Taeyang's latest solo comeback is in the form of another full-length album by the name of Rise. Here is a track by track review.

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It recently occurred to me that in One Direction's new MV had used a B.A.P pic from their Warrior promotions. I didn't know about this until some people mentioned it and provided a screencap. Since B.A.P are a sextet and One Direction are a quintet, one guy had to be cut out of the picture. Poor Maknae Zelo was removed from the photo before all the B.A.P guys got their heads replaced with the 1D lads.

The feedback towards this 'cameo' has been interesting. Naturally Babyz are reacting with horror over how the picture was used without permission but some think, "Yay Kpop is becoming more well-known in the UK." Really? it's better as a niche and kept private OTL. Is this how Brits think of Kpop? Do the 1D guys secretly think they're better? Pushing these guys aside...would you like to see and hear Chavs / unclassy small town people / snotty city folk gush over your fav Korean singers? Or would they be too DUH to get the gist of the different language and culture?

But the entire video is comedy and One Direction aren't exactly stamping on the heads of the B.A.P guys. It's actually themselves so I wouldn't worry about that bit so much. Unless they're implying the Take That, Backstreet Boys and B.A.P Warrior looks are actually unappealing then all I can say is well it's a generation gap and you can disappear. We old ladies had our own guys thank you very much, youth *goes back to drinking her afternoon tea with digestive biscuits.*

Another interesting thing I've noticed was how B.A.P's Crash, as nice and jolly as that song is, had a One Direction feel. Not over the top or purely 1D but there's a slight sound if you listen hard. You do NOT need to be a Directioner to pick this up, especially if What Makes You Beautiful is played to death on your local radio station, internet radio or TV. I'm far from a Directioner but they do get mentioned a lot in the media and online so you can't miss them as much no matter how much you avoid the internet, tv or radios.

I'm certain a lot of fellow Babyz have tweeted 1D's video to the B.A.P guys -I did- so they'll probably notice the video link and take a look. If they liked Chad Future's English cover of One Shot then they may be surprised with their little cameo in a 1D video. But in terms of actual talent...there is no competition. Crazy fan wars...ok with that I think we'd have to step back and watch with a big box of popcorn.
I threw away a lot of old Sailormoon fanart but then I got inspired and suddenly started missing those days of my Mako-chan fangirling.

I drew my biggest muse spontaneously while making breakfast one morning, just to see if I remembered what she looked like and how I drew her during my active years in Sailormoon crossover fandom.

My quick sketch of Kino Makoto / Sailorjupiter.  It's be... on Twitpic

I just find it hard to believe I had this intention of wanting to become an artist when I got older. That train of thought for the future didn't last long when I was in primary school though. I think I will get back to fanart when I'm free. Spice Girls was fun to draw I must admit. They're all different characters. Scary Spice was a bit tricky. Baby Spice was my favourite to sketch since she had a sweet face. Posh was easier because of that bob XD
I got inspired by this fandom post on Asian Junkie and another post discussing International and Korean fans in Kpop fandom. Even the UnitedKpop post on race got my brain buzzing.

As someone who used to be a regular contributor in many kinds of fandoms ranging from Rurouni Kenshin, Heroes to Jrock music fangirling and a lot more in the days (yes I used to be a rabid fangirl who did those bad things like bashing characters and regretted it), I have recently developed an understanding as to why a large number of native Asians tend to be...selfish and not always wanting to share their fandom culture. Mainly because it's started to happen to me as I get older. I think this is a bad sign.

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2013 gigs I'd like to attend but can't due to budgeting

Depeche Mode @ O2 Arena London ~ Dave Gahan is one of my few FILFs and Depeche Mode are legendary.

The Micro Head 4N's @ The Garage, London ~ just heard they're doing signing sessions after their gigs. I missed out on signing opportunities at Hyper Japan and utterly gutted. So maybe they'll do a short show and have a support act who won't play for too long. edit they cancelled the London gig. I guess the tickets weren't selling well.

Muse @ Emirates Stadium ~ was meant to see them in 2010 at Wembley Stadium but I was not in the best mood so sold my ticket. I know they are theatrical.

