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When your fandom peeves sort of come true a bit and other things...

Well I never react to Gotham. I used to write a bit for SPN but then I got lazy. Priorities take over and it's all about the AZN stuff.

But Gotham...ok I binged on season 1 and 2 crazily last year before season 3 kicked off. I just watched season 2 one time out of curiosity and fed myself further. Caught up over a month or two. Was worth the journey.

Now I'm at US pace officially. So with the recent episode. I feel like the fans of the Nygmobblepot ship were queerbaited big time. Do I have to go through that after Johnlock awkwardness in Sherlock? ._. I feared the Gotham writers would do Oswald dirty and shove in some cliche plot when it comes to LGBTQ-ness. Why is th opposite gender such a threat to the gay ships? Every fucking time. And why is it that the LGBTQ character has to lose their shit and go dark because they are suffering from unrequited love?

I wasn't expecting Nygmobblepot to be all unicorns and rainbows when it developed since the start of season 3 but well with the obviousness of Tabitha and Barbara which seems to be 'the norm' because females are more touchy feely in normal society, isn't that double standard? I feel like I'm back in fandom land of stupidity.

TBH I even wasn't expecting something obvious to happen between Edward and Oswald...yes there was a small part of me that wanted to see some obvious Oswald happiness, some love towards him because he lost his parents. But yeah...the cliches were just bleugh. I'm sure Oswald isn't gone just yet. The acting was stunning of course I won't lie. No point in hating the actors. I don't think they knew what was in store for their characters when they started season 3.

Nygmobblepot are a good duo. Let's see where they go after that dramatic scene. Speaking of dramatic, I was shitting myself over Jerome and Bruce's scenes. You definitely see the growing Batman spirit in Bruce. I never thought much of him before but wow he went BAMF here. So much violence in this episode. The staples Bruce holy shit...I kind of used to do that to my thumb when stapling things. All an accident. But Jerome was going all Heath!Joker when he muffled. Cameron has often given me the Jack Nicholson vibe in previous episodes.

Bruce will need to prepare big time if the clone is coming back. And Oswald, don't go yet please T_T
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