Taeyang's latest solo comeback is in the form of another full-length album by the name of Rise. Here is a track by track review.

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I got inspired by this fandom post on Asian Junkie and another post discussing International and Korean fans in Kpop fandom. Even the UnitedKpop post on race got my brain buzzing.

As someone who used to be a regular contributor in many kinds of fandoms ranging from Rurouni Kenshin, Heroes to Jrock music fangirling and a lot more in the days (yes I used to be a rabid fangirl who did those bad things like bashing characters and regretted it), I have recently developed an understanding as to why a large number of native Asians tend to be...selfish and not always wanting to share their fandom culture. Mainly because it's started to happen to me as I get older. I think this is a bad sign.

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2013 gigs I'd like to attend but can't due to budgeting

Depeche Mode @ O2 Arena London ~ Dave Gahan is one of my few FILFs and Depeche Mode are legendary.

The Micro Head 4N's @ The Garage, London ~ just heard they're doing signing sessions after their gigs. I missed out on signing opportunities at Hyper Japan and utterly gutted. So maybe they'll do a short show and have a support act who won't play for too long. edit they cancelled the London gig. I guess the tickets weren't selling well.

Muse @ Emirates Stadium ~ was meant to see them in 2010 at Wembley Stadium but I was not in the best mood so sold my ticket. I know they are theatrical.

Michael Buble @ O2 Arena ~ I've seen him twice but wouldn't mind going to see him again and let my family experience his amazing showmanship.

Wang Leehom @ O2 Arena

Who I wouldn't mind seeing if they came here but probably won't be able afford

CN Blue ~ missed out on them last year because I wasn't working and had my cousin visiting.

Shinhwa ~ they're like the BSB or Take That. A man band that seems to threaten the youth. They're hardly out of date and still show they've got what it takes to perform. I know their comeback wasn't OMG epic like BB or anyone else but they're well respected. OTOH I'd like to see Eric Mun Oppa IRL 8)

Super Junior ~ if Heechul came to London I'd probably die.


Who I want to see again and will probably save up for them

it might be obvious

BIGBANG ~ I'd go VIP on them again. I really would. If I did buy tickets to see them again in London I have to sacrifice a lot of other gigs that are not BB-related in order to save up at least £200+.

G-Dragon ~ he's doing a live tour in Japan in Spring but it's likely he'll hit the rest of Asia. Whether or not he'll do Europe is still a mystery. Considering he just visited London and Paris recently...one can only hope. Methinks he's officially my no 1 now...o_O
This gig was a last minute decision and then weeks I suddenly thought I couldn't go due to personal issues. But then again I realised it was all okay. This Queenbert night was going to happen after all. I'm glad it did because it was electrifying. My view from the circle wasn't brilliant, especially when Adam walked further into the crowd but the music was clear.

Adam is NOT trying to be Freddie Mercury or copy the man in any way. He's paying homage to the legend. I hope he tours with Queen again because these guys work so well together.

Sample photos
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I wrote a bit about Goldie Cheung here and to follow up with that I recently found out that Copper Bell was not an original song by Auntie. It was a song by the late Anita Mui Yim Fong.

Ding dah ding dah ding -_- The video is just as crap as the song. I mean it tries to be all funky and hip and typically like majority of music videos in any genre you will get the odd female/female action but seldom man/man stuff. The original Copper Bell doesn't sound any different to Goldier's cover. Ah Yi just tried to sex it up with her 'fan service.'

Anita Mui has done some much better songs than that Copper Bell. Her old songs were so good. For example there is Life aka The Heroic Trio theme tune \m/
Amazing how this guy went from looking all cute and youthful...

...to fierce and creepy in Prison Break where his character would possibly be a breakthrough role for his career :)

He eventually became Samuel in Heroes who was also manipulative and disturbing but rather different to his T-Bag character

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Not really a horror flick but when I was really young I used to be so damn scared of the little Thriller film with Michael Jackson. I always hid under the covers whenever it came to the transformation part.