Michael Buble @ O2 Arena ~ I've seen him twice but wouldn't mind going to see him again and let my family experience his amazing showmanship.

Wang Leehom @ O2 Arena

Who I wouldn't mind seeing if they came here but probably won't be able afford

CN Blue ~ missed out on them last year because I wasn't working and had my cousin visiting.

Shinhwa ~ they're like the BSB or Take That. A man band that seems to threaten the youth. They're hardly out of date and still show they've got what it takes to perform. I know their comeback wasn't OMG epic like BB or anyone else but they're well respected. OTOH I'd like to see Eric Mun Oppa IRL 8)

Super Junior ~ if Heechul came to London I'd probably die.


Who I want to see again and will probably save up for them

it might be obvious

BIGBANG ~ I'd go VIP on them again. I really would. If I did buy tickets to see them again in London I have to sacrifice a lot of other gigs that are not BB-related in order to save up at least £200+.

G-Dragon ~ he's doing a live tour in Japan in Spring but it's likely he'll hit the rest of Asia. Whether or not he'll do Europe is still a mystery. Considering he just visited London and Paris recently...one can only hope. Methinks he's officially my no 1 now...o_O
This gig was a last minute decision and then weeks I suddenly thought I couldn't go due to personal issues. But then again I realised it was all okay. This Queenbert night was going to happen after all. I'm glad it did because it was electrifying. My view from the circle wasn't brilliant, especially when Adam walked further into the crowd but the music was clear.

Adam is NOT trying to be Freddie Mercury or copy the man in any way. He's paying homage to the legend. I hope he tours with Queen again because these guys work so well together.

Sample photos
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Ah the 90s

Apr. 28th, 2012 08:22 pm
vash_chan: (Hal ~ shhhhh)
Man I have to post about this. Yay for music nostalgia:

While I had been about the cheesy pop back in my childhood omg boybands ftfw there had been a Thursday night in 1990 that introduced me to Depeche Mode. Thanks Top Of The Pops:

I didn't get the rock appeal so I ignored the likes of Simple Minds, Tears For Fears and much more. Funnily enough I didn't mind Def Leppard or Queen. *scratches head* My childhood made no sense. Then again it was kinda traumatic and not as amazing. Despite my uh innocence in most of my music listening at a very young age I was mesmerised by Depeche Mode's World In My Eyes and because I was into electro pop this song was right down my alley and I liked it.

I suddenly pictured myself being in that car with Dave Gahan, replacing that lady with little me. He just lured me in with his singing even though I didn't quite get the 'dirty' meaning behind the lyrics. Dave's presence was simply hypnotic. I was in awe. I mean, show me the world with his eyes... it must've been better than the harsh school reality I was dealing with during those years. Dave Gahan's charisma took me to another world in the same way that Barbie, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Thundercats did XD
I wrote a bit about Goldie Cheung here and to follow up with that I recently found out that Copper Bell was not an original song by Auntie. It was a song by the late Anita Mui Yim Fong.

Ding dah ding dah ding -_- The video is just as crap as the song. I mean it tries to be all funky and hip and typically like majority of music videos in any genre you will get the odd female/female action but seldom man/man stuff. The original Copper Bell doesn't sound any different to Goldier's cover. Ah Yi just tried to sex it up with her 'fan service.'

Anita Mui has done some much better songs than that Copper Bell. Her old songs were so good. For example there is Life aka The Heroic Trio theme tune \m/
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Not really a horror flick but when I was really young I used to be so damn scared of the little Thriller film with Michael Jackson. I always hid under the covers whenever it came to the transformation part.

The Saw films make me nauseous but not as much as Oldboy. The original Japanese version of The Ring gave me chills and I always worry whether Sadako would come into my room and scare me to death.
Got inspired by recent trending topic on Twitter

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She-Ra because it was my main source of girl power motivation during a somewhat crappy childhood. But my cartoon addiction during my pre-adolescent years wasn't limited to her. I was also into the following:

- He-Man
- Thundercats
- Inspector Gadget
- Danger Mouse
- Biker Mice From Mars
- Muppet Babies
- Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
I bought a classic rock/metal compilation cd from a charity shop today as it had a few songs I recognised and cherished. I then came across a cover of Cameo's Word Up.

