PB S05E08

May. 24th, 2017 11:17 pm
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Suddenly it got interesting again in this penultimate episode. Well now.

- So Jacob drew the encoded map to trick Michael after Mike showed how he did his doodles

- Poseidon VS Team Scofield . Let the games begin

- Sofia and Lincoln broke up...ok that explains why she was never mentioned

- Linc doing jobs for Abruzzi's son Luca and owing lots of money

- Not much Sucre and C-Note. The latter has been helping out a lot during the prison break. Sucre has been underused since the beginning of this season tbh

- "You need to take a life" ...I thought Michael told Teddy to kill somebody at first...it's a completely message

- Whip's treasure hunt when he goes to Chicago

- I do wonder how everyone managed to travel. Fugitives on the run...where does the money come from? Just a random thought of curiosity really

- Whip is T-Bag's long lost son?! [you'd have thought Teddy cannot procreate like he said to Susan in s2 or maybe it's just not strong enough so there is a rare chance you'd be able to get somewhere] . Anyway didn't see that one coming

This season wasn't much so far...is the final episode going to change all that?
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