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- Let's make Kimchi :D

- "Hey DJ Dog, drop the beat, come on help me" lmao I.M.

- Wonho x Minhyuk glory

- Shownu bursting into dance when his trousers are falling down after I.M. says pull his pants up, even thoug hip-hop is in modern fashion lolz. Yes awkward it is when yo mix traditional clothes with um...hip-hop

- Playing Yut to see who will have to clean up once all the food is prepared and cooked

- Hyung Line discussing the time when they were at NYE countdown show and said they wanted to debut so badly

- Wonho and his dumpling skills. Let's make dumplings together

- I'm sure there will be a day you will finally get the No 1 spot at Music Shows. I'm here for you, fam

- Wonho serving instant Samgyetang and the others think it's homemade ^^;;

- Everyone being grateful for their Mothers taking the time to cook while they as the children go out and play

- It was their first time cooking...wow I am simply terrible next to them. I can sort of cook but just fail all the time with my lack of domestic nature

- Would like to try their Kimchi and Mandoo to be honest

- Shownu, Minhyuk, Jooheon and Wonho delivering the Kimchi to the Por Por and Minhyuk writing a sweet letter to them before sticking it in the fridge

- Minhyuk and Wonho are crazy reactors. Great variety material

- So next episode...who are the guests?


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