In case anyone wants to hear the original it was a funky track.

This one

Here's Gun's cover. This was on my CD and I was surprised with how good it sounded. It keeps the beat and the vocals are almost close to the original's style.

I heard Korn's version before Gun's one many months ago on the Scuzz tv channel. I thought it was scary when I first heard it (ok still unsure how I feel about Marilyn Manson's covers of Tainted Love by Soft Cell or Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics O_O) but I actually do kinda like Korn's take on Word Up now that I've listened to it a few times. It was probably the video that intimidated me... then again we're talking metal here so uh... XD



Sep. 21st, 2010 10:20 pm
vash_chan: ("I'm alive. I'm a mess" ~ Niki)
So nice to have Richard Armitage back on my TV screen lmao. If we were to ignore the way Guy was written in Robin Hood season 3 I am glad to see Richard getting work again. Mr Thornton ftfw :P I am continuously intrigued with his Spooks character but I stupidly forgot to watch season 8 to see how things went for Harry and I didn't know about a character death either. How come Spooks season 8 was so quiet? I didn't see any mention of it a while ago in the papers. Maybe I was out of the loop with the announcement of its return - no thanks to work stress.

Oh regarding the music I'm currently listening to - who remembers London Boys? I didn't even know they died from an accident years ago. Such a shame. I remember dancing like an idiot to London Nights. I actually thought they were British though they're in fact European xD Just felt this need to become nostalgic with my music this week. Hmm...

Also got into Adam Lambert. I'm slowly being converted into a Glambert. This is so wrong as it goes against what I normally listen to - X Factor or Idol winners/runners up usually get a red cross to me unless they stand out in a big way. Adam's album has not left my mp3 collection yet and considering I bought a ticket to see him in London this Nov I'm excited. Oh god what have I gotten myself into? I'll write a more detailed post on this guy soon.
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I really liked lots of bands but it was never to the point of fangirling in a stalking manner at gigs. I never knew what stalking meant at such a young age lmao.

Examples insert cheese!!!!

Kylie Minogue
New Kids On The Block
Boyzone - prob the most fangirled band in my teens but as I was too young I didn't go to gigs and spent my pocket money on tapes instead
London Boys

  • 07:22:58: @JerseyBoysBlogg yay that review made my day. Which reminds me... I really want to watch JB again :D
  • 07:26:14: @tvdfansonline YESSSSSSSS :DDDDD Very delighted by this piece of good news
  • 07:27:09: Ah but surely you were tempted to break one open and drink it all up ;D (@joshgroban)http://yfrog.com/03tguuj
