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Well clearly, Monbebe around the world want to have MX's babies after this episode. They were so husbandy- I can't even focus TT

- They did a better job than I did when I was at a toddler club for one day. They make better day care teachers than me for sure...then again I'm an unconventional female

- Jooheon, Wonho and Minhyuk were definitely the best and most natural with kids

- Kihyun's pink hair was popular

- Shownu, Hyungwon and I.M are me when it comes to kids. Zone out, awkward....waiting for an ice-breaker

- How the kids fell asleep while eating lunch aww bless

- Hyungwon getting an admirer as he slept in his arms

- Wonho was the most physically playful teacher

- Minhyuk was so enthusiastic and Shownu has the playful, silent Daddy complex with children

- I felt bad for I.M getting rejected and ignored by the kids

- I would rather not have kids and I'd kill myself or self-harm if my mentality changed after I met a potential SO...I still don't like the deep commitment. I mean, I have enough of a wishy-washy brain as it is with my writing and finding a decent career or my way in life overall


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