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Finally finished this. Now I can move onto No Exit and other things like Pentagon Maker (I miss those Pentagon boys too) .

- All this was part of a psychology test and psychotherapy?! Wow the series name gave us a sign

- Everyone going on their own 2 hr free me time which was nice

- Jooheon ended up writing letters to his buddies [and getting noticed by a Monbebe] since he couldn't meet Ilhoon or Jackson even after going to JYP building, Shownu going back home and you see his parents, Kihyun just walking around, Minhyuk in an internet cafe, Hyungwon at a billiard place, I.M going back to his own studio, Wonho shopping for I.M's birthday present...what can you do for two hours?

- The psychologist nailed a lot of things and brought unexpected things out of everyone. Each person learnt new things about each other and themselves

- Wonho felt a tug on his heart and he started crying...bb it's okay I'm the same

- Jooheon didn't realise he had smacked his lips loudly which made I.M laugh and then everyone reacted (Kihyun lost it)

- Everyone saying Kihyun would probably still complain over his wife's cleaning and still clean up again. If he tried that with me we'd throw punches because we're both extra when it comes to house-cleaning

- The ending video made by the staff that highlighted the most memorable moments lolz
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