  • 07:53:09: Just read @apocalypticafi ' s article in latest Metal Hammer issue. I think they're such gents to handle the cynicism from...
  • 07:53:40: ... the interviewer who gave them a rather negative review on their earlier album.
  • 07:54:24: Well it wasn't that person but just the staff of said magazine, that is. I like the diversity in 7th symphony o_O
  • 08:00:16: Kaa-san said a Blackberry doesn't suit me because I'm not a busy, upperclass businesswoman. WTF? Explain to why Chavs use them then...
  • 08:03:17: Anyone can use a Blackberry. It might be seen as suitable for those who are businesslike but not limited to just uptight, suited workers.
  • 08:09:37: I have been humming and singing to Puffy AmiYumi's japanese ver of the Teen Titans theme all morning. Is this my 'calling?' o.O
  • 10:10:41: @mKiK808 lmao um but isn't that the whole point of urinals, helping one uh have targets to aim at? XD
  • 10:11:37: @robbiewilliams #RW20 what song are you currently listening to on repeat?
  • 10:58:51: @robbiewilliams thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. You were responded very promptly too :)
  • 11:03:03: @robbiewilliams *responding I meant. Apologies for the grammar blunder there.
  • 12:16:46: @redscarf http://twitpic.com/2iatmi - Squee how cute :D
  • 14:01:00: @JerseyBoysBlogg I've only seen the show twice but I'm hoping to go this autumn. Might try for photos at stage door if I fight my shyness
  • 14:09:39: Minna-san in the office are at a meeting, barring one other exec chick whose cold diva-ness kills. Please begone so I can read my book D:
  • 14:16:21: @MsAmberPRiley I agree :) If someone I respect doesn't follow me I never get into a tantrum at all. Quite pointless to do so, really.
  • 14:28:50: @JerseyBoysBlogg lol ok well I'll see what I can do.
  • 14:29:45: @James_Phelps trying to do work but struggling to focus... thus tweeting randomly when I can haha
  • 14:34:26: @bbcstrictly new layout is pretty cool. TBH I'm mostly excited about out the 3 new male pros, esp Robin and Artem since I saw them in BTF
  • 14:51:27: @bbcstrictly yeah same here. Fingers crossed they get good partners too
  • 19:53:29: After watching Robbie and Gary's new MV for Shame I sense the no of RPF in the TT fandom will go up slightly perhaps...
  • 19:56:23: I smell bacon from downstairs again. That neighbour really likes her bacon at 9pm o_O
  • 20:29:47: #NowPlaying Revolution - Vamps
  • 20:34:03: @mKiK808 oh my, never heard that before >.< I mean I've met ladyboys in the ladies toilets but your little moment is something new ^_^;;
  • 20:52:59: I liked a YouTube video -- truly In Love Video feat. Fanny Pack ** Valentines Day Special http://youtu.be/VKxJyt6x684?a
  • 21:08:45: @gogomomokoko I have to wonder whether or not they knew the fans would pick up the 'slash'. Or was it intentional? ;)
  • 21:18:03: #Trueblood "God fucking damn it I really am an alien." oh Sook ^_^;;

