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- Everyone roleplaying in a family. The daughter-in-laws with different personalities, the hunky slave, the dog, the mother in law lolz

- Wonho wanted to swap with Shownu and not be poop-dog. Kihyun swapped in-law roles and regretted it later on lmao

- Wonho the stone boy dancing and Minhyuk the daughter-in-law suffering from unrequited love for stone boy hoohoo (purposely asking Wonho to dance in front of him again lmao)

- Shownu and Minhyuk going to see the Por Por

- Wonho and Jooheon cleaning up the horse shit

- I.M. the Russian in-law so yeah gotta be blonde...and omg he ate leftovers at that restaurant while cleaning up the dishes

- Shownu calling his Mum up to work out how to make Kimchi and the others snuck inside the haven to keep warm

- I.M. getting bullied and playing the foreigner role, pretending he doesn't know anything/doesn't understand

- The guys often went out of their characters when things were hard to take seriously

- Minhyuk and Shownu playing Go Stop with the Ahjummas

- The Auntie at the store picking Kihyun as her possible son-in-law because he's fat

- Hyungwon still going with his role even when he's clearly not well and tired

- Jooheon turning the Noraebang session into hip-hop and the Grandmothers are all ????

- Shownu and Minhyuk redeem the moment with their trot karaoke hehe


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