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originally posted on January 12 on my review blog. Source

Happy New Year 2017. Korean pop rock band DAY6 apparently have some exciting things up coming for this year to make Sundays look forward to new music each month.

A new song will be released on the 6th of each month along with special performances by each member from February till June. Cool right?

They start January with two songs "I Wait" (title) and "Goodbye Winter."

I Wait is a song on hesitant feelings and the guys are waiting for some response. Don't want them, just let them go. Don't let them be lost, don't leave them hanging.

If you have read any reviews or watched reactions to the MV, you may notice there is unanimous response on how the song is suitable for Anime Opening themes and I concur with this viewpoint. There is something rather epic and heart-pounding in the music. The build up in the verses before the guitars chomp their way in to the chorus works to great effect. Vocals are on point from each member. YoungK is the designated rapper in the band but has shown he's a great vocalist numerous times. He doesn't actually rap in I Wait and instead talk sings in one line.

The MV itself is rather simple. You see the band performing together in different scenes. In the background there are time lapses of the city, the colour schemes alter throughout and alongside these things the band have a change of clothes and styling constantly.

Goodbye Winter brings us the emotional pop rock sound we're familiar with when it comes to DAY6. This song is about the end of a relationship and I find when I close my eyes while listening, the lyrics give a picture. An imaginative MV where the guy is reminiscing about his past relationship on a winter day e.g. footprints vanishing, the warm touch of the partner's hands becoming cold, the snow covering the man's heart melting etc.

So overall...I Wait is an interesting direction for DAY6 and it's exciting to see where the next songs will take music listeners. Thank you for kicking off 2017 with some cool tracks, DAY6.

The I Wait MV:-

Goodbye Winter lyrics and translation:

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