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  • 07:13:09: I liked a YouTube video -- Mark Kanemura Interview at "So You Think You Can Dance" Seas... http://youtu.be/RGlsnN2UMqc?a
  • 07:26:44: Appointment isn't till 10am but I woke up at normal time my alarm goes off now I can't sleep. But extra hr resting in bed is worth it
  • 08:34:33: RT @ladygaga: I see Love in Black and White. Passion in shades of "Gris". But when it comes to You and I, Color is all I see.
  • 19:30:00: 80s metal sounds so... raw. Not that I'm complaining about anything new of course but 80s and 90s metal had something else ^^;;
  • 20:47:45: @AlexdWong http://twitpic.com/2hublp - Hahaha awesome ;D
  • 20:52:20: Still need to catch up on TB. Already knew what Sookie was since i read most of the books but let's see what Russell will do
  • 21:12:41: I liked a YouTube video -- Mark Kanemura & SYTYCD S4 Dancers - True Blood Trailer http://youtu.be/oTrDFbjRqtM?a

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  • 09:33:08: @Billy_Bell oooooooh are you really? ;)
  • 11:37:18: I liked a YouTube video -- Laila Ali & Maks - Samba (Full Clip) http://youtu.be/Nyg0TbS1f38?a
  • 11:48:17: I liked a YouTube video -- Laila Ali & Maks - Quickstep (Full Clip) http://youtu.be/Bx62xbuQZO0?a
  • 12:05:11: @polydorrecords she's got some intriguing tweets. I think she's the one who I tend to RT the most because she's quite quotable :)
  • 12:06:13: Wow this app form's equal opportunities section put chinese under asian. Omg finally a form got something technically right
  • 13:17:05: @apocalypticafi just started listening to 7th symphony today woohoo
  • 13:46:23: Must say @apocalypticafi 's new album is all kinds of bada$$ery. Me likes
  • 13:51:53: @gogomomokoko hehe I have to find the fool that made the assumption on Asian not meaning Chinese. In other places, Asian does cover Chinese
  • 13:53:16: @gogomomokoko it's just weird that Asian isn't widely approved to cover Chinese. I don't mind Oriental but China is part of Asia after all
  • 14:49:47: I liked a YouTube video -- Apologize - OneRepublic http://youtu.be/wnvbQlrvX2A?a
  • 14:51:51: I liked a YouTube video -- One Republic on SYTYCD http://youtu.be/bmc9EymtiW4?a
  • 15:01:50: I liked a YouTube video -- Lady GaGa Performs "Paparazzi" On Saturday Night Live Neon L... http://youtu.be/W44YGLM6Y5A?a
  • 15:06:05: I liked a YouTube video -- Lady Gaga Paparazzi MTV Video Music Awards 2009 HQ http://youtu.be/gWB8JEJdsAY?a
  • 15:20:53: I liked a YouTube video -- Melissa & Tony 8w2 http://youtu.be/B9KkdL0WzmM?a
  • 15:50:04: I liked a YouTube video -- Boys Boys Boys (Live - O2 Arena, London 27/02) http://youtu.be/cn32ij-JNLw?a
  • 16:08:14: I liked a YouTube video -- Lady Gaga - boys, boys, boys (Live) http://youtu.be/gILP7dWsQi4?a
  • 16:16:27: I liked a YouTube video -- (HD) Lady Gaga - Telephone Live - The Monster Ball Tour @ O2... http://youtu.be/TeegfbljMKM?a
  • 19:31:51: @YoshikiOfficial wow that's awesome. I'm going to use that from now on :D
  • 19:42:58: I hate how relatives boss over how our camera footage is bad. Well excuse me we did u a favour filming stuff so be grateful
  • 19:44:47: We're not even prof photographers ffs but we only try. Hopefully i can change this when i get good
  • 19:45:23: RT @Team_Barrowman: hug #internetgrouphug
  • 19:46:07: Another thing which is pissing me off right now is how the relative is not shutting the hell up while we're trying to watch our recordings
  • 19:49:04: You guys look like your gramdmother :) (@thejeremywong)http://yfrog.com/mvxv2ij
  • 19:49:51: @MatthewKoon omg Matthew your new site looks brilliant :)
  • 19:54:49: Is Your Soul Hippie, Punk, or Goth? - http://tinyurl.com/2fgqmva - You Have a Hippie Soul #blogthings Not inner Goth then?! :/
  • 21:02:20: RT @YoshikiOfficial: OHAYOSHIKI!!! This is really cute, who made this?
  • 21:06:28: #NowPlaying The Siren - Nightwish
  • 21:19:58: I would kill to see some powerful dance routines using @NightwishBand 's music. Contemporary maybe...
  • 21:35:32: Just took "what kind of dance shoe are you?" and got ballet slipper! http://r.myyearbook.com/b5h
  • 21:41:17: Thatters are divided on the return of Robbie. It sort of reminds of how X fans were all grrr over the spoilt surprise of Taiji cameo
  • 21:42:15: One might see Robbie cashing in because he's struggling as a solo, others see it as a redemption of his errors. I'm sure it's a one-off...
  • 21:43:20: ... so I'm not too fussed. Yes they don't need each other because they're great seperate but for a once in a lifetime yes I'd go see all 5
  • 21:44:27: Also - Thatters booing when Gaga-chan was support tsk tsk. There might be many reasons for her not turning up but they don't care - bakas
  • 21:46:36: At least Glamour mag kindly covered Gaga's possible inherited illness because that only makes me think other theories...
  • 22:04:35: I want to watch another musical. Mmm JB. I wouldn't go as far as stalk the cast outside stage door though. Too wussy to do that

