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Back with more song roundup posts released early this month.

I'm Serious - DAY6

This is probably the first of their monthly releases which sounds happier. I'm all for angst/emo DAY6 but this song caught me off guard. Nonetheless I'm Serious is enjoyable. The MV is simple and makes you wish you could go on a roadtrip and hang by the seaside with these guys. The vocals are great and the music is feel good. Keep at it, DAY6. I'm sure with a song like this, some lucky girl will notice them (referring to the lyrics here).

I Miss You - Say Yes

Inevitably compared to CN Blue because of their pop rock feel but with a dash of FTISLAND when they get heavier, Say Yes make a long awaited comeback. They debuted in 2013, had a break and recently returned with a new single. Rock ballads and symphonic rock are my weaknesses so anything with a mix of orchestra or epic guitar riffs will certainly get my nod. The song title is self-explanatory and you can feel the emotions conveyed in the vocals.

Other notable mentions include Melody by Korean rock band EVE which was released last December. The original lineup from their debut era reunited so this brings fans the return of G.Gorilla. In January they released another new single Candle as part of their comeback.

In March, Pentagon released their first mini album in Japanese. The tracklist consists of two new songs Hikari and Get Down alongside Japanese versions of Gorilla, You Are, Can You Feel It and Pretty Pretty. The Japanese version of these songs almost transitions rather smoothly. Gorilla in particular flows very well. The Mandarin version on the other hand, is a much bigger challenge to sing to but it was definitely a very worthy attempt. Hopefully they will release more Japanese and even Mandarin Chinese tracks in the future.

She's A Baby - ZICO

A new ZICO solo track. I enjoy this side of ZICO where he explores other styles in his music and does not go heavy on his 'hip-hop' style. This is a mellow jazz feel type of song and reminds me of I Am You, You Are Me . She's A Baby has nice colours in the video and it's a cute video overall. 1:25 mark made me chuckle.

Beautiful (acoustic version) - MONSTA X

I never expected an acoustic version of Beautiful to be released. But it actually works rather well. It sounds much, much sadder and heartbreaking. Even Wonho shed tears. I hope they get their first win on a music show one day. Their recent album was a delight to listen to. ICYMI - my album review


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