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The Clan trilogy continues with a part 2.5 which happens to also be MONSTA X's first full length album. Is this really the final chapter?

Ready Or Not Kicking off this new album is a powerful song that bases itself on the theme of fighting, not giving up and accomplishing what you set yourselves to do. So are you ready or not, they ask us.

Beautiful The title track for this comeback. The opening beat caught me off guard as it was a random sound I was not expecting. This then leads into rapper line before moving smoothly into vocal line. The transition to Shownu's line is really nice. In fact the transition from one vocalist to another towards the chorus is rather slick. The MV does not offer much regarding The Clan storyline but you can see flickers of the song's choreography which is worth a look when you watch the group's live performances. The song is about a beautiful person, a beautiful rose that has thorns yet is irresistible.

Incomparable Passionate feelings for one person like no other that are hard to express in reality because they have a wall that's hard to break down.

Need U The boys are trying to get the girl of their dreams, telling her not to be afraid and that together they are complete. Need U is a lighter track compared to the first three songs so far. Can see this song doing well at a concert where the Monbebe will be waving their arms and clapping.

Oi Speeding things up, the guys are encouraging us to live our lives and not regret anything. Be responsible for our lives and live fearlessly as we're all young (apparently).

Miss You They miss their girl deeply and ask why she left them. A post-break up song where he wants her back and admits he was at fault.

Calm Down Have some in yer face beats. Rapper line telling themselves to stop calm down with their feelings but it's too much. Stop, calm down on repeat... yes that's certainly a catchy phrase to sing along to.

All I Do Funky tune we have here. It's one of those easy tracks that is easy to picture where the guys watch a girl they find attractive walk past them and they can't take their eyes off her. She's so memorable in their mind with her good looks.

5:14 (Last Page) You may read this as MONSTA X's debut date - 14th May (2015) and in some way it's a song where the guys take into account they do not know where their career will lead to and where necessary slow things down as they go through their idol path. Perhaps we are not going to have an obvious ending. Perhaps, it is a happy ending .

I'll Be There We're going back to being romantic now with the guys. A Wonho-composed song about a blooming relationship and it is incredibly sweet. It may make you wish you could sit next to your bias and watch the sun go down. Yes it makes me fluffy inside.


Good solid album I must say. There's a good variety of style in 10 tracks. You have your hard hip-hop dance tunes, your more mellow songs that are romantic. I'm delighted Hyungwon got more lines in some of these songs and the fact there are more self-composed tracks like 5:14, Oi and I'll Be There that makes this album a treat to listen to. With the mention of there going to be a repackaged album later on all I can say is let's have it, MONSTA X. I definitely want more.
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