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  • 08:05:12: @mKiK808 wait, there's bumble bee tuna now?! Where can one find it? ;D
  • 08:09:56: Enrolled for a weekend course but my stupid browser decides to freak out so now I have to notify the college what happened >_<
  • 08:11:11: I remember my #resultsday in 2001. Went to the 6th form common room to see my year heads with their box of envelopes. Knew I'd fail though
  • 08:12:17: I knew I'd get crappy grades because I rebelled halfway through my studies. I just didn't want to continue my subjects. Bad move of course
  • 08:13:17: Talk about being a linguistically failing student of few languages. Deutsch and francais are out of the window, as is my Chinese. I FAIL
  • 08:24:06: I'm guessing the lists section of the site has disappeared somewhere :/
  • 08:30:45: Business jargon dictionary xD - I think I’ll need to refer to this when I get another job. There are some... http://tumblr.com/xlug5bc52
  • 08:35:25: Looking at the daily photos of LBH and it's making me hungry - _ http://tumblr.com/xlug5bm2d
  • 09:30:36: Watching my diru vids again ^.^;; I am surprised that my rotting root recording is almost as popular as the dozing green one
  • 12:49:21: Managed to submit a job app. Oh joy. Had to run to the library to job hunt because company block all job sites >_>
  • 12:51:19: @Mark_Salling no it's ok I'm the same. 90s was my kind of era (so was the 80s mmm glam rock) then music kind of plummeted afterwards :'(
  • 12:52:06: @Mark_Salling though to be fair some quality musicians of the noughties do exist ;)
  • 13:32:13: Silly me wants to go see #xjapan in USA (also because I want to go on
    holiday) but I am praying a great deal that their 2011 European tour
  • 13:34:10: ... will cover London -prays-
  • 13:39:56: @gogomomokoko was it a Chinese girl? :P I hate it when people stare at you, even when you have done nothing wrong and don't dress weird
  • 13:41:17: Normally when I'm down I'd turn to crisps or chocolate but as I'm trying to cut down on those things I turn to Mocha, Caramel Latte...
  • 13:41:38: ... those caffeine drinks are also bad and give me weird side effects o_O
  • 14:27:07: @tvdfansonline hope Damon wins xD
  • 15:06:41: @joshgroban http://twitpic.com/2g4dpu - Trying to smack the girl's buttocks eh Josh? :P Lol
  • 18:09:39: @gogomomokoko oh god yeah cover letters take forever. I had to spend a long time trying to amend my usual template
  • 18:21:51: RT @MatthewKoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwnkybzAzVw
    Heres a teaser of whats to come. Please help me by retweeting this to everyo ...
  • 18:22:46: @MatthewKoon retweeted this for you :) I can't wait to see the full vid
  • 18:26:45: Rather eager to hear @TristaniaBand 's new album when it is finally released. It's different to the Vibeke days but I still like it
  • 18:34:43: @ErnestoRiley lmao you rock ;)
  • 19:53:09: @YoshikiOfficial aww *hugs* you'll definitely need to regain your energy for your next tour
  • 19:56:05: I have to be honest - if I had another job where I wasn't so stressed out I'd opt for evening classes of random stuff but I feel too crappy
  • 20:21:12: #NowPlaying Vampire Depression - Vamps
  • 20:49:46: A shame Superdrug don't sell this anymore. But at least there are alternative products I can use http://twitpic.com/2g9kru
  • 20:56:27: I liked a YouTube video -- ERICH BERGEN in Jersey Boys - Sizzle Reel http://youtu.be/LMbjPLwYxuw?a

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  • 07:20:33: The rumours are true… http://www.takethat.com #takethatreunion
  • 07:41:13: Haven't finished watching the latest of #sytycd and trying to avoid spoilers on who got eliminated last night. Robert's contemporary was <3
  • 07:46:37: #sytycd I was in tears like Mia was ^_^;; I just felt the emotional connection in each step Robert and Allison made
  • 07:55:49: Gackt night tonight. He better be worth it and I hope there are no clashes at the gig...
  • 08:16:36: Wonder if Gackt would be a trending topic on Twitter for tonight. Who knows? Assuming the schedule would be... http://tumblr.com/xludjez8g
  • 08:24:47: Sheesh as if there isn’t enough stupidity in this office. Asking me what the problem is with the work when I... http://tumblr.com/xludjfe5b
  • 10:07:47: I'll probably stand near the back and let the hardcore Gackt fans take all of the barrier. I wouldn't be surprised by a moshpit either >.>
  • 15:08:06: yikes I hear the queue is already extending past the building apparently... I'm not even there yet.
  • 15:10:41: then again I shouldn't be surprised since it is Gackt's debut in London and his fans here are desperate to get a good place inside asap
  • 15:11:45: #sytycd Lauren might be a strong contender for the remaining guys if she keeps up the good work. Go on, girl!!
  • 15:12:50: I just hope I can get a good view of the stage. Being chibi does have its weaknesses after all.
  • 15:19:20: @jared_murillo heard Ashley had to withdraw from SYTYCD and that is a shame as she was very good :( I hope she gets better from the injury!!
  • 22:27:29: Gackt, tonight was proof your fans are nuts. I blame your six pack and gyrating xD

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