PB S05E09

Jun. 4th, 2017 03:06 pm
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For real...?!

- I have had a hard time seeing how the series dealt with Mike/Michael Junior...he's easily manipulated but there are gaps from previous episodes...like what happened when he was supposedly caught by Van Gogh in the bush? Or when he met Emily after Sara's friend went to pick him up? So it was all fine and dandy?!

- T-Bag and Whip deserved better. I'm irked with how this played out. They deserved more screen time and Whip / David did not deserve to die like that. And let's not forget about the massive lack of Sucre and C-Note

- "Give it to me straight, how you really feel about me?" lol and Whip's stifling a laugh himself. He likes his Dad. Too bad their massive catch-up was cut short and trying to educate one another about how killing is bad on most counts with exceptions

- Poseideon/Jacob is just extra and he wanted Sara to herself because he's threatened by Michael's genius. Wonderful ._.

- At least Van Gogh helped with his dying breath

- Michael has a job offer from the FBI if he wants it...he's that damn good

- How Michael put the blood inside Jacob's secret office (where blood will be spilled in its rightful place) and then emailing the current FBI Director about the evidence. Recreating the scene where the previous Director was shot by Jacob thanks to his mysterious friend the wildcard "Blue Hawaii". Slay

- Michael tattooing Jacob's face onto his hands so he can get scanned through Jacob's office at the university

- T-Bag going back to Fox River...and Jacob doesn't realise he's got Teddy as his cellmate. The episode ending with him screaming. Bye bruh

This felt like the kind of episodes I enjoyed back then. I hope this will be it. It's fitting the series took place 7 years later since season 4 finished and aside from being annoyed with the writers going for the terrorism theme like other series did I'd say enough is enough. Let's have a full epilogue. Let these characters be.


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