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Apr. 15th, 2017 09:11 pm
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I forgot so much since PB finished a long time ago. Not even my random fangirl notes I wrote on my blog can help out. I do remember however how epic s1 was. That's a no brainer. I used to be serious trash for the series...

- I'm iffy they're focusing on Yemen or another war-zone country. The fact the new series is quite recent and in tune to the latest activities IRL... :/

- I'm pretty sure Michael is being two-faced for the shear sake of breaking out of Ogygia Prison with the big bad dude and his fellow cellmates. Maybe he'll use Abu Ramal at some point

- Rick Yune's Ja is a Queen fanboy and managed to sneak his mobile phone in...I imagine he's relying on Wi-Fi

- That guy from Pure Genius...Whip. Calling Rick Yune's character the only SOB in the cell because he's Korean. Well aren't you peachy?

- I hope Sara's husband Jacob doesn't turn into some prick later on just because he's supposedly in-between Michael/Sara. He seems like a smart man. Don't be petty, writers

- Hope to see more Sucre :( Wonder how T-Bag will play his part in the next few episodes

On other stuff:-

Wonder how Gotham will work out...that last episode hurt my Nygmobblepot heart quite a bit. Just a week and a bit and we'll see. As for The Originals I can't focus any more. I think I'll bail on it. Sorry Vincent I like your character but the series cannot keep me entertained now. I'm knackered.

I should really go back to the Kdramas box set I've abandoned along with Anime. I'll still have a few things to vent about because I'm nitpicking A LOT MORE now :(


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