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Two song reviews for DAY6 and Bangtan Boys.

DAY6 - You Were Beautiful . The MV can be seen below:-

A continuation of the group's debut Congratulations . You may recognise the same couple from the debut MV and You Were Beautiful is very much a follow-up to what happened after the break-up. While at work, the girl receives a message with a video attached and starts watching what appears to be memories of the past. Her boyfriend filmed her in her happy moments. A reminder of what was then and what is now. There are also flashbacks that lead to the break-up, some of which you may recall from the Congratulations MV.

Their last single I Wait was a jumpier track, slightly differing from what DAY6 normally sound like but still a treat. You Were Beautiful is a song that shows DAY6 when they go the pop-rock ballad route and do it well.

As for Bangtan Boys/BTS ...they recently released a repackage of their second full-length album Wings. Titled You Never Walk Alone has three new songs. The main comeback track Spring Day, Not Today and another 'outro' song to conclude the album A Supplementary Story : You Never Walk Alone.

Spring Day's MV is a dip back into the surreal, stunning aesthetics of the HYYH era with the touch of youth and significance of maintaining close friendships. There are hidden messages in the MV on how "You Never Walk Alone" and that you have friends who will wait for you. I am quite surprised this comeback has had them go back to this particular timeline. Wings was quite full-on in a gothic fiction style with reference to Hesse's Demian with dashes of a darker, seductive theme (hello Blood, Sweat & Tears MV I do mean you specifically). The HYYA did well and perhaps needs a break for the boys to try something else. Wings gave us enough to chew on and justifying enough opportunities for all members to shine so what happens after You Never Walk Alone...who knows?

For a song, Spring Day touches my heart. It's slower than the likes of I Need U, is almost a follow-on from Young Forever and from listening to this numerously it has reached deep, emotional layers. Odd how Kpop or any song supposedly under the pop genre can do that when you least expect it. Who said it was all catchy, autotunes, dubstep and meaningless ballads. When it hits you, it hits you yes?

The endless I miss you, I miss you after the chorus made me shed tears. It was hard to hold back. Perhaps because it hits home and there is a part of me that wishes I had friends like these guys that I can run off with to a fantasy land. Anyone who says J-Hope did not get any lines - he does but you can't hear his harmonizing (see this lyric video).


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