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Ah, trying to get back on track because I enjoy these boys when they do variety...

The special guests made this episode so entertaining.

- OMG BTOB, now I see why a lot of people consider you quite the pros at variety. They're just crazy

- Crazier than MONSTA X. The guys have a lot to learn from their Sunbae

- The thigh wrestling. OMFG Shownu and Hyunsik thighs yoooooooo

- BTOB!Minhyuk trying to roll Wonho after he lost balance

- The Tchoukball match and MX team lol'ing quite a bit at the randomness. I mean, Shownu's bum prevented BTOB team from scoring x3

- BTOB leader Eunkwang likes Shownu (knows him via Lipstick Prince) and edges him on / encourages him constantly as the MC for the episode

- Shownu's awkward, lost boy-ness is always endearing. He is definitely a slowpoke but he was a lot more hyper

- Cleopatra high pitch game. Dude that's savage. Even Kihyun was worried in the first round. Plus, how hilarious was it when Jooheon pinched Ilhoon a few times while he went super high pitch in round 2? Ilhoon couldn't continue

- The creative dancing battle. Wow BTOB didn't hold back on the ladylike clothing and girlie moves (Ilhoon looked fabulous). Sadly MONSTA X couldn't compete and lost

- BTOB and MONSTA X hope you guys meet again for more crazy entertainment

- Minhyuk looks so good with that hair...and the two Minhyuks are in sync lolz [see Cleopatra game]

- Yes I need to get back on track with BTOB...the dormant Melody needs to make a comeback methinks
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