter.

  • 05:29 yfrog.com/kl0y3kj @robert_knepper stage talk at @showmasters ' London Film Comic Con [9th July 2011] #
  • 05:30 2nd pic of Robert Knepper - t.co/x2DnlN6 #
  • 05:31 @adamlambert I haven't seen the latest ep yet. If you used the hashtag, it must've been good ^_^;; #
  • 08:52 RT @concertweirdos: Going to concerts and thinking "If only I was a tall mofo." #concertweirdos #
  • 08:57 RT @concertweirdos: Screaming so loud, you feel like you've ripped something in your throat. #concertweirdos #sugg #
  • 09:01 RT @concertweirdos: When concerts totally screw up your eating habits and sleeping cycles... #concertweirdos #
  • 10:13 @hmvtweets ah okay thank you. I suspect it will be busy so i don't mind just a signed cd but i'll bring a glossy photo if there's time #
  • 10:16 @gigsandtours the edge of seventeen - stevie nicks #
  • 14:59 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk on Sunday 10th July twitpic.com/5oljvx #
  • 14:59 yfrog.com/khamyhj @robert_knepper @showmasters stage talk on Sunday at #lfcc 2011 #
  • 15:00 @robert_knepper @showmasters #lfcc 2011 second stage talk twitpic.com/5olkji #
  • 16:49 There isn't much of a queue for @the_overtones right now. Ooookay #
  • 16:58 Holy eff i just saw a leading jersey boy in hmv selfridges with his girlfriend. I am sure of it O_O omg this only happens to me in central #
  • 17:02 @_josephmorgan was that pun intentional? ~_^ #
  • 17:16 Queue is forming. There are meant to be wristbands for the @the_overtones signing if u bought the album from selfridges wth?! Hope it's okay #
  • 17:22 Toners are doo_wopping to @the_overtones in selfridges. Can't join in since i haven't learnt the lyrics properly for most of the songs hehe #
  • 17:25 Been drifting to sleep on the way to bond street. Not cool. Gotta wake up :/ #
  • 18:29 Zomg i gave most of @the_overtones a happy kiss on the cheek #
  • 18:34 Got so excited i nearly toppled down the stairs lol #
  • 18:35 This signing makes up for my uh lfcc blunder for sure #
  • 18:39 Okay excuse the fangirl moment but @the_overtones are really handsome gents and so polite. I wanted to cry but was too tired #
  • 18:42 @alkapranos dude what made you think that? #
  • 18:42 Lachie was funny lol!!!! #
  • 18:43 Timmy was so cute and mark was sweet. Darren was polite and mike was chatty :) #
  • 19:44 Well with that signing done gotta go back to work as normal. Boooooooo #
  • 19:49 @the_overtones thanks for the signing at selfridges. Pleasure meeting you guys for the first time. I was the chinese girl near the front #
  • 21:08 @the_overtones thanks for stopping by at @selfridges Hope to see you again soon for another signing or a concert :) #
  • 21:48 @the_overtones yeah same to you guys. Safe journey home :) #
  • 22:08 Photo: anightingaleinberkeley: A lovely photo for sure :) tumblr.com/xlu3g4pkif #
  • 22:54 @_josephmorgan sweet. Thanks for the link :) #
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  • 09:50 Thought i heard metal music this morning then i realised i was dreaming. Metal music awards played at full volume by neighbours - no way #
  • 09:53 I'll do a proper check on yt for @xjapanofficial clips from the @o2sbe gig when i have cooled off and feel less shattered in mind + body #
  • 11:32 @YoshikiOfficial twitpic.com/5jz8r3 - Thing is, you were in a bigger venue so more room to dive ^_^;; Hope you didn't hurt yourself #
  • 11:33 RT @concertweirdos: I'm gonna use my concerts and meeting bands for tweet material just like Tswift uses her boyfriends for songs. Hahah... #
  • 11:47 @chordoverstreet you're trending worldwide. I've kind of lost track of Glee (sorry ;_;) but I seem to have caught up from the tweets #
  • 11:50 @chordoverstreet if what people are saying is true then it's a shame. You were entertaining on Glee. You bravely took on Bieber Fever ;D #
  • 12:06 @MatthewKoon ganbatte :) #
  • 12:45 Yoshiki PG Tips joke j.mp/jkoTyo #
  • 12:50 Bought tickets for @HYPERJAPANevent . Looking forward to seeing everything there and listen to Wakeshima Kanon #
  • 12:51 I was going to apply to be a voluntary 'model' for the Kimono fashion show but then I realised the designers might discriminate #
  • 15:30 These weekends go too quickly :'( #
  • 17:39 I have 5 more eps of Vampire Knight season 1 to watch. I get confused with who is who in the night class which is daft. Need to wake up D: #
  • 19:46 So lots of Vampire Knight crossovers do exist and behold I see lots of stories trying to cross over Twilight. No surprise there #
  • 21:18 Photo: How cute X) tumblr.com/xlu3aio35n #
  • 21:23 So I had noticed certain 'fans' were complaining about Tues' gig. I may have been exhausted and p*ssed off (not with the band) but whoa... #
  • 21:26 ... I was grateful they managed to come to London in the first place. #
  • 21:38 vous-et-nul-autre: Been a while since I looked at Kaneshiro-san ^_^;; tumblr.com/xlu3aj0dhc #
  • 22:32 Photo: Ohohoho sneaky Adam ^.^ tumblr.com/xlu3ajxfzb #
  • 23:03 I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/LcjiP8obOaY?a Rolling In The Deep - The Overtones (HQ Audio) #
  • 23:50 I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/THqcOpKt-KA?a Song Seung Heon MJC "Diamond for You" - 9.6.2011 (1) #
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