The Saw films make me nauseous but not as much as Oldboy. The original Japanese version of The Ring gave me chills and I always worry whether Sadako would come into my room and scare me to death.
Mandy Moore did some routines when she was in the UK along with Tyce Diorio and I had noticed she was reusing the same songs as well nearly the same routines during SYTYCD S8. Though the Tadd and Lauren jazz routine did differ to the top 4 boys group jazz routine in SYTYCD UK s2. Only the same song was used. Either way I liked both routines. Tadd still had the funk the top 4 UK boys did :)

The one which caught my eye the most was Mandy's Total Eclipse Of The Heart Contemporary piece danced by Melanie Moore and S3's Neil Haskell (shirtless may I add - omg). I've seen quite a few complaints about the Bonnie Tyler song being used. Not sure why there's hate for that. If it's because it's corny then... uh... sorry not buying it. I thought the song suited the routine. Then again I first saw it from the POV of Matt Flint and Katie Love in SYTYCD UK season 2 which was aired last spring. I believed the emotions in that routine as well as Melanie and Neil's performance, so I'm baffled by the negativity overall
Got inspired by recent trending topic on Twitter

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She-Ra because it was my main source of girl power motivation during a somewhat crappy childhood. But my cartoon addiction during my pre-adolescent years wasn't limited to her. I was also into the following:

- He-Man
- Thundercats
- Inspector Gadget
- Danger Mouse
- Biker Mice From Mars
- Muppet Babies
- Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
I bought a classic rock/metal compilation cd from a charity shop today as it had a few songs I recognised and cherished. I then came across a cover of Cameo's Word Up.

In case anyone wants to hear the original it was a funky track.

This one

Here's Gun's cover. This was on my CD and I was surprised with how good it sounded. It keeps the beat and the vocals are almost close to the original's style.

I heard Korn's version before Gun's one many months ago on the Scuzz tv channel. I thought it was scary when I first heard it (ok still unsure how I feel about Marilyn Manson's covers of Tainted Love by Soft Cell or Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics O_O) but I actually do kinda like Korn's take on Word Up now that I've listened to it a few times. It was probably the video that intimidated me... then again we're talking metal here so uh... XD



Sep. 21st, 2010 10:20 pm
vash_chan: ("I'm alive. I'm a mess" ~ Niki)
So nice to have Richard Armitage back on my TV screen lmao. If we were to ignore the way Guy was written in Robin Hood season 3 I am glad to see Richard getting work again. Mr Thornton ftfw :P I am continuously intrigued with his Spooks character but I stupidly forgot to watch season 8 to see how things went for Harry and I didn't know about a character death either. How come Spooks season 8 was so quiet? I didn't see any mention of it a while ago in the papers. Maybe I was out of the loop with the announcement of its return - no thanks to work stress.

Oh regarding the music I'm currently listening to - who remembers London Boys? I didn't even know they died from an accident years ago. Such a shame. I remember dancing like an idiot to London Nights. I actually thought they were British though they're in fact European xD Just felt this need to become nostalgic with my music this week. Hmm...

Also got into Adam Lambert. I'm slowly being converted into a Glambert. This is so wrong as it goes against what I normally listen to - X Factor or Idol winners/runners up usually get a red cross to me unless they stand out in a big way. Adam's album has not left my mp3 collection yet and considering I bought a ticket to see him in London this Nov I'm excited. Oh god what have I gotten myself into? I'll write a more detailed post on this guy soon.
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I really liked lots of bands but it was never to the point of fangirling in a stalking manner at gigs. I never knew what stalking meant at such a young age lmao.

Examples insert cheese!!!!

Kylie Minogue
New Kids On The Block
Boyzone - prob the most fangirled band in my teens but as I was too young I didn't go to gigs and spent my pocket money on tapes instead
London Boys

  • 07:13:09: I liked a YouTube video -- Mark Kanemura Interview at "So You Think You Can Dance" Seas... http://youtu.be/RGlsnN2UMqc?a
  • 07:26:44: Appointment isn't till 10am but I woke up at normal time my alarm goes off now I can't sleep. But extra hr resting in bed is worth it
  • 08:34:33: RT @ladygaga: I see Love in Black and White. Passion in shades of "Gris". But when it comes to You and I, Color is all I see.
  • 19:30:00: 80s metal sounds so... raw. Not that I'm complaining about anything new of course but 80s and 90s metal had something else ^^;;
  • 20:47:45: @AlexdWong http://twitpic.com/2hublp - Hahaha awesome ;D
  • 20:52:20: Still need to catch up on TB. Already knew what Sookie was since i read most of the books but let's see what Russell will do
  • 21:12:41: I liked a YouTube video -- Mark Kanemura & SYTYCD S4 Dancers - True Blood Trailer http://youtu.be/oTrDFbjRqtM?a

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

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Bad has most of my favourite MJ songs and in some ways they were the most memorable to me over the years that have passed me - Dirty Diana, Bad, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon and I Just Can't Stop Loving You.

To be fair though, all of MJ's albums have somemthing magical even from his Jackson 5 days. There is something special in all his works.

  • 10:04:51: Gackt tickets are going to be around £42 seemingly. Why is that I wonder? Diru is £20 less than him. Both are big names in Jmusic land
  • 10:06:52: Very tempted to blast some metal at the neighbours playing their dance/club remixes at full volume. Hear Kyo screaming like hell
  • 10:11:26: @paulpottsmusic enjoy yourself at BGT tonight Paul :)
  • 10:44:00: #NowPlaying Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up XD!!!!!
  • 11:00:05: Kaa-san pointed out from a newspaper that Lee Mead is touring. I knew a while ago but didn't bother with tickets. Might try for tix
  • 11:00:54: St Albans isn't far if someone drove fast. Otou-san doesn't mind Lee's singing and I like him. So might consider the gig for sure.
  • 13:37:38: @carrieanninaba what kind of dance would you do to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up? :P
  • 13:49:32: Listening to the #ashestoashes season 3 soundtrack :)
  • 14:33:47: I liked a YouTube video -- John Barrowman - Tonight's The Night 7/2 http://youtu.be/OjGt_7S1Xqg?a
  • 15:27:04: Watching your fav dramas from this side of the globe with Chinese subs is fascinating xD
  • 15:28:34: I'm watching a bit of Prison Break s1 (越狱 in Chinese) and was curious with how they translated T-Bag. It's translated as teabag literally
  • 16:30:04: Nice weather today eh?
  • 18:30:43: If I was a painter who felt passionately about Van Gogh's work I'd be gushing over tonight's #doctorwho episode
  • 19:23:11: #doctorwho knew Van Gogh's actor was going to be Scottish before watching the episode. The ginger hair just gave it away xD
  • 19:23:41: #doctorwho ultimate ginge - lol. I agree Amy. Imagine her babies with Van Gogh. For sure it'll be a ginger delight

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  • 07:45:09: If the VD signing was during a schoolday would that mean less people? Then again majority of the fans are around my age or much older
  • 07:48:44: The Franz lunch signing wasn't so bad. Maybe because it was early, the younger folk were at school and it was the 'students' plus attending
  • 10:07:30: I'm so bored that I've spent most of the morning working out what to eat for lunch.
  • 13:51:11: Having cool food and drinks today, other than the Yasai Gyoza I had for lunch. Zaru soba was amazing and... http://tumblr.com/xluayyfa2
  • 14:49:06: Cool as in, rather cold as opposed to very good food. But the cool food and drink I had were fantastic as... http://tumblr.com/xluaz1br6
  • 18:48:01: just read a very constructive post on LJ about Muse's music evolution. I'm relieved sane fans have contributed such thoughts.
  • 19:32:45: I liked a YouTube video -- Heart - Alone HQ http://youtu.be/vwYTZQmTpPw?a
  • 19:32:51: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Heart - Alone HQ http://youtu.be/vwYTZQmTpPw?a
  • 19:37:30: I liked a YouTube video -- Heart - These Dreams HQ http://youtu.be/f08-h7M59bs?a
  • 20:13:51: I liked a YouTube video -- Heart - These Dreams (Live-HQ) http://youtu.be/lRLyfZDi-bI?a
  • 20:13:58: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Heart - These Dreams (Live-HQ) http://youtu.be/lRLyfZDi-bI?a
  • 20:46:01: I liked a YouTube video -- Strictly Come Dancing 2009 - S7 - Week 1 - Show 2 - Ali Bast... http://youtu.be/XHgEOr-Fxwk?a
  • 20:53:53: @apocalypticafi I really like the look of your new album cover. Can't wait to hear it when it is released in August :D
  • 21:08:30: Chace Crawford is becoming more like Nate in the GG books.
  • 21:51:06: #glee how cool are the guys of Glee. Those jocks need a bollocking for sure. @idinamenzel sounded amazing as always!!
  • 21:54:54: Wish I was on O2 so I can get priority tickets. The Gackt presale for O2 customers is tomorrow. Damn
  • 22:08:33: I once dreamt of having hair simliar to Tina Cohen-Chang/Jenna Ushkowitz with blue highlighted strands showing below most of my hair

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com

Tweets copied by twittinesis.com


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