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About Me
{updated profile 31 January 2015}

Ethnic origin - Malaysian Chinese female born in London, England
My everlasting delights - Manga, Manhwa, Anime, various comics e.g Marvel or DC, music from East and West that ranges between pop, classical, rock or even oldies, foreign languages (trying to learn or become fluent in the following - Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French and German though the Asian languages may take priority D:). On the whole the interests section of my user info will give you a rough idea on what I like.

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If you want my fanfiction, you can head to my profile but I have to say I have not written for a long time so the chances are I may never update that account as much as I used to due to constant changes in personal fandoms.

I was the moderator of leebyunghun It's now on hiatus as I've no time to look after the place. It was rather quiet anyway.

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~~ If you want to get in touch with me you can email -- legato _ shinomori at yahoo dot co dot uk ~~

ALSO ANY X JAPAN FANS FROM THE UK, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO GET THE BAND TO TOUR ON OUR SIDE OF THE WORLDedit They came to London. Can't thank them enough. Please come back X Japan.

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I try to avoid writing any posts that link to RL and prefer to dabble with various fandoms of interest. You’ll find reviews of movies, books, TV series and occasional posts of contemplation regarding characters, music and more.

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