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- Where is Sucre? He better show up in the next few episodes. Can't ignore him

- So Poseidon is actually the new hubby of Sara?! Isn't that a seriously cheap way to go, writers?

- I had my suspicions when I noticed how Kellerman's assistant was slightly off. Do I smell a slight Asian [American] stereotype with regards to not trusting Asian people much because they're dishonest and crafty? ¬_¬

- Lincoln gets all the girls. Yeah it might be a bit white saviour-ish in this series :/ . Seriously Sheba is smitten

- Nice knowing you Kellerman D:

- Trying to outsmart Abu Ramal but he got to Michael first

Oh Gotham was a whole other universe

- Edward Nygma finally becoming The Ridder

- His deep, slightly nasally villain voice was a bit awkward but his theatricality was building

- How he and hallucination Oswald did the same thing with the right ear scratch as they stood and contemplated together

- Bruce clone oh fuck. Bruce waking up in another place far away also an oh fuck

- I sucked at working out Ed's riddles

- Halluncination Oswald was sass. How he sang seductively but Ed was like no more ^^;;

- OMG Ed taking pills so he could hallucinate and see Oswald. Yeah you miss him

- Oswald is alive. Of course he has to be. Didn't expect it to be Ivy to have saved him. Was hoping it would've been Fish and then you could introduce her return

- Edward trying to find a new enemy or another person who understands him. Trying to find it through Lucius Fox

- How Lucius could read him. Now that was cool.

- Ed saying Foxy and rolling it off his tongue. OK mate do not give me ideas please

- Cory Michael Smith stole this episode tbh. Got the chance to shine a little more and go